Plan of the tour

1 day. Ivano-Frankovsk, Kvass, Menchul.


Meeting at railwaystation in Ivano-Frankovsk. Transfer to the settlement Kvass well-known for the curative mineral sources. One of them will meet on our way upwards. On a twisting soil path we slowly rise above a valley. Gradually beechen wood is replaced by the Alpine meadows - polonina. For polonina Menchul we shall leave on northern slope of mountain Sheshul where we shall stay the night at one of numerous streams.

2 Day. SHeshul, Petros (2020м), the crosspiece.


Road climbs up pass Sheshul. From here we for the first time shall see CHernogorsky  ridge - the highest hills of the Ukrainian Carpathians. And opposite Romania already is seen, the Romanian mountains are more exact. The road leaves from pass downwards, to us with it(her) not on a way. We turn off on a track going on a crest of a ridge aside Petrosa - one of the highest tops of Ukraine. On the top there is a small chapel and a cross that happens in Carpathians often enough. Downwards, on the crosspiece between Petros and Hoverla, abrupt enough track (I recommend all to get in advance a reliable stick or to buy(purchase) harmonious(collapsible) trekkingovye a stick) conducts. On the crosspiece there are convenient places for a lodging for the night that will be very opportunely.

3 day. Hoverla (2061м), camp site Zarosljak, Vorohta.

Today the ascention on the highest top of Ukraine - Hoverla is necessary to us. The way upward goes on a huge stone loose of brightly green color (boulders are covered by a thin layer of lichens). At top usually there are people are to you not wild Petros. Except for people here many memorable signs and any symbols. But the most important on Hoverla, it certainly a panorama. All Carpathians as on a palm. And call to itself.

But it is time to us to go down. First a grassy slope, then dense smerekovyj a wood (karpatskaja a fur-tree) and here we at camp site Zarosljak. From here it is possible to cause the machine(car) and to leave in Vorohtu having regular bus service with Ivano-Frankovsk. And it is possible to remain on couple of days on a camp site and to continue acquaintance to Carpathians. 

The instructor reserves the right to itself to make changes to a route depending on weather and conditions of group.

Cost of participation 110 Euro

Into cost of round enters: three meals a day on a route, services of the instructor - a conductor.
Into cost of round does not enter: hire of equipment, travel in transport.
Payment by cash in the end of a hike.
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