Marching recipes

Rodiola pink (the Gold root). Pink color Rodiola pink (in the further RR) gives, only when svezhevykopannaja and for a short while wetted (after three-four weeks the brine darkens). Under the manual "Drug plants", RR possesses strongly pronounced tonic and fortifying action, it is similar to a ginseng, but is less toxic. In the medical purposes it is used 40 and a 70 percent spirituous extract (in our event only 40 percent). By virtue of obvious(pronounced) not medical reception of tincture it is necessary to note, that at irrepressible consumption the beverage can cause(call) a sleeplessness, light(mild) deafness (pawns ears) and color motions. It is long outside of a solution of alcohol RR it is stored(kept) in a dried kind, practically not losing medical properts. Medicinal concentration - finely cut root fall asleep in a bottle up to top and fill in 40-градусным with a brine, in two weeks of yellowing it is possible to accept (after acceptance of all brine it is possible to fill in once again five, odor remains, about medicinal properts is not assured(confident)). In house conditions very much I recommend to not accept a concentrate glasses: the tonus can so to rise, that for its(his) packing(stacking) first aid (that, which 03), especially for slugs (it is similar, RR strongly raises(increases) pressure) is required. However small addition of brine RR in vodka products in the evening effectively takes out a morning hang-over. Especially successful it is necessary to recognize an admixture of brines: RR, tincture on cedar nuts, tincture on intersections of walnuts, tincture on eleuterokokke, tincture on aralii manchurian. Ingredients are admixed and diluted with vodka (or 40 % an alcohol liquid) up to a toothsome consistence. Categorically it is not recommended to apply a beverage, 40 % are stronger

      I offer the variants of preparation and insisting RR. Svezhevykopannyj the root is necessary for washing out in cold water, to clear of thin roots, zaprobkovevshih and rotten sites to cut on fine a plate (as morkovku for soup). Now it(he) can or be thrown at once in vodka or 70 %-s' alcohol, or to exsiccate in heat, but without hit of direct solar beams, and then to insist. With the cut root to fill a bottle on 1/3 approximately. To dry the rhizomes not cut finely it is not recommended, - then the root turns to a fuse, and to sense from it(him) any more will not be. If after excavation of a root you should go or go still couple of days-three, do not put(fold) a root in a polyethylene sack, - he spoils from it(this). It is better to turn(inwrap) in a rag.


      If drinking parameters of the taken alcohol do not satisfy crew, it is possible to try to clear it(him) by means of activated carbon. Coal it is necessary much, and those stocks which were taken by the doctor for sick of a maw, will not salvage. For reception of activated carbon we take a birch log and otzhigaem it(him) before education of stable coals, series we put capacity with water and the heated coals it is dumped(reset) in this water (easier - we put a log in water, we get, soskrebaem the upper layer of coal, we repeat procedure before reception of demanded quantity(amount) of a sorbent). Comprehensible quality of sanitation turns out at 1/4 bottles of coal on a bottle of a solution (a solution, instead of alcohol), time of sanitation - day, at periodic shaking. The received admixture refines from a black dust through the accessible filter and moves to a table (even passed(missed) through trjapochku, she has a black tint, for what in our collective farm has received the name "chernushka"). Efficiency of the given reception has been repeatedly tested personally by me, since 91-st year when in connection with reorganization the sailor drove alcohol from gratuitous etilatsetata, but has not had time to clear it(him) under the full program. Owing to what the first attempt of acceptance of a beverage reminded a known slogan: « a tomorrow's hang-over - today! ».

      Actually it is necessary to include Polyphepanum in an allocation(a spreading). Much more effectively charcoal, and alcohol does not color. By the way, if seriously it is meaningful to take really it(him) with itself in the first-aid set. Very well helps(assists) at any food poisonings as a superpowerful(superpotent) adsorbent. It, certainly, is it(him) is as peat chew. But helps(assists) very well.

      Smurdjuk (tuvinsk.) - alcohol with water, to taste practically indistinguishable from store vodka. At mixing together of alcohol and water it is necessary to pour alcohol into water and at all on the contrary. After mixing together on litre of a beverage to add a little kristallikov salt, on an end of a knife Saccharum and on an end of a knife of citric acid. And, be cautious with salt if go too far, it will be felt. And here small search with Saccharum and limonkoj will not be swept so up(not be so appreciable). After addition of these substances chemical reaction will be appreciable. After its(her) end it is necessary for our beverage postojat 1 hour per a cold spot.


