Tourist kerosene stoves

      At long travel to lack of forests normally take with itself kerosene stoves (type "Bumblebee" or "Tourist") with a stock of gasoline in canisters on 5 or 10 l. Petrol kerosene stoves have received the greatest diffusion among tourists and climbers. Kerosene stoves of type "Bumblebee" have vertical, and type "Tourist" - horizontal configuration. Kerosene stoves of type "Bumblebee" have some modifications:

"Bumblebee" with volume of a tank 0,65 l and weight 1 kg;

"Ўмель-2" 1,5 kg weigh, has a tank in volume 0,74 l, a little bit greater(big) power and greater(big) fastness (a greater(big) area of a bottom(fundus) and smaller height);

"Ўмсль-3" has two torches, volume of a tank 1,5 l, 3 kg weigh;

"Ўмель-4" with volume of a tank 0,95 l provides continuous burning during 4,4 hours, reliably works at temperatures from-30°до +40; mass of not filled kerosene stove without a case of 1,2 kg.

(weight of 0,65 kg, volume of a tank 0,125) use a small-sized kerosene stove "Tourist" more often as reserve or auxiliary. At it(him) a simple reliable torch.

The kerosene stove “Ўмель-4” (fig. 58) consists of a tank 1 in which are screwed the pump 15, a safety valve 2, a torch 3 through a lining of the union 14. In a torch the nipple 5 closing a cone 4 is screwed in. This cone blocks a hole of a torch in the bottom position and moves at turn of a spindle 12 by means of a key of management 13. Inspissation of a spindle 12 is drawn in by a nut 11. In a funnel of a torch are a cap 8 and a reflection shield 7. The wind-shelter casing is put on a torch 9. The pump 15 has a rod with washers 16 and a rubber ring 11. To an end face of the pump will tighten the return valve 10.
Fig. 58. The scheme(plan) of a kerosene stove “ Ўмель-4.

Before kindling of a kerosene stove turn on the pump and fill in in a tank gasoline through a hole for the pump, using voronkoj. After that densely turn the pump, preliminary having checked up a tightening of a cap(cover) of the pump concerning its(his) case 15. Further it is necessary to block a hole of a torch, having turned a key 13 to the right or to the left against the stop to check up tightness, having turned(having turned over) a kerosene stove.

Then pump air 15 (15-20 vigorous kachkov) and warm up a torch, setting fire to fuel (gasoline, dry alcohol) in an excavation 14. The casing 9 should be taken out or raised. Warming up by the gasoline which has been drained off from a torch after inflating of a kerosene stove is supposed: for this purpose it is necessary to turn for short time a key to the left or to the right, watching(keeping up) that gasoline was not poured too much excavations. It is necessary to do(make) warming up by gasoline only on open air. Repeated(repetitive) warming up (can sometimes be necessary at a disadvantage of fuel or on a frost). Lighting a kerosene stove, do not bend above it(him), hold the face far away.

Light a kerosene stove after warming up by slow turn of a key 13 from marginal (left or right) positions to an average. It is necessary to open a torch and to burn to steams(pairs) of gasoline at a hole of a reflection shield 7. Tongues of a flame at a hole of a reflection shield should be acyanotically-dark blue, and around of a reflection shield - a transparent orange crown. If the flame has flashed a torch, will extinguish a kerosene stove turn of a key in any marginal position and repeat warming up of a torch. If tongues of a flame are not formed, and the reflection shield is heated and hooting hum is heard, will extinguish a kerosene stove and more time zazhgite it(him). If the situation repeats, it is necessary to clean a nipple. Clean a nipple several turns of a key in both sides. Thus it can be demanded not only repeated(repetitive) ignition, but also repeated(repetitive) inflating. At ignition of a kerosene stove to extinguish a flame it is possible, having covered a kerosene stove a dense tissue. For adjustment of a flame it is necessary to turn slowly a key 13 aside marginal position. It is not necessary to diminish a flame turn aside average position as thus the needle spoils. After clearing a kerosene stove by turn of a key in the nearest marginal position allow him to cool down and dump(reset) pressure vyvinchivaniem the pump.

Even the new kerosene stove should be disassembled for preliminary check, and then to test. Check work of the pump: at sharp rolling the return valve should work (about what click) testifies. A spindle 12 and a safety valve do not assort. Check free movement of a spindle and lock-out of the channel of a torch by the valve, and also procleaning of a nipple by a needle.

The kerosene stove was in the use, it is necessary to examine, disassemble, clear a torch of a deposit, to collect, test and prepare for work.

In structure of a marching set for reconditioning kerosene stoves it is necessary to have: passatizhi, a forceps, small flat-nose pliers, kusachki-бокорезы, a screw-driver, an awl, nadfili, rubber benzostojkuju thickness of 2-3 mm, scissors, greasing of type solidol, voronku with a grid.

If the group sends to a hike with one kerosene stove it is necessary to have a reserve torch and the pump in the collecting. It is desirable to have a reserve kerosene stove of type "Tourist" nevertheless.

One of participants should study(investigate) thoroughly kerosene stoves, watch(keep up) their technical state, if necessary repair.

In the winter on 9-10 the person makes the charge of gasoline nearby 1 l in day, in the summer - nearby 0,7 l. For economy of gasoline boilers-saucepans cover with a cover from asbo-either fiber glasses. Boilers or casseroles should have skintight caps(covers). It is even better, if they are made as autoclaves with the valve opening at smaller, than the utensils, vapor pressure supposes. In this case the charge of gasoline can be reduced considerably.

Canisters for transportation or perenoski and are better for having storages of gasoline metal, with well ground in, skintight fuses and latches. Volume of canisters 10, 5 and 2 l.