Rain every day

Written by Кириенко Ольга, Донецк. промокшие но счастливые Here has passed(has taken place) almost month as I have returned from Crimea where Water and Stones " has visited 6 day time hike under the name ". Considering(examining) in 10-тый time of a photo and recollecting a hike it was thought and why to not write about it(him).

So, a little bit I shall stop on how I have got in this hike. Somehow, in nothing the remarkable June working day, during a dinner razgovorilis with the colleague on a theme of holiday from which I have learned(have found out), that the colleague gathers in August in 6 dnevnyj a hike across mountain Crimea, that the pier has found a suitable site here chooses in what hike to go.

My reaction was instant " And I WANT! " I have there and then asked the reference(link) to a site and was ill with this site literally. I read all, what hikes are offered, as that occurs(happens), responses. Water and Stones " and uvidja has most of all become interested in a hike ", that the nearest will be in 2 weeks, at once there was an idea, instead of whether to go to me in 2 weeks, and to not go to holiday. Ideas on, whether that it is dangerous through the Internet, not knowing people who drives these hikes to send to a way has not arisen at all, first I prochla that am spent registration in the saving service, secondly any advance payments payment in the end of a hike was not required, and thirdly well swindlers do not go to mountains :-) it not their business.

Ольга, автор статьи in the Evening, talking to the friend, has told, that here I deliberate, whether to go to me to a hike for 6 days across mountain Crimea. On what to me has been told, a quite good idea, go, you will not regret. Since this moment has solved finally I go, notwithstanding what anybody from my friends for the different reasons has not wanted to go to a hike. I have solved I shall go itself, I like the person sociable, shall find means new friends. Has sent from a site the application for desire to participate in a hike, has asked, whether it(he) takes place, whether the group is typed(collected). Next day has received the reciprocal letter where Svetlana has answered me, that the group is typed(collected), has asked what equipment. I had tent, a backpack, a sleeping bag as we travelled to student's years with friends on Donetsk steppes.

And in krymu in mountains I was before this hike three times, but in one-day, submitted(conquered) the Ai-Petri from Alupki and once, from, Forosa on a devil's ladder to Bajdarskim to a gate twice. But all this was 8-10 years ago, and it would be desirable new sensations.

Preparation for a hike.

I have gone behind tickets, but it has appeared that neither the reserved seat, nor a compartment for the date necessary to me on a train Donetsk-Sevastopol is not present, is only to Lugansk-ЯїјхСУ«»«Ѕэ (going through Donetsk), but it(he) came to Simferopol at 12:35, and on a site I prochla, that the group usually gathers at 10-11. I have decided to take reserved seats on the Lugansk train and SV (with its(his) hope in a consequence to hand over) on Sevastopol.

палатки In a consequence I had to hand over the Lugansk ticket (as the meeting at station in Simferopol has been appointed(nominated) on 10, and to keep waiting for one me, not in my character), I have gone in SV (for the first time to lives). I shall tell at once, SV differs that that there is not present top polok, give 2 pillows, 2 towels, the blanket cover, and the price in 3 with superfluous razom is more ;-). So tickets are bought(purchased), having confirmed final participation, began to prepare for a hike. One week prior to a hike I squated, ran in the mornings in park near to the house. So legs(foots) at me had been ill still at home. :-)

The most necessary purchase which I have made before a hike is has bought(purchased) poncho (for those who does not know it a cape which covers also you and a backpack). As it has appeared, in a consequence, our hike still could be named " day without a rain! " But about it(this) hardly later. So, treasured date has approached(suited), things are collected, a backpack containing a sleeping bag, tent, things, poncho, a bowl, a mug, the spoon, a knife together with 2 liter bottle of water my mum who very much experienced, that the daughter will overstrain, is weighed - 10 kg!