      The best ekstragirujushchimi properts for preparation of alcoholatures is 70 %-s' alcohol. To drink IT, certainly, not so pleasantly. It is necessary to plant up to ~40 %.

      In our company 2 kinds of tinctures are very popular: on a putamen of cedar nuts and "ink", tincture on berries of a bilberry. Tincture on a putamen of nuts is interesting to that infuses very quickly and has beautiful coffee color. "Ink" are named so for characteristic color of a final product.

      "Zukovka" - the alcohol dissolved by water from the river with addition of a powder "zukko" for taste and color. "pongomovka" - alcohol with boiled water and crusts of a lemon, the order of 50 degrees. "CHaryshevka" - simply alcohol with water from CHarysha.

      « A bouquet of spring ». Prepares only in the spring - from bulked up, but not started to be dismissed kidneys of a black currant. A glass of kidneys, 3 glasses of 70 % of alcohol. To insist from 1 till 3 days, to not hold any more. To add nothing. Before utilization to filter and dissolve up to demanded alcoholic content. A kidney to not wring out - that remains in them remains.

      "nesmejanovka". Ingredients: a glass of a cranberry, a glass of Saccharum, a glass of alcohol. A cranberry carefully to grind with Saccharum, to pour in alcohol, densely to close and insist at least 2 weeks. Better month and is better at the battery. After that to filter and wring out a cranberry admixture. Slightly rather turbid liquid of very beautiful color turns out. For clarification the filtration or a centrifugation can be recommended. And it is possible to defend and drain off the upper transparent part simply. To try(taste) and dissolve to taste. Thus "nesmejanovka" has prominent feature: the effect very strong is drunk very easily, but. Due to the raised(increased) sugariness especially tsenima ladies

      I believe, that the term "nakljukatsja" has gone in connection with the use of a following product. Full berries of a cranberry are filled in with good alcohol (good - in sense ethyl and pure(clean)). Month infuses. More precisely, there is less month, - there comes equilibrium, and in the further the system does not vary. The cranberry nabuhaet also becomes branchy. Before the use the liquid fraction merges, it is possible to dilute (in a nature she of percent(interests) 50) and to add Saccharum to taste. Moves as a drinking. Berries fall down a powdered sugar and move as have a snack. Teetotal or malopjushchie individuals lean on berries and effect surpasses all expectations.

      "Coffee-flavored liqueur". The given liquid has mass of advantages, but two of them are especially actual in conditions of a hike: 1) speed of preparation: when the fire is already dissolved, process borrows(occupies) half an hour; 2) good "pitkost" - yet did not meet any person to whom liquor has not liked. 1 litre of alcohol undertakes, gets divorced 1 l waters, is for a while put aside aside. 5 glasses of water in a kettle plus 3 items of Saccharum to bring to the boil, take out from fire, to add 6-7 table spoons of any (down to "Pele") a dry coffee extract, it is good to stir, then to pour out in the divorced alcohol, to cool, use. Separate aesthetes wring out pair of lemons; if there is time for insisting, throw these lemons in a boiler with liquor.

      Cocktail "Despair". pollitrovaja a mug of river water, 1 table spoon of Acetum, two centimeters of a tooth-paste "Pearls" (it is better to take domestic Pasta, import is strong mylitsja), three chunks to Saccharum and alcohol - how much remains at the bottom of an empty bottle. All carefully mixs up under a steadfast view of the supply manager.

      The lemon (lajm) is dried in a dark and insufflated place approximately 4 mes (it is possible more). Further (for example - a hammer) the above-stated fruit is broken and located with a serious subject in container with alcohol (pure(clean) medical). After a while (more than 3 days) this extract is transported in a hike where gets divorced marching water up to optimum degree for a command(team). Saccharum and a black pepper to taste.

      Litre of alcohol on litre of any cherry juice, one to one.

      "Grog" - alcohol with hot tea with Saccharum.

      "Bejlis" - alcohol with neskvikom (for the lack of neskvika cocoa + sgushchenka will go).

      Alcohol (vodka) it is planted from water preliminary suppressed in a small amount by a last year's cowberry. The prescription when fresh berries still are not present (and old it is possible to find full) is especially useful.

