Bahchisaray - Yalta. Trekking tour

Бахчисарай - Ялта маршрут от пещерных городов до Большого каньона6 days   Distance: 62km Price: 200 Euro

This hiking tour is compilation from two other popular routes. The first part of the tour takes place in the well-known Cave towns. In the second part we shall admire the Grand Canyon of Crimea, ascent to  Ai-Petri and will go down to Yalta.

Tour Itinerary:

 Ханский дворец в Бахчисарае - во двореулица пещерного города Чуфут-Кале в Бахчисараетайные ворота средневекового города Чуфут-Кале  1 day: Arrival in Simferopol. Meeting at railway station. Transfer to  Bahchisaray. An excursion to Bahchisaray Palace and Uspenski monastry. Visit to the cave town Chufut-Kale. Placing the camp near the Beshik-Tau mountain.(Auto 25 km, Hiking 10 km)
  вид с плато Чуфут-Калерукотворные пещеры Тепе-Керменатрон на обрыве (пещерный город Тепе-Кермен)  2 day: Ascent to the cave town Tepe-Kermen. Visit to Kyz-Kermen cave town ruins. Descent to the valley of river Kacha. Kachi-Kalyon monastry. Overnight near the river.(Hiking 14km)
 Качи-Кальон - вид на грот Анастасиив гроте Анастасии у святого источника  3 day: Walking through the crimean oak-forest to the Chelter-Koba monastry. Crossing Belbek river. Radial going out to the Syuiren Fortress.(Hiking 16km)
 джунгли в Алимовой балкепривал у реки Бельбек - купаниестена Сюйреньской крепости  4 day: Transfer to Sokolinoe. Visiting the Silver waterfall. Passage through the Big Canyon of Crimea. Visiting the Youth bath.(Hiking 12km, Auto 30km)
 мыс Куле-БурунЮсуповское озеро над водопадом  5 day: Ascent to northern slopes of Ai-Petri plateu. Sightseeing on Ai-Petri(Hiking 17km)
 настоящие травертины - почти Паммукалеводопад Серебрянные струи  6 day: Descent to the Uchan-Su waterfall by Taraktash gorge. Transfer to Yalta. End of the tour. (Auto 20km, Hiking 10km)

Price: 200 Euro (incl. transfers, guiding fee, three meals a day)

Tours: all tours we suggest are standards and reckoning to the ordinary person, without special training. We can always change them and make taking into account all your wishes. The duration of the tours and their complication are not a dogma. You can test yourself in every season of the year.  Experienced guide-instructor is working with a group. Average time for everyday walking is 6 hours. In the route the members are living in tents. The feed is cooking on the fire. During all route the members carries things and public burden themselves, carry the water, take part in preparation of the fire-wood. During the time of the route the comforts (toilet, douche) are not stationary (nature level ). When you order the tour we try to take into account all your wishes about routes, feed and service.If you want we can compose tour special for you.
Feed: full board (three times a day). Example menu is: soup, milk products, different jumbles, macaronis, tea,  in limited are season vegetables and bread.
The members: you can go as one, as with family (children) or friends. You can also take part in tours with your domestic animals. Usual size of the group from 6 to 15 persons.
Cost of the tour: cost of the tour depends on minimal number of people in the group Prices can be change in dependence from volume of service which you would like to take, tariffs of ferrymen and others.

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