The Spring at mountain Kokljuk

Питьевая вода During development of a new route across East Crimea, I have gone on searches of a spring in area of mountain of Klementyev. It(he) has been designated in the atlas "Sojuzkarty", a number(line) was available artificial lake (obviously demanding a source of a moisture) so, all chances were on my side..     


At top of mountain Kokljuk, at an arch " the Meteoric shower of memoirs " I have met the shepherd who has confirmed existence of a source and have given navodku " it is necessary to go down long to road ".

карта - родник у горы Коклюк And the spring really was! In total in 200 meters from a place designated in the atlas.

GPS coordinates of a spring at mountain Kokljuk: 45°0,6051 N 35°11,7447 E WGS-84 (it is removed(is taken off) on district).

The spring is directly at soil road connecting Nanikovo and Brave. The iron pipe kaptazha sticks out of the ground near the track. It is Literally in pair meters behind a spring - the branch of road leading downwards to lake and on other party(side) of a valley.

From top of a plateau of a precise track to a spring it is not found. I went down on an azimuth, maneuvering among a leaky bush. On a way has crossed traversirujushchuju a slope a first coat. It(her) is not present on a card(map), and it(she) is located approximately on a half-way to required, "spring" road.

Near to a source there is very much ploshchadok suitable for installation of tent, but a district too opened(open). In a valley it is constant vypasajut cattle, cows and sheeps go to a spring, run dogs and shepherds. It is not enough fire wood, vegetation around колюче-bushy. In general, it is direct at a spring on a lodging for the night better to not become.

Photos are made in the middle of April. The charge of water at this time quite solid. Far not all water was dumped(reset) through a pipe, its(her) significant part exuded simply on road. Apparently (glass bank at a source), water drinking.

общий вид общий вид труба

Cyril Jasko, for Jury Yezersky's project " Springs of Crimea ".