And here already the train bears(carries) me to Crimea, in holiday. I shall a little stop that I have taken with myself and that I have corrected in that list that is at Cyril on сайте:-) necessarily take soap and a sponge as it has appeared from all group only at me there was a soap, for example ;-) Camey. (besides described on a site in the way to wash utensils by means of a grass and a toilet paper perfectly usual soap with a sponge, plus it can be washed in a hike on parking of a thing). Necessarily take both a bowl and a mug, as during breakfasts and suppers " who the first has risen that and a porridge " to not run with a mug (in which gets less than into a bowl) behind a porridge twice, and in fact additives can and not suffice. :-)

From things take spare trousers. I took shorts, velosipedki and sports trousers therefore as if a downpour in the evening on parking, to not seize a pneumonia it is necessary to change clothes in all dry. T-shorts I took 3, one on myself 2 spare, take a sweater, take jackets-ветровки as the rain with a wind in mountains knocks sometimes down, not speaking that blows all.

сушка обуви у костра Necessarily take 2 pairs footwear (better sandals and boots), besides that it was not necessary to go in wet, and it was possible in the evening above a fire posushit one pair footwear, and to be in another, plus, if the open spaces where it is possible to not be soared in boots. Take warm socks in spite of the fact that summer, weather is unpredictable and there were nights when it was necessary to sleep in a sleeping bag in 2 socks.

Necessarily take capes or poncho. And still take "nadpopniki" - the stunned thing, our group differed from other themes, that at us at all of them were (have bought(purchased) before a hike in Simferopol for 15 grn.). And still take trekkingovye a stick. I am madly grateful to instructor Andrey, that it(he) has given me the . Without them simply pipe, especially on descents(releases).

The first day or the beginning of a hike.

     The train has come to Simferopol without delay - at 5:29 and up to 10 at me was still a great lot of time up to a meeting, having handed over a backpack in a left-luggage office, I have gone to wander across Simferopol and to have breakfast. By specified time I was near a left-luggage office where people began to approach(suit). As it has appeared, on the same route there are 3 groups, everyone with the instructor. At the last minute all have changed, including instructors. For couple of days up to a hike Cyril has written, that a conductor will be Anja, and has sent its(her) photo, in a consequence a conductor was Andrey, and Anja conducted group odessitov.

привал на красной тропе Groups were till 7-10 the person. Ours it has appeared the youngest (16-28 years). Consisted from 7 person plus the instructor as it has appeared, 4 persons from Ukraine and 4-ре from Russia. I shall tell at once, that with group to me has carried, we have very much become friends, and for all hike in group there was no conflict. provozivshis at station up to half twelfth, having distributed(allocated) meal on backpacks which was brought by instructors in 3 backpacks, we have gone to buy tickets for a trolley bus, to go on it(him) up to village Perevalnogo, more truly little bit further, as our instructor has solved what to go as all on Ishachej to a track on bottom plateau chatyr-сбъб boringly and long, and has selected(elected) other way - on a red track, quickly but "abruptly". Here the beginning of rise. To me have been kindly given trekkingovye a stick and, having shared one stick with comrade, we have set out.

в пещере Эмине-Баир I Shall tell at once - to me it was heavy, it was necessary even a part of the tent, meal and a sleeping bag to give the instructor and comrades. But I the person rested, therefore stopped, took breath and went further, admiring opened around kinds and breathing the cleanest(purest) mountain air (who lives in Donbass me will understand, after ours pyljuki, that such mountain air). On a way there was a group which went in a direction of top, but without backpacks, it was a pity to look at the man at which the footwear simply moved down on these red stones, in the end it(he) has simply fallen and has burst into tears. But it is those "seljavi", the footwear should be selected suitable that it(she) did not slide.

And here the first top is subdued. The bottom plateau of mountain Chatyr-Dag. On a way we collected chebrets and limonnik that in the evening to prepare for excellent tea. The strong wind here has begun, but the blessing of a rain was not. Having made a halt for a dinner near a spring, and having had a bite hlebtsami, sausage, cheese, bananas, dates, bankoj paste and bankoj bychkov (at us such dinners were every day), with famine nobody died :-), we have gone already on a plateau to cave emine-нбїУ-Х«ЯбУ.

