Response about a hike across Crimea in September 2005

Hi Cyril! Many thanks for inspiration)), and all apologies for brakes) .ezheli you will want, I shall write history of ours with ZHenkoj travel, actually Crimea has very much liked us) especially deserted))) in general all is remarkable, but is not enough ( Cyril, in general the truth of thanks, that has thought up all and has enticed)), deserted Crimea is abrupt, resort on the contrary, here that we have solved. Give next year you you will organize the pedestrian hikes across Georgia? In a common cause was so: when you have left (have put) us at a stop in
Radiant we waited and waited the bus, and its(his) all was not, and tourist
Us did not take, and then we have decided to learn(find out) where here to stop, and us
Has entered para-Russian the grandfather with the grandmother, for 20 grn, we have left at it(her)
Things also have gone to the Alushta.
NEXT DAY nalegke since morning have risen on "Katenku" so name
Demerdzhi local. Awfully it was pleasant!!! You then have just sent us
The message, that you on a table-mountain. Have then bypassed all around, through a spring
Anniversary also have returned to the grandmother. Oh, as it is a lot of literary trash!!! More shortly
It was remembered excellent(different): demerdzhi and okrestnosi, "kitajka", a valley of reductions, the sea between
semigorem and the Alushta, djadki on cut off in a pickup zaporozhtse with
With terrible speed, pears fed, uh!!!!!!!! A botanical garden,
vinishche, babushkiny dogs and the bath, ravens when consider(examine) you, if
On the ground to lay!
хорошего:все Other, except for
Bad: Evpatoria (has enticed idiots the name), marshrutki, Dzhur-джур (because of
Dust), djadki drunk in mountains, lack of time, is shorter than a trifle.

Has received photos. Thanks)). Where you zubastuju have found a horse?!-such pretty girl!

We wish hikes till April, and then till December;) the Most successful success and the counterbalanced fellow travellers))
Darya, ZHenka.