Changes in a route " Above the Sea "

Our classical 6-ти dnevnyj the hike " Above the sea " in this season will pass(take place) on slightly changed route. Now it(he) begins not on babugan-n®ЅС, and on the Ai-Petri. The finish too "has moved" - from Forosa in Balaklavu. Thus we exclude visiting of "forbidden" territories of the Crimean Natural Reserve from a route. In exchange, the route has received popolenie in the form of the most interesting site from bay Laspi up to Balaklavy, cape Ajja passing(taking place) along rocky breakages. And moreover, in the end of a hike " Above the sea " the group can touch this sea. Last lodging for the night is planned on the cleanest(purest) wild beach the Fig.

In section " Additional routes " it is possible to familiarize with the old version of a route " Above the sea ".