сталактиты, сталагматы и т.д In this cave it is cold, jackets there and then were useful. I shall tell, that in a cave very much it was pleasant to me, I before in caves was not. Interesting there was a story with jokes and humourous catchphrases of the guide (cave explorer), razgovorivshis with it(him) in the end of excursion, it(he) has told to us, that them was 5-ро, and the salary 850 grn., it became somehow sad. Such work, it is eternal in a dirt, dampness and so it is paid. Has told as, that frequently cave explorers become an inveterate drunkard, it is necessary to be warmed somehow after such work, here and :-( "sugrevajutsja".

After a cave we have gone on our first parking under the arches of a huge grotto. Here the first fire, acquaintance with each other. Two children(guys) have been sent behind water in the next cave. I shall tell, that impressions they were typed(collected) much, all hike recollected this sortie, but, alas, have returned without water (the swill, a dirt have told that) and here pure(clean) water is not present. This day especially somehow conversation was not glued, somehow people hesitated, therefore, having wished to all good night, we dispatch(deliver;have missed) on tents to sleep.
The second day, conquest the Э¬Ѕїєї-breaker or bathing under a rain and a hailstones.

уходим в облако It was necessary to our instructor to run since morning behind water on a spring where we had in the first day a dinner, and we while have cooked longer a breakfast, have eaten, have washed utensils and have collected tents. I shall tell, having hinted at one girl from the next group, that the instructor cannot and is not obliged to wash for all utensils, to drag brushwood for a fire, to collect-assort tents, etc. Its(His) business to instruct :-). And the mood, an atmosphere in group, mutual assistance depends on each member of group. And here we again on a track and, having met and having overtaken the third group with conductor Tarasom, we have gone to submit(conquer) Top plateau chatyr-сбъб top the Э¬Ѕїєї-breaker. If since morning still nothing foretold bad weather, there was a star sky, since morning oblachka, that in the evening, all is literally within 15 minutes has exchanged.

The rain has begun, it(he) went to any moment with a hailstones and a penetrating wind. Quickly having got capes, poncho, and to children(guys) who did not have capes I has got the top part of the tent (more lesser(ever less) to drag :-)), we have gone(send) further. Poor children(guys) who had to go under this cape "horse" :-) but to be dripping wet under a hailstones and a penetrating wind is even worse. In general, I shall tell, that the rain did not stop up to the top, not without reason speak, that chatyr-сбъ attracts to itself a rain, and Demerdzhi the sun. At us, running beforehand, the rain poured both there and there :-). As a result we have not noticed the most dangerous sites of a way (to go near to breakage), as in such weather look only forward myself and, seeing only krossovki ahead of the going comrade :-).

флаг на вершине горы On the Э¬Ѕїєї-breaker, we have literally flown, especially not stopping anywhere as to do(make) a halt on the open district during a rain somehow it would not be desirable. Here the top is subdued and the rain, we has stopped, having thrown(stopped) backpacks and having left their instructor Andrey to protect, have got to the very top, that sfotkatsja. Children(guys) have developed(unwrapped) the Russian flag :-)

We are more scarlet went on a plateau, seeing around of myself strange subjects and cautiously glancing on passing(taking place) clouds. A halt, a dinner and again in a way. Only having begun(started) descent(release) in a beechen wood, a rain has watered with new force. And to go down under 30-45 degrees on a wet grass it kajf still that :-). 3 times I fell during this descent(release) passing a part of a way on one side :-). Here as it is impossible were useful trekkingovye a stick. Poor our instructor whom the first ran without palok, in the end its(his) run has turned to a somersault through itself and peeled(fleeced) kolenkoj.

