The dictionary of tourist terms

Here most often used in sports-tourist terminalogii and them interpritatsija, and also clarifications the list of words is resulted(brought) in some slangy words.

      alpendjaj - (a forge(bugle).) zharg. The word is meant by the climber.

      anorak - a wind-shelter jacket (vetrovka) which has no lightning on a chest that it was not insufflated, in consequence(investigation) of that she is put on through a head. As it is possible to consider(count) as the integral sign a breast pocket which in addition protects a chest from an insufflation. Anaraki can be water-proof, warmed, etc. bahily - (lyzhn.) the canvas stockings dressed atop of footwear.

      Cask - (rechn.) the water obstacle formed because of roughness of a ground, as a rule takes place in thresholds with a greater(big) spillway. Represents a stone or a plate poured by a strong stream, in consequence(investigation) of that the picture of fall or draining of water from small height is reached(achieved).

      bystrinka - (rechn.) the part of the river in which contains fast current, but has no water obstacles.

      Shaft - (rechn.) the water obstacle which is looking like a standing wave. Shaft can be slanting, slope, flat, etc.

      Revolving object - (rechn.) exercise for training rise by the screw, consists in its(his) repeated application on the one hand because of what the effect of rotation in water is reached(achieved). The screw/screw - a way of restoration of standing position of a boat, after its(her) revolution, by means of long arc grebka under water.

      germa - (rechn.) abbr. germomeshok.

      Hydra - (rechn.) abbr. a diving suit.

      gorteks - breathing vodonepronetsaemyj a material.

      Rowed - (rechn.) zharg. The word means a paddle.

      The two/three, etc. - means number of a category of complexity of the river or a threshold. The first - the lightest(most mild), the sixth - as much as possible complex(difficult).

      Yeast head - (rechn.) the upper fixed part of a skin of the kayak, being above water.

      dnevka - day in a hike in which current, the group does not go anywhere, and costs(stands) on a place. Dnevki one, two times in a hike as a rule are arranged.

      Arc grebok - (rechn.) grebok which is done(made) on an arch. As a rule it is used if necessary in sharp deployment of a boat.

      zhivets - (rechn.) the person insuring people from a shore by means of spaskontsa.

      zakusyvanie - (rechn.) the phenomenon at which, the water head starts to press on the upper part of a boat, that quite often leads to revolution.

      Hook - (rechn.) a kind grebka, allowing to save stable position at sharp change of a direction of a stream.

      kan - sokrashch. A kettle.

      Canoe - (rechn.) a boat, which cockpit it is equipped by devices for knee landing(planting), is set in motion a paddle with one blade.

      èáÔ/catamaran - (rechn.) an agent of an alloy having a design of two inflatable balonov, bridged(paired) by a rectangular skeleton.

      Catheter - an adapter for naduvanija life jackets, balonov and other floatable inventory.

      kajak - (rechn.) the single boat set in motion by a paddle with two blades. He - a single kayak. odnomestsportivnuju a boat not having a skeleton.

      kilson - (rechn.) the detail of a kayak which is passing(is taking place) along a bottom(fundus), and being a basis for fixture of all other details.

      Cockpit - (rechn.) inner space of a boat in which there is an oarsman.

      Boiler/toilet bowl - (rechn.) the system of casks forming a half ring in such a manner that water falls down as though from a wall of a boiler. The crocodile - (rechn.) zharg. A word which is used at c such water obstacle in which the turbulence of a water stream inevitably presses on an external surface of a boat, framing sensation "proglatyvanija" boats.

      Log - (rechn.) position at which the boat is sideways to a stream.

      neopren - teploizolirujushchy the material which at namokanii detains water and heats up it(her) due to a body temperature of the person which he densely fits therefore the interlayer turns out teploizolirujushchaja, allowing to be in ice water till 15-20 minutes. neoprenom kinds of the clothes made(produced) on its(his) technology name all.

