Insurance of tourists

We insure tourists participating in our hikes.
On group the general(common) insurance contract with the list of names zastrahovannyh is made out.
For those who has no time to get a grasp of this document, in brief I shall state its(his) essence.
The insurance consists of two parts:
The medical insurance - pays expenses (within the limits of the insurance sum) on transportation a place of treatment, rendering of medical aid and maintenance with medicines.
The insurance from accident - receives the insurance sum directly suffered.

The insurance sums for ukraintsev and foreigners differ a little.
 Citizenship      The Insurance sums - Medical insurance      The Insurance sums - Insurance upon accident
 For citizens of Ukraine
     4000 griven
     1000 griven
 For foreign citizens
     5000 griven
     3000 griven

The insurance company in the contract also lists(transfers) a heap of conditions at which non-observance it(she) of anything will not pay. For example, if zastrahovannyj was drunk (alcohol in a hike it is inadmissible) or meaningly subjected itself to unjustified risk (observe the safety precautions!). Thus in the contract it is considered, that insured is going to be engaged in productive leisure (in our case it is a hike).

What to do at accident.

In case of real threat of your life and to health it is necessary to call in specialized service of the insurer (asistans) on one of specified phones:
8 800 500 19 60      +38 044 459 4628
8 800 301 301 0      +38 044 459 4627

At the reference(manipulation) it is necessary to inform:

   1. FIO zastrahovannogo persons(faces)
   2. A site zastrahovannogo and number of contact phone
   3. Number of the contract of insurance (it is possible to learn(find out) from a conductor)
   4. The detailed description of a case and character of the necessary help
   5. Validity of the contract of insurance

    * Carefully follow all the instruction(indication) of specialized service of the insurer!