Here we in a beechen wood, a halt under a huge beech which protected us from a rain, healed wounds (I shall tell, that in a hike was useful все:-) and iodine, and zelenka, both a plaster, and a calendula, both bandage, and cotton wool, and koldreks) and again in a way. Having gone down it is a little more, we have got on the stunned glade where there was a spring and where we should spend the night this night. That way which we should pass(take place) from 10 mornings till 6 evenings, we have run from 10 mornings up to 2 one o'clock in the afternoon. On a glade we were met by cows whom the instructor drove trekkingovymi palkami :-). Cows it is good, if it was not necessary to shower then with stones them mist (who knows German will understand me and who does not know, I will guess what :-)).

фото на фоне разбившейся НЛО the Rain was not, we happy have pitched tents and allow to be dried, because wet were from a head up to legs(foots). Waters already was much, a spring in 20 steps. Children(guys) have got even razors :-). From one bottle, having suspended it(her) to a tree, have made similarity of a washstand - a bottle plus a special fuse in the form of a dummy. Up to the end of day we washed, erased (here where my soap Camey was useful, even the instructor has told: " Olja, and socks after Camey SMELL (!) :-) ".

Were dried, cooked meal, enjoyed surrounding landscape. Having made pair calls native and to friends that did not worry where I have got to (before mobiles phone took only near cave emine-нбїУ-Х«ЯбУ), having left children to play cards, we with Yana have gone to wander on a wood, have found mushrooms - white, masljata. Having brought them in camp, sfotkav, we as experts in mushrooms among us were not, have given(remote) as a result them odessitam from other group which had a frying pan (we managed only a kettle). And they at all have not treated us :-(, having told only, that mushrooms were stunned. This day we long burned down a fire, communicated. People already became more talkative, have become friends. It was healthy. During this moment I have finally understood, that I in holiday and, work, problems all has been forgotten. Have dispersed to sleep already after 12-ти in spite of the fact that ahead of us the most complex(difficult) day waited, but about it(this) in the following chapter(head).

The third day of a hike. A valley of reductions, conquest Demerdzhi or check of the person on endurance.

Величественная Демерджи For the third day the camp was awoken with me as me have asked to put an alarm clock on a mobile phone for 7 mornings, as a result pesenku Leopold's cat was heard only by me :-). Having woken the instructor and comrades, having welded(cooked) meal, having collected things and tents, in half-tenth we were ready to get under way in a way further. Further our way passed(took place) through a beechen wood, kutuzovskoe lake (I shall tell at once this one name, waters there are not present in the summer, all has dried up - one grass :-)) we listened bajki Andrey. I can tell at once, the instructor at us was the good, cheeful person with good sense of humour, the director by formation(education) and wide experience of driving of groups across mountain Crimea which knows many songs, baek, fairy tales :-). Before an output(exit) from a beechen wood we have seen here an interesting oak :-) .vposledstvie Andrey has told to us about it(him) a fairy tale for the night.

And here, at last, we have seen the SEA - it was simultaneously so far and so close, the mood was remarkable. We moved to bottom Demerdzhi, here before us lavandovye fields, and here a field of a tea rose. Having typed(collected) the whole bag of petals of a rose, we then up to the end of a hike drank(saw) tea with a tea rose. A good thing :-). prodirajas through bushes, trees, have scratched to itself all legs(foots) (I shall tell at once, on the right leg(foot) to the termination(ending) of a hike I did not have an alive place - all has been scratched) we through pair hours have approached(suited) to bottom Demerdzhi.

It(She) seemed such huge and seemed, really we soon shall at the top. Further the way laid by fortress Funa (fairly one name). On a fortress we have not gone(do not send), as except for a fence there is especially nothing to look there, having made a halt at a dinner and having typed(collected) from a spring of water, we have approached(suited) to an input(entrance) in a valley of reductions. An input(entrance) in a valley paid - 6 grn. But somehow especially we there have not seen tourists. Or people was frightened of clouds or yet a season.