      Leg - (rechn.) the movement by a paddle allowing operetsja on water in avoidance of revolution.

      Spot - (rechn.) the upper, ring(annular) part of a cockpit through which occurs(happens) zalezanie the oarsman in a boat.

      /_/_°/////¶_°_ - the small rectangular which has been cut out from penki and fastening on girdle behind by an elastic. It is used as sidushka at sitting on cold soil.

      penka - zharg. penopoliuritan, teploizolirujushchy the material, is applied for sleeping kovrikov and linings in straps of a backpack.

      Reach - (rechn.) a part of the river or a reservoir where currents or are not present absolutely, or it is not felt.

      poganka - (rechn.) the water obstacle which is being a powerful(potent) diving source, beating on a surface, in consequence(investigation) of that is formed gribooraznyj a prominence(mamelon).

      podgrebitsy - (rechn.) a self-made design on rafts, on which as on a support, the paddle leans(bases).

      Clip - (rechn.) a place in a threshold where the main stream noticeably nestles on one of shores. Normally clips are on turns of the river with strong current.

      Duct - (rechn.) the narrow small river bridging two lakes.

      Gun - (rechn.) a seat for the oarsman on a catamaran in the form of a tripod or inflatable.

      raft - (rechn.) the inflatable many-placed raft used for an alloy on porozhistym to the rivers.

      The lever/lever - (rechn.) a way of restoration of standing position of a boat, after revolution, by means of grebka, referred perpendicularly to the case of a boat in a vertical plane.

      Candle - (rechn.) position at which, the boat is upright in water.

      Plums - (rechn.) the water obstacle representing from sebjapology a clivus of water.

      æ»á߬«¡Ñµ/¼«Ó¬«ó¬á/pomegranate - (rechn.) a cord with a floater and a carbine on the extremity(end), used for the insurance in a threshold.

      Becoming(Beginning) - (rechn.) a skeleton of a catamaran.

      stringer - (rechn.) the detail of a kayak which is passing(is taking place) in parallel kilsonu.

      Step - (rechn.) the part of a threshold allocated from other parts, absence of sharp difference of height of fall of water.

      tabanit - (rechn.) passive inhibition, by means of fixation of a paddle in water.

      taganok - rigid metalicheskaja a design for the equipment(installation) of kettles on a fire(shive).

      c - (rechn.) crossing of a jet or a stream, against a direction of current. - (a forge(bugle).) movement across a slope, i.e. not to top, and as though around of it(her). The seal/¬½¿õõ start - a jump in water together with a boat (the oarsman is in a boat) from any ledge or a part of a land.

      ulovo - (rechn.) the place in a threshold where current is referred against the basic current of a stream, or is absent. Ulova normally range behind ridges of stones, on the inner sides of turns, behind the greater(big) stones which have been not filled in by water, etc.

      Emphasises - (rechn.) prominences(mamelon) in a cockpit where legs(foots) of the oarsman rest.

      falshborta - (rechn.) a detail of a kayak, krepjashchaja on itself the upper parts of frames.

      Apron - (rechn.) a covering of the upper part of the kayak, used in avoidance of hit of water in inside.

      chalka/þ὿Ôý - (rechn.) means mooring, to moor.

      shivera/»ÑÓѬáÔ - (rechn.) fine nekategorijnyj a threshold complicating passage by presence of the big number of sticking out stones.

      Skin/galosh - (rechn.) a water-proof fabric covering of a kayak.

      Frame - (rechn.) the detail of a kayak fastening to kilsonu all is perpendicular and carrying on itself stringera.

      tseve - (rechn.) a hinge of a paddle on which blades fasten.

      Skirt - (rechn.) the water-proof detail of a boat which one ring is put on a spot or a ring of an apron, and another densely fits a body of the oarsman in avoidance of hit of water in a boat.

      Tongue - (rechn.) the basic direction movement of a jet in a threshold.

(rechn.) - means, that definition appears in boating
(A forge(bugle).) - appears in mountaineering.

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