Scarlet sails

Башня Константина в Феодосии
6 days, 52 km, 200 Euro
Foot route in the most beautiful places of East Crimea. Gear walls of mountain ridges, ancient monasteries and curative sources, a wood jungle and confidential military bases, main nude  beach of Crimea and the extinct volcano.
Feodosiya - Klementyev's mountain - Green's track - Old Crimea - monastery Surb Hach - Frenk Mezer - rock Sandyk Kaja - confidential Kiziltash - mountain the Rhinoceros -  the Fox bay - the Biological research station - volcano Karadag - Koktebel. Mountain ridges of east Crimea lay away from the blazed tourist routes. You will infrequently meet here the person with a backpack. Modern tourists simply do not know, whether is here "what to see" and go to more popular places, like Demerdzhi or the Grand Canyon.

Only one year ago I  have found out, that East Crimea it something greater, than Sudak fortress and Karadag. Here is a lot of madly beautiful places. Some months I combed local mountains in searches of the new sights and clean springs. As a result - this route on the country of Kimmeria.

The plan of a hike:

1 day. Feodosiya, Klementyev's mountain, the Meteoric shower of memoirs.

планер - памятник на горе Клементьева парапланерист над крымом Звездопад воспоминаний скала Коклюк Крымский богомол

Group meets on railway station of Feodosiya. After distribution of products and equipment we shall go on the bus. On road we shall glance to ruins of a medieval Genoa fortress (tower Kostantina). Only 30 minutes on bus and we at bottom of mountain of Klementyev, favorite place of  Crimean paraplaners. Wew wil go along this ridge. From height it will be well visible mysterious valley of lake Barakol, numerous vineyards, smoky tops of a Karadag, and also Koktebel and warm Black sea. Tireless paraplaners will entertain us the pirouettes in streams of a warm sea wind. And in the end of a way we are waited with photosession on rocky breakages of mountain Kokljuk at a snow-white colonnade "Shooting stars of memoirs ".

2 day. Green's track, Staryi Krym, monastery Surb-Hach.

леса вдоль тропы Грина Армянский монастырь Сурб Хач Лесные дебри Тут не ступала нога человека

Among deep woody beams and sunburned hills the ancient trading road winds, connecting oldtime tatars capital Solhat (Staryi Krym) with coast. Now all has exchanged, the rich capital has turned to modest settlement, and the brisk road became a wood track.

On a high side of Staryi Krym valley, we shall stop for a short while to admire minarets of numerous mosques, majestic hills Agarmysh  and to inhale a full breast surprising curative air.

Then we again shall leave deep into woods. There, on a slope of mountain Grytsja, very ancient and very beautiful Armenian monastery Surb-Hach involving by a unique groove on a stone and curative mountain sources was sheltered.
Nearby to a monastery we also shall place our camp.

3 day. Surb-Stepanos, the Backwoods, Frenk-Mezer mountain.

белые скалы восточного Таракташа вечер на горе Френк Мезер Крымская колючка пещера с источником - Кизилташ

This day will pass(take place) in a dense shadow starokrymskogo woods. Only occasionally we shall leave on bald tops of mountains once again to be convinced, that up to edge(territory) of a wood still far. It becomes clear why these places so monks and guerrillas loved. As though confirming to told, on road we shall glance in Surb-Степанос - romantic ruins of one more Armenian monastery.

Following point of the program - a place under the name "Backwoods". The name for itself speaks. Through this solitude we shall break till the evening. And if we shall "not brake", before will settle down on a lodging for the night, we descend(go) on top of mountain Frenk Mezer. Here " stone boxes " were kept some. So name sepulchral constructions of Tauris - polulegendarnogo a tribe occupied Crimea thousand years ago.

4 day. Rock Sandyk-Kaya, confidential Kizil-Tash, mountain Urbash.

Сандык Кая гора Спящая красавица На подходе к Носорогу начало Солнечной Долины

Today we shall visit places, which all several decades ago (during " cold war ") have been surrounded by an impenetrable veil of secret. Having climbed up a stone dome of mountain Sandyk-Kaja, it is far below we shall see charming village with red tile roofs. But it is necessary to look narrowly and you sweep up(will notice) numerous numbers(lines) prickly prowolves, okrzhajushchie a valley. Even here, on mountain, all uvito rusty sheaves of "prickle". To what all this? All is simple. Under the next mountain it was stored(kept)... A nuclear arsenal of the Black Sea fleet.

Today village Krasnokamenka is non secret place, and we a little having strayed among lines of defense shall go down in it(her). On a way we shall visit(attend) a sacred source in a cave at Kizitashskogo a monastery and picturesque red rocks surrounding a small canyon (kizil-tash it is "red stone" on tatarian).

5 day. Mountain the Rhinoceros, ridge Echki-Dag.

ЭчкиДагвид на Карадаг с Эчкидагапалатки в Лисьей бухтев парке Биостанции

It is traditional, the more close the end of a hike, the nasyshchennej there are days. This day will begin on a wide glade of a gas main. Here it is convenient to go and conveniently to look - trees do not cover a kind. And a kind at us on a stone lens of mountain the Rhinoceros, gear "serf" ridge Taraktash and mountain the Sleeping Beauty. From midday heat us woods surrounding the valley. And already along toward evening we "shall come up" on ridge Echki-Dag.

Sitting above a precipice at top of a unapproachable rock Kush-Kaya we shall get acquainted with new amazing landscapes from an arsenal of East Crimea. On the one hand - the Solar valley and vyzhzhenyj the sun peninsula Meganom, with another - sijajushchy in beams of the evening sun handsome man Karadag. On a lodging for the night we become nearby from a spring on southern slope of Echki-Dag. Far below is a Black sea and you can hear drums of naked downshifters and hippies living in a Fox bay (Lisya buhta).

6 day. The Fox bay (Lisya Buhta), the Biological research station, Karadag mountain.

Карадаг с моряскала Иван РазбойникЗолотые Ворота - Карадаг

Now we shall rise before that before heat to go down to the sea, in the Fox Bay. This well-known wild beach - a favourite place of hippie, jogov, nudists and other peaceful neformalov. We shall pass(shall take place) Lisku from the end in the end, observing of a life of this(thus) cheerful raznosherstnoj the companies and periodically plunging into the sea a few(a little;little bit) to cool down.

We go to bottom of file Karadag to a so-called Biological research station (a garden with exotic trees, the Delphinarium, a zoological museum and an excellent(a different) beach). There we shall employ a boat to make small voyage around of extinct volcano Karadag and for one close to see the well-known Golden Gate. The boat will land us on quay of Koktebel where our round will end. In case of a storm, instead of sea walk, it is possible to make a 4х-hour walking tour on Karadag.

From Koktebel straight bus lines go to Simferopol (2,5 hours), Feodosiya (30 minutes) and the Sudak (30 minutes).

Map of the hiking route "Scarlet Sails"

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