скалолазим Here before us a stone for which Nina from " the Caucasian captive " was hidden, and here a nut from which jumped Nikulin from the same film, a nut in an emergency condition (when bought tickets, us warned that a nut did not touch), in iron fetters, therefore I have photographed only a branch. I shall tell fairly rise complex(difficult), and we unique of 3 groups which have subdued Demerdzhi from a valley of reductions, group have led 2 others with chatyr-сбъб up to Demerdzhi, through mountain bald Ivan on a plateau, kinds there beautiful to go easier. But we do not search for easy(light) ways, therefore in the first night have solved, that we shall go through a valley of reductions.

Kinds open indescribable. To include the main thing imagination and each rock predstanet before you in different ipostasijah. A cat, Ekaterina's head, etc. In 2 places Andrey removed from me a backpack and dotaskival it(him). For what I was very grateful to it(him). It was necessary to climb not only on an embankment, but also on stones. Here I have very much regretted, that by nature low growth with short legs(foots) :-).

On the next halt it seemed to my satellites not enough loading, they have decided to subdue also an additional stone, and have got there all :-). I needed to photograph all event only.

And here the top is subdued! Children(guys) have climbed earlier, I have a little lagged behind, but have reached. Having waited for me, Igor has asked: " Well we go on top a flag to hang up ". During this moment I have felt new inflow of forces and have told " Yes, we go! ". While we have reached the top, and children(guys) have got with a flag, the strongest wind and a rain has begun. Therefore, alas, a flag to hang up it was unreal (its(his) fur-trees kept in hands) having photographed, we have gone to Angarsk pass - parking Dzhurlu.

Долина привидений the strong rain with a penetrating wind Here has begun, to be hidden there was no place, having thanked destiny, that the rain has begun after we have climbed on a plateau and again having dressed up who in what could, we have continued a way. Having gone down on parking Dzhurlu, and there were 7 evenings, here we have met group Ani which went on the same pass, but from a underside. We searched for parking long because of what, at all the mood has deteriorated. On this parking it is a lot of people, Andrey's favourite place has been borrowed(occupied), it(he) has gone with any guy to search for another. We, all frozen, sitting on backpacks waited. Have as a result stopped near to lake and a spring on the open district. On a penetrating wind. More quickly having pitched tents and having changed clothes in dry, we have started to make a supper. It has appeared not trivial business (try to kindle and support(maintain) a fire on a strong wind). Andrey has thought up a simple way. Around of a fire have pulled 2 kovrika and steel on edges(territories). In such simple image we have welded(cooked) macaroni with tushenkoj, seemed after such brutal day top of pleasure.

While Andrey ran to call (and to call, it was necessary to rise again on a plateau). Sergey has recollected, that it(he) from the house has grasped 2 banks sgushchenki and we, not having waited the instructor, supporting(maintaining) fire from one spoon transferring(transmitting) on a circle, have devoured to bank sgushchenki. Then it seemed such pleasure. Soles up to that hurted(were ill;were sick) what to stand was sick not that to go, the wind blew so, that in 2 trousers, in a T-short, a sweater and a jacket it was impossible to be warmed and here sgushchenka! Everything Was forgot, that something hurts, noet, that is very cold. :-) Andrey then to us sgushchenku recollected this still long, that for it(him) have not waited :-). In the further we so did not act, and it(he) participated in eating 2 more banok next days also :-) Having welded(cooked) a supper and having drunk a kettle of tea, despite of weariness from day we long did not miss on tents. Long communicated and during this moment have understood, that as to us has carried, that at us such amicable company.
The fourth day or as we went down through gorge Haphal to falls Dzhur-Джур.

на плато было жарко this night I slept as killed (unlike previous) and have woken me, as well as the others, in 8 mornings Andrey's shout " give some rice! " . It has appeared, our instructor already for a long time does not sleep, and has brought fire wood, zakipjatil water, has dissolved dry milk and now fig. :-) was necessary As we had with girls the greatest tent in it(her) were located not only we and our backpacks, but also backpacks of two more children(guys) :-). In general, all meal was at us. Since morning, before a breakfast, we with girls, having changed clothes in bathing suits, have decided to go to be expiated on lake. In spite of the fact that it was cool, but to plunge and wash off from itself a dirt and sweat it would be desirable madly. 2 times iskupavshis in lake, pure(clean) and happy(enough) we have returned to camp. Children(guys) too have followed us to bathe, however, alas, Victor when left lake, about a sharp stone has strongly damaged(injured) a leg(foot), subsequently all hike Yana and Andrey precisely watched(kept up) its(his) wound, owing to their cares, it(he) could continue a hike and especially a leg(foot) it(him) did not disturb also any apostemes, thank God, was not. After a breakfast has again watered a rain, and nothing remains how again to climb in tents and to have a sleep before the termination(ending) of a rain. This day we could continue a hike only to one o'clock in the afternoon.

If 2 groups to Джур-Jura have decided to go on a wood lengthways on the river, " upwards-downwards-upwards-downwards ", that our instructor has told, that we shall go another by, on plateau Demerdzhi, and then we shall go down on 600 meters downwards. On a payment to go it was pleasant, legs(foots) had a rest, it was possible to go in sandals. The sun burnt, in spite of the fact that we were smeared all with a cream from sunburn, children(guys) poobgorali.

непростой спуск по Хапхалу Having reached prior to the beginning of descent(release) in gorge Haphalskoe, having changed in krossovki and having distributed(allocated) 3 pairs trekkingovyh palok among 6-рых participants of group (Andrey and Igor had to go without palok) We have begun descent(release). I shall tell at once, in my opinion to go down all the same easier, than to rise, but without palok there would be a pipe. Clinging to roots, falling and rising, we went down on gorge. Here I have damaged(injured) a sheaf on the right leg(foot), but this day I have not felt it, only on following. Andrey all our descent(release), having taken from the the namesake the camera, заснял:-). In some places, were rolled through the tumbled down trees, under a roar of falling water we moved ahead further. Here us have checked up on durability, having forced to pass on a log on the one hand the mountain river on another. Thanks Andrey which insured all.

And here on the end of a way one more test, for ways a huge stone which to bypass has been prepared was impossible, it was necessary as rock-climbers, clinging everything, than only it is possible, to climb on this stone when I prolezla and after that has looked downwards and have seen a roaring stream of water, fairly, to me it became terrible. In a consequence, I to Andrey yet time recollected this moment, asking, whether it(he) is afraid for a life of people, in fact it is dangerous to creep very much on a stone about 10-15 kg a backpack behind a back. But it(he) assured me, that as places where legs(foots) could be put, therefore not so it is terrible. But somehow not so it(he) in it(this) has convinced me. And here before us the bath of a youth, whence occurs(happens) a fence of water. To a falls we this day have not gone(do not send), and have gone(send) to search for parking. On a way to us have met protection which has demanded from us on 12 grn. For parking, having given out to us thus tickets on which it has been written 6 grn. (Here such it(she) the mysterious country Ukraine, and business on-украински) but to argue with them would not be desirable. Therefore have neglected, and have given(remote) them so much, how many they wanted.

переправа по бревну Having come on favourite Andrey a glade (before it(this) having collected branches for a fire) and uvidja on this glade huge quantity(amount) of children broken into that place children's camp, we therefrom drapanuli together with brushwood only heels also sparkled, especially at Yana (it(she) works as the children's doctor) very much it would be desirable silence :-). Have stopped above a falls in a wood, tent with girls have put under a bias from what by the morning legs(foots) have become numb. Having sent Andrey (not the instructor) and Victor in shop which was in 2 km from parking behind beer is was unique alcohol which we have drunk(cut) in time all hike, we cooked a supper, were erased. Water on Джур-Jura of 8 degrees, legs(foots) reduced, but, nevertheless, having lowered(omitted) legs(foots) in water, you feel such pleasure. This evening we played game offered by Andrey. To one of group think either action or a question, you choose, and after carry out. I shall stop on 4 actions. To Yana we have thought of action - to jump up and cry out 10 times on all wood " I is happy! ", me to embrace a tree and to cry " I YOU I LOVE! ", the sachet " to jump around of a tree, sentencing: - " I love nutlets " (subsequently it(her) and have nicknamed Belkoj). But has most of all got to Victor. To it(him) have thought to go to the next camp (where group Ani has settled down), obbezhat around sentencing " chuh, chuh, chuh I a steam locomotive " Victor has coped with a problem(task) with honour! It(he) has gone to camp of neighbours, we naturally ran behind it(him) and with words " Excuse, but so it began necessary " to represent a steam locomotive. 2 camps laughed :-). As a result odessity to us have presented bank sgushchenki which they promised us for the second parking for mushrooms :-). And we enough and happy have returned to the camp, have there and then opened this to bank and, transferring(transmitting) on a circle, from one spoon bursted this sgushchenku :-). We enough with lead evening have gone to sleep.

Day the fifth, bathing in Джур-Jura, 18 km transition along plateau Karabi.

водопад джурджур this morning I have woken up in 6 mornings, because, that legs(foots) have become numb. Having come up from tent, I have decided to descend(go) to a falls dzhur-джур. Here when it is necessary to go to admire a falls to 6 mornings, there anybody is not present. There Is no annoying protection with tablets, there are no tourists. It is possible to admire a falls easy. And believe, to admire is than :-). It is a lot of having admired on a falls and having complained, that I have not taken with myself the camera has returned to camp, natashchila fire wood, razozhgla a fire, have boiled water, and further having woken everything, first of all the instructor shout. " That we shall cook, instruct (!), water has begun to boil ". With shout "DAY (!)" our instructor has crept out of tent and we have started cooking a breakfast.

After a breakfast, we have solved with girls that we go on dzhur-джур to bathe and wash a head, with us the second Andrey (this business to remove) and Sergey has gone. Send in addition(have reached) we up to a falls and, shodiv in most inside of a falls, sfotkalis, and after, Sergey and Yana have taken soap and began to soap a head. When Sergey has given a good scolding, from nowhere, there was a protection with the tablet bathing it is forbidden, there is a fence of water, with cries have jumped up to Sergey you that do(make), a head wash? The penalty 1000 grn. On what Sergey has unperturbably answered " Is not present, I do(make) nothing ". They - " And why you all in soap ", on what it(he) has answered them " I I head, well it is simple in soap ". From this falls we drapali, and they finished washing a head already above dzhur-джурб :-). We precisely knew, that the fence of water occurs(happens) above (in a bath of a youth).

ущелье Чигенитра Having had breakfast, having got drunk tea with crackers, having laid all things, we have gone further - on a spring Ah-бЅС¬Яї. I shall tell, that it was the most tiresome and boring transition, nyla the right leg(foot) which I have twisted on the eve, and because of which I am compelled(forced), was to lag behind. Rises were small, but they seem to me heavy as they lasted on many kilometers. Above us there were clouds and poor Yana forced to go in a jacket, despite of a heat how only it(she) removed a jacket, began nakrapyvat a rain as soon as put on - the rain stopped. For a dinner have eaten last to bank of paste and bychkov, cheese and sausages any more was not. This dinner was the most poor, and the mood was not especially joyful. Ustali. 18 km we stamped this day (as have then told odessity which pomerjali on a card(map)) up to lake. On plateau Karabi we have not got (probably because for the fourth day of midday have lost because of a rain and spent the night not on Ah-бЅС¬Яї and on Джур-Jura)

As soon as have reached lake, the downpour has begun, urgently it was necessary to all to be hidden in a cape from my tent. And here have recollected, that else at us is still bank sgushchenki (!) :-) Weariness as a hand has removed(has taken off). Can present a picture - 8 person, under one cape, open to bank sgushchenki and on a circle transferring(transmitting), start it(her) to burst, and around pours a rain. However, here photos where all is documentary embodied

When the rain has ended, we have pitched tents and, having left the instructor to cook a supper from rice and 2 banok sardines, we have run to bathe on lake. It was such pleasure, water +20 (!) . iskupavshis, and having washed up at last a head (here where again it was useful soap), happy we have returned to camp. But here the new misfortune has begun. TICKS who in huge quantities(amounts) were found in a grass. At Sashi the hysterics in this occasion has simply begun, and the mood the rest has not improved it. But here there is an iron rule " If cannot solve a problem, change the attitude(relation) to it(her) ". Therefore and it is necessary to concern to ticks easy. Well, there are they what to do(make), the blessing, what not entsefalitnye. Having eaten a supper and having got drunk to tea, we understood, that especially on a grass will not sit (especially after second Andrey the tick) has bitten. Having arranged fireworks from empty lighters and an empty cylinder (liquids from mosquitoes), have gone to tents to sleep. Sasha still long by means of a small lamp examined tent me and Yana in searches of ticks. From a wind this day tent put(folded) almost half-and-half, but for the collected weariness ticks, a wind have not prevented to fail at once in a dream in spite of the fact that odessity, broken camp nearby, midnight roughly marked(celebrated) put a birth of the youngest 10-years member of the group.

The sixth day. The termination(ending) of a hike.

веселимся а теперь все серьезно Next day millet - unique groats which has remained, has been welded(cooked), but, alas, is not eaten (somehow this groats did not go at us in group) and Andrey has told, that will tell to Cyril to clean(remove) it(her) from the menu. It would be desirable more quickly a civilization. Children(guys) would like some meat, someone dreamed of a borshch, was felt, that the hike comes to an end. Having counted(considered) all the finance, having reduced the debit with the credit and having collected backpacks, we have gone to people in Fishing, by vineyards.

Eh, it is a pity, it was only the beginning of July, instead of September, here then it would be possible to regale on grapes. In 2 hours we were already in Fishing. Having found a dining room near the sea, having ordered a dinner from first second and the third, enjoyed the civilized food. The dining room was with a kind on the sea, but know, to throw all and to run to bathe in the sea it would not be desirable, can because we saw huge quantity(amount) to people (there's not an inch of room) and for this time we have weaned from such congestion of people. Was simultaneously and sadly and cheerfully. Sadly because that parting is close. And we for this time on the present have become friends. And it is cheerful with pride of, that you could, you have made it. Believe these sensations special. And the one who through it will pass(take place) can understand them only. It costs(stands) it(this).

один за всех и все за одного While we wrote on listike the coordinates to not be lost in the further, Andrey has called in saving service and has reported, that the group such has ended a hike, that all has passed(has taken place) successfully. And here hour of parting has come. Everyone has gone in the direction, two children(guys) have remained in Fishing, having gone on a beach in the sea, I have gone in the Pike perch where I was waited by the girlfriend, two children(guys) have gone to Simferopol in a left-luggage office behind suitcases. And two girls - to Yalta.

Here such the hike has turned out. Crimean mountains should be spoken Up to Appointment! Up to a following meeting, the God will give and we shall meet again! I certainly not have described all in the narration, simply it would be desirable to transfer(transmit) most full the sensations from this hike. And if you will manage to visit too similar hikes I think you me will understand, and I only shall be glad for you! I Hope, my description will not seem to you strongly tightened(delayed), all this has been written on one breath for 5 hours. Here is how are fresh in memory of memoirs in spite of the fact that has passed(has taken place) a month. Now I can tell, that I want still! All thanks for attention.

Kirienko Olga, Donetsk.