      The alcohol dissolved with tea (cold) Ginger&Cinnamon. Normally simply so nobody drinks these bags also they remain, and with alcohol depart on hurrah. Especially, when in process of a loss of a beverage, in it(him) alcohol is added ONLY.

      « The black captain ». The Dry coffee extract, cinnamon, vanilla (to taste). Saccharum (besides to taste). Alcohol. Hot water. Alcoholic content of the order of 20 cycles, working temperature under 60 hailstones. Celsius. If it is not drunk at once, it is warmed up in kane.


      Somehow time we have lost a part of products in a hike, and kind chastutrachennyh products made tushenka and grechka. It was necessary izgaljatsja with the remained products, activly to use a pasture. In soup the sorrel, a neetle was much added. Fried a ramson. Rice very well went with mushrooms. But вEрхом culinary art there was a dish under the name "May-шабак". It is boiled noodles with addition of canned food « sprat Caspian in a gold apple ». The name has received the this dish under the name of canned food which had the parentage in Kazakhstan, and on a label by Russian letters has been written "May-шабак". There is IT it was possible only due to zakusyvanija garlic and a ramson.

      Sea kale marinate and submit with a sunflower-seed oil.

      Even it is possible to prepare for a plain macaroni products in the different ways: uvarit up to such degree, that they will be dissolved in water; preliminary to insufflate and wash out; dry to fry, then to weld(cook); to wet water, and then to mould from this mass of a flatbread and to fry on a fire(shive) (it is possible kolbaski - and to reel up on a stick).

      When there was only a lard and Saccharum, the first falls down the second. Is called « let Adepses burn on fire of carbohydrate ».

      « The Irish soup » - soup from a beetroot and cabbage soup "podravka", variegated « hot mugs(circles) », maggi and a package miviny (the Korean noodles).

      Vinegar pickled mushrooms. Mushrooms are seethed (not for long, after boiling water - minutes fifteen) with salt if is - the pepper in corns and a bay leaf is put. Water it is drained off, we allow mushrooms to cool down, we throw out in special capacity - plastic butyl or the plastic container with a skintight cap(cover). We add drops an essence. There garlic (better largly to cut), a bulb onion is (a little), leaves of a black currant (slightly pomjat). If it is possible to pickle during the lunchtime, for a supper it is already possible to eat.

      Orange agarics to not scald. To wash, salt, add Acetum, it is a little vegetable oil, onions. Orange agarics get striped color. Minutes through 15-30 are ready. Too most with russules, but with them somehow not so, - taste bitter.

      Cubes and dried carrots it is possible to prepare for a dried potato in mikrovolnovke.

      ZHulen. Pour for a bottom(fundus) of a kettle vegetable oil (a generous arm(hand)). Cut mushrooms, it is desirable more finely, and throw in razogretoe oil(butter) - minutes on 20-30. Salt. Often stir slowly, differently will burn. Dissolve with water milk powder - up to a consistence of liquid sour cream, pour out in a kettle. Add flours - pair of table spoons and if is - finely cut cheese. All this should pobulkat even minutes 10-15. Together with mushrooms it is put finely shinkovannyj a bulb onion. But if the cut onion to fry separately, and then to throw in a kettle right after how in it(him) "sour cream" will be poured, taste zhulena will be better. For an acuteness it is possible to add gorchitsy. ZHulen it is possible to eat both in a hot kind, and in cold, - imposing on bread.


      « A paella mariskada ». It on the sea(pestilence) is done(made), in our event - on White. Rice, a parity(ratio) such undertakes: 1 mug of rice on 2 mugs(circles) of boiled water (it turns out two rations, at a command(team) it is necessary more, accordingly). Rice cooks on small fire while he gurgles, mussels gather. The onion is fried in a sunflower-seed oil (not so strongly), the cut garlic (there is added much!), All this falls down seasoning, is better a parsley, and almost at once in the same frying pan get enough sleep svezhenabrannye mussels, is direct in conchas. As soon as conchas slightly will reveal, all together falls down in a boiler with rice and mixs up. All focus that when mussels reveal, they give juice, and becomes impregnated with this juice fig. It it is necessary to eat at once! Mussels are eaten simply - the cockleshell is cliped in a cam, and the furcula from it(her) picks out a pulp. In marching conditions it is possible also a finger. And then the cockleshell carefully licks lips. It is possible to add still melkonarezannuju a fish (fillet) - before mussels. Shrimps too. And in general, the more sifuda, the better.

