Cave Towns of Crimea - Hiking tour

Ханский дворец в Бахчисарае 6 days   Distance: 52km   Max.altitude: 583m   Price: 200 Euro

In south-west of Crimean peninsula there are very interesting Middle Age monuments - so called Cave towns. They are very similar to Cappadocia caves and situated on separate rocky plateaus of the Inner Ridge of Crimea mountains over wide valleys of Alma, Kacha and Belbek rivers. The best way to see them all - our hiking tour through this ancient land.


At their appearance cave towns were strengthened settlements, but in future together with development of feudal relations some of them turned gradually into rather big fortified towns (Eski-Kermen, Mangup, Kyz-Kermen, and from the 10th century - Chufut-Kale).

Other smaller fortified settlements placed at hard-to-get heights and protected by guarding walls, were feudal castles or small citadels (Bakla, Tepe-Kermen, Syuiren Fortress, Kyz-Kule, Kalamita and others) but they are too called cave towns.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1. Simferopol, Bahchisaray, Khans palace, Uspensky Cave Monastery, Chufut-Kale fortress.

шестикрылый серафим - Успенский монастырь в Бахчисараетропа к воротам пещерного города Чуфут-Калевид с плато Чуфут-Калеступени пещерного города Тепе-Кермен

Meeting at railway station of Simferopol (airport meeting is also possible). Transfer to  Bahchisaray. An excursion to Bahchisaray Palace and Uspenski cave monastery. Visit to the cave town Chufut-Kale and to ancient obsidional well. Placing the tent camp near the Beshik-Tau mountain.(Auto 25 km, Hiking 10 km)

Day 2. Cave towns Tepe-Kermen and Kyz-Kermen, cave monastery Kachi-Kalyon.

Качи-Кальоннаскальная живопись - скальный навес Таш-Аирджунгли в Алимовой балке

Ascent to the top of Tepe-Kermen plateu - cave town . Visit to Kyz-Kermen cave town ruins. Descent to the valley of river Kacha. Kachi-Kalyon monastry. Overnight near the river.(Hiking 14km)

Day 3. Cave monastery Chelter-Koba, Suiren fortress.

река Бельбек - отличное место для купанияпещерный монастырь Чолтер-Кобавид с мыса Куле-Бурунбрешь в стене Сюйреньской крепости

Walking through the crimean oak-forest to the Chelter-Koba monastry. Crossing Belbek river. Radial going out to the Suiren Fortress.(Hiking 16km)

Day 4. Ruins of Mangup cave town - capital of Theodoro principality

Карголезские сфинксыпанорама Мангупавход в цитадель Мангупамыс Дырявый на Мангуперассвет на Мангупе

In the morning we look to the ruins of the fortress Suiren facing the same plateau. Today we are going to Mangup. This cave was the capital of the principality of Theodoro, which included everything we've seen earlier mountain towns. Here the remains of a fortress wall, the Basilica and the prince's castle. On the ruins live a wide variety of archaeologists and hippies. These downshifters live on the plateau throughout the year, having children and decorate their caves with wall paintings.

Day 5. Cave monastery of Sheldan and Eski-Kermen cave town

Крест над южным монастырем на Мангупепещерная церковь в Эски-Керменескалы напротив Эски-Керменавнутри бастиона Эски-Керменабелые и алые крымские маки

We went down to Mangup and go to the monastery Sheldahl. It was founded almost 2,000 years ago and now has regained the status of acting. Next, we visit the cave town Eski-Kermen. Thanks to the exotic landscape, he is very popular with filmmakers. Many other historic and adventure films were shot on the streets carved into the rock of Eski-Kermen. We can also remove a couple of shots with your participation.

Day 6.Sevastopol.

спускаемся с гор к людямбазилика в Херсонесезолотой пляжкрепость Чