Trekking to Svidovets - Carpathian Mountains

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This trip is an opportunity to compare two poles, two separate worlds in the Carpathians. The route begins on Svidovce - the second highest in the range of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Svidovets are soft grassy slopes, flowing lines and & nbsp; rounded & nbsp; eyes & nbsp; cold mountain lakes. And then a dash, a march through the valley past the sources of the Black Tise, and we are already in a world of endless stony placers and deaf spruce forests. These wild Gorgans greet us - participants of a difficult and rich trekking through the Carpathians.

Ivano-Frankivsk — s.Kavelov — Whitewashing — Dragobrat — hr.Svidovec — r. Tisza — Bratkovskaya — Legions pass — Bystritsa village — Ivano-Frankivsk

Route of a hike:

1 day. Ivano-Frankovsk, Kevelev, mountain Bliznitsa.

дорога от Кевелова - на выходе из лесанад полониной Гропавид с вершины Близницыспуск с Близницы к Драгобрату и горе Стог 

Meeting of group in Ivano-Frankovsk. A transfer in village Kevelev (approximately 130км). We shall go upwards along rough small river Gropinets. After a while the track will deduce(remove) on poloninu Gropa where the cattle all the summer long is freely grazed. Here we shall a little take breath and we shall continue an ascention on mountain Bliznitsa (1880м). Having subdued this double top we shall continue movements on ridge Svidovets which looks(appears) very picturesquely owing to freshen to a grass. Spending the night in area of mountain the Stack (1704м) near to well-known Dragobrata.

2 day. Ridge Svidovets, Tataruka, sources Tisa.

панорама Свидовцана хребте над Драгобратомна хребте Свидовецлошади на Свидовцепривал перед спуском на Татаруку 

We continue movement on ridge Svidovets. While it reminds walk - road equal and wide, without ascent more. It is gone easily and freely. Past one for another fly by mountains and lakes: the Boiler, Dovgjaska, Tataruka (1707м). Here also has come it is time to go down with Svidovtsa. We go on pass Okole which is granitsoj between Gorganami and Svidovtsom. The largest inflow of Danube - the river of the Tisa here begins. On this pass we also shall stay the night.

3 day. Gorgany, Bratkovskaja (1788м), Old border.

тропа на Братковскуювершина горы Братковской в Карпатахнебольшой снежник под Братковскойчерез лесные завалы 

We rise on mountain Bratkovskaja (1788м) which already concerns to file Gorgany. Here there passes(there takes place) old Polish-Czechoslovak border marked by boundary columns. It is necessary to us transition through mountain Gropa and travers zarosshej impassable zherepom tops Durnja. By the evening we shall go down from a ridge already on other party(side) of mountains.

4 day. Pass of Legions, ridge Taupshirka, natural boundary Baked, polonina Rushchina

тропа в низине, под ногами хлюпаетперевал Легионовкрест на перевале Легионовстарый пограничный столбпереправа по бревнам 

Transition through poloninu Pantyr on pass of Legions. Here in memory of the lost Polish soldiers there is a huge cross. And we through a wood entirely decorated by showered entrenchments and dugouts shall climb up ridge Taupshirka (1464м). On other party(side) for us waits Baked. No, not the present baked - simply picturesque precipice with such name. And on a lodging for the night we shall settle down at ruins of an old Polish frontier post on polonine Rushchina.

5 day. Syvulja and Lopushna

спуск в Быстрицу - альпийские лугаБыстрица в цветах 

Directly above a place of a lodging for the night the track the leader on top of mountain Sivulja (1818м) begins. Therefrom a hand to submit up to the next sharp peak - mountains Lopushna (1836м). It(she) is the maximum(supreme) point Gorgan. We move further on Syvulskomu to a ridge and it is gone down on poloninu pogar where we shall stay the night.

6 day. Igrovets, Guta, Ivano-Frankovsk.

 On traversnoj to a track going around of mountain Igrovets spuskaemja on small river Lopushna and along it(her) we leave to the river Bystritsa. The track will deduce(remove) us in known village Guta (nearby a president residence) whence we leave to Ivano-Frankovsk.

The instructor reserves the right to itself to make changes to a route depending on weather and conditions of group. 


Price: 220 Euro (incl. guiding fee and three meals a day)

Tours: all tours we suggest are standards and reckoning to the ordinary person, without special training. We can always change them and make taking into account all your wishes. The duration of the tours and their complication are not a dogma. You can test yourself in every season of the year.  Experienced guide-instructor is working with a group. Average time for everyday walking is 6 hours. In the route the members are living in tents. The feed is cooking on the fire. During all route the members carries things and public burden themselves, carry the water, take part in preparation of the fire-wood. During the time of the route the comforts (toilet, douche) are not stationary (nature level ). When you order the tour we try to take into account all your wishes about routes, feed and service.If you want we can compose tour special for you.
Feed: full board (three times a day). Example menu is: soup, milk products, different jumbles, macaronis, tea,  in limited are season vegetables and bread.
The members: you can go as one, as with family (children) or friends. You can also take part in tours with your domestic animals. Usual size of the group from 6 to 15 persons.
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