      Pike perch and the perch is better to extinguish entirely as is, - with gills and all other goods. If the skin is not damaged(injured), gills and a gallbladder too remain the whole. They already on a table need to be cleaned(removed) cautiously. It is done(made) so: you rip open a fish on a ridge, you open as the book, all interiors(entrails) remain compactly to lay. Them you delete, and the rest eat, using a skin as a plate.

      Sashimi from fresh hariusa. Undertakes vasabi, it is diluted with a soy-bean sauce (one to three), and the fillet is dipped in this meal fresh-caught hariusa.

      Fish he. From a fresh-caught fish to cut out a fillet (ossicles(bonelets) to choose zamuchaeshsja), to strew pepper and spices to taste and to pickle in Acetum (6 %) at two-rub(-three) o'clock.

      Tajmen under sauce bazhi. The nut (ground) should be carried from the house. Undertakes tajmen, it is viscerated, gills are eradicated, salts, slightly pepper (red), is turned in a foil and instilled in coals. The walnut (I speak, as Georgians, in a singular), processed on a meat grinder (gram 300 chishchennogo) undertakes. Gets divorced water up to a consistence of thinnish sour cream. Gradually in it hop plants-сунели, pounded (necessarily pounded, and with salt are added!) garlic and the table spoon of Acetum (and it is even better - some garnet juice). Sauce should have harmonious taste, that is if you feel that taste of garlic is strongly allocated, means, it is necessary to add hop plants-сунели. The fish is taken out from coals, developed(unwrapped) and cooled. Then chunks as though break off it(her), are put in a bowl and plentifully sause. The bowl is secretly put under a scrub and costs(stands) there about an hour (that the fish has become impregnated with sauce) then it is possible to eat.

      Harius under a pickle. Undertakes harius, pripahivaetsja volnoshatajushchijsja a contingent, at most the arm(hand) should be pure(clean) during all below the resulted(brought) procedure. By cutting at a fish the head, an interior, jetsams and scales if those will be found out leaves. Then the carcass is cut by slices, is salted, pours down vegetable oil in the quantity(amount) necessary that slices of a fish have become covered oil plenochkoj, Acetum, lavrushka, a pepper in corns and the cut onion is added in small amounts. From above it is necessary to put some stones for prigruza, kg 3-4. Then kan with this product it is hidden in a secluded place, and reliable protection is by all means put to it(him;them). The minimum in an hour, is better through two, the capacity is taken out on light divine, beer and … spreads

      Bosh. Svezhevytashchennyj harius it is viscerated, the fillet tonenko is cut plastinkami in the enameled mug or a bowl, poured by salt and is absolutely sensitive a sprinkling pepper. In 15-20 minutes with vodochkoj from fljazhechki.

      Fish soup. A trifle if is, not viscerating and not cleaning, and also heads and ridges of a large and noble fish (if have appeared during) - in marlechku and to seeth in boiled water up to full razvalivanija in dust. Then to throw out. Marlechku to rinse and use again. Though the pike heads can be not thrown out, there it is possible for a jaw to suck round. Large perches to clean it is lazy, therefore only vypotroshit, besides in marlechku (she should be more) and to seeth in the same place up to readiness. That is, that not in dust has collapsed, but also not crude. Water preliminary to salt. To take out, throw out(take out, roll) from marlechki on a cap(cover) kana, let interested persons with them are controlled. Now on the turned out broth we cook supchik. CHishchenaja an onion, lavrushka, pepper, other spices - to taste. Pshenka. A dried potato cubes (to not confuse to puree). Dried morkovki it is a little. Well and further to taste that it will be added. It is possible also macaroni. And there, minutes for ten up to readiness, chunks of a carcass viscerated and chishchenoj pikes. Well or other fish of similar advantage if it is caught.

      Fish zharenaja. A pike. Large and not so fine pike vypotroshit to clean, cut, fry on protivne on a sunflower-seed oil, in something having rolled in. Traditionally - in a flour or manke, it is good obvalivat in mashed potatoes. To fry it is possible though on caps(covers) from kanov, though on specially taken protivne or a frying pan.

      Fish baked. The perch, a pike. Not so a small-sized fish (« about a palm » and it it it is more) vypotroshit to clean (or to not clean, if laziness). In a belly to push a ringlet of an onion, perchiku, gvozdichki, other spices to taste. To salt. To turn(inwrap) in a foil. Carefully. To put in coals of a fire. After a while to get and be pleased.

      Fish "lazy". A pike, the perch that is larger to rip open and vypotroshit from a back. With extraction of a ridge and cutting of a head (here they whence for a fish soup undertake). To salt, raspjalit a rod inserted across. To hang up at a fire, it is possible on kostrovoj a hook. Not in fire, but in heat. And let hangs. Hours a little. Not dovisela on one parking - to bring on following and there to hang up. Sooner or later it will be ready (only to not allow to dry up up to a state of a sole). Something turns out an average between baked and hot smoking.

      Fish солено-вялено-natural. It harius and krasnenkaja, is possible also a pike. Besides to viscerate from a back, to cut out a ridge with a head (and in a fish soup). To salt, combine a carcass, to clean(remove) somewhere, to take hour or so-other(-another;-others) (it is possible also running day...) Then to get, raspjalit. To hang up in tenek, on a breeze, having covered marlechkoj that flies did not sit down. And to alternate(interleave) before eating up - will lie down somewhere, then povisit... From circumstances.

      Fish on-карельски. Fine rybeshku (ukleja, a vendace, a roach, okunek) you clean it is lazy - only interiors(entrails). To a girdle (it is possible in kan) you strew it is sensitive a sunflower-seed oil. You stack a layer of small fry. From above sliced a potato (probably, it is possible dried, only it(he) should be soaked preliminary). Still from above - cut by ringlets luchok. And so some layers while fishes will suffice. Each layer you pour salt (to taste) and a large black pepper (it is better to crush peas between stones), however, it is possible also ground. You fill in vodichkoj up to the upper layer, but not with top. And tomish up to readiness of a potato.

      Fish smoked. The fish (it is better not so large) is cleaned, salted, peppered. pokoptit a small fish above decaying pieces of coal, having added in them young branches of a willow with leaves. The temperature of smoke curing - an arm(a hand) hardly, but suffers(bears), time 2-3 ch. With a willow it is better to not take a great interest, differently the fish will taste bitter. A result: a cooked smoked fish of yellow-green color.

      To smoke a fish conveniently on enough thick prutikah or a lattice. Rods are passed through the fish mouth and in district of a caudal fin, then the fish hardly becomes attached to prutiku on all length strong h a thread since in a ready kind can fall off and fall in coals. Before the use the thread is taken out, to use together with a yellow-green cuticle.


      « Never cook a rag in an ear(a fish soup)! » It is better to drain off a broth, well we shall lose it(him) pollitra - all the same fishes up to a horse-radish, not on a back hollow it is brought.

      The perch is cleaned not bad, while alive. The more longly the fish snulaja, the is worse cleaned, for the perch especially actually. Even on one chishchenomu 400-gramme on the eater - very festively leaves.

      For a fish soup: a fish + its(her) calf if there is, + an onion + spices + one morkovka a maximum, and it is not necessary anything any more. It turns out it is transparent, tasty and quite nutritious. And from a potato, pshenki, etc. it is possible in fact to prepare separate dishes.

      The Siberian fish soup: a full boiler of a fish, a pepper in corns, a bay leaf, water - before filling a boiler between a fish. To weld(cook). A broth to drink, a fish is. It is similarly possible to act(arrive) with a trout if she marinovannaja already zadolbala, or would be desirable to feed fine sailors to whom you will not give marinovannuju. It is necessary to a trout less, to stuff a boiler not necessarily - 300 gram on the eater quite the broth ofigitelnoj will suffice, tenderness, but zhirnenky, TO NOT REBOIL a fish!

      Fried fish. To make a fillet. Two cuts along a ridge very acute knife against the stop in the basis of ribs, further it is gentle along ribs, jetsams to bypass. In two turned out huge chunks of the fish meat is still longitudinal vilochkoobraznye bones, but they any more do not strain at meal - stick out of chunks zharenogo a fillet, them is easily povynimat. From ridges, fins, goals(heads) to weld(cook) a fish soup.

Irina Tereshkina has collected