Canyons of Crimea - Hiking trail

Чернореченский каньон 6 days   Distance: 50km   Max.altitude: 1273m   Price: 200 Euro

This hiking trail  leads through the 3 finest canyons of Crimea peninsula. In the center of a huge stone arch of the western part of the Main Ridge of Crimean mountains there are Ai-Petri hills. Big Canyon, having huge interest of tourists, is situated on its northern slopes. Another one great canyon is near Sebastopol in the valley of Black river (Chernorechenskiy canyon).

Tour Itinerary:

Чернореченский каньонв брод через рекув тоннеле секретного объекта 221  1 day: Arrival in Simferopol. Meeting at railway station. Transfer to Sebastopol. Transfer to the Village Morozovka. Entering the Chernorechenskiy canyon. Placing the camp near the river.
Auto 100 km, Hiking 5 km
 туман над каньономБайдарская долинаБайдарское водохранилище  2 day: Crossing the river.  Walking up-stream on the canyon-floor. Leaving Chernorechenskiy canyon.
Hiking 6km
 Скельская пещеравверх по каньону  3 day: Crossing the Baidar dale. Excursion to the Skelska cave. Rising to Uzundzha canyon.
Hiking 16km
 каньон Узунджарека Узунджаскала Орлиный залет  4 day:  Walking through the beech-forest to the Teаhouse camp.Descent to the Silver waterfall. Placing the camp near the entrance to Big Canyon of Crimea .
Hiking 15km
 пещера Данильча КобаЮсуповское озерокрымские травертины  5 day: Passage through the Big Canyon. Visiting the Youth bath. Ascent to northern mountainside of Ai-Petri plateu.
Hiking 12km
 Серебрянный водопадБольшой Каньон - вид сверхуподъем на плато Ай-Петрикупола радаров на горе Бедене-Кыр  6 day: Crossing Ai-Petri plateu. Descent to the Uchan-Su waterfall by Taraktash gorge. Transfer to Yalta. End of the tour.
 Hiking 15km
 на краю плато Ай-Петрирассвет над ЯлтойТаракташ  

Price: 200 Euro (incl.  guiding fee, three meals a day)

Tours: all tours we suggest are standards and reckoning to the ordinary person, without special training. We can always change them and make taking into account all your wishes. The duration of the tours and their complication are not a dogma.  

Experienced guide-instructor is working with a group.

Average time for everyday walking is 6 hours.

In the route the members are living in tents. The feed is cooking on the fire. During all route the members carries things and public burden themselves, carry the water, take part in preparation of the fire-wood. During the time of the route the comforts (toilet, douche) are not stationary (nature level ).

When you order the tour we try to take into account all your wishes about routes, feed and service.
Feed: full board (three times a day). Example menu is: soup, milk products, different jumbles, macaronis, tea,  in limited are season vegetables and bread.
The members: Usual size of the group from 6 to 15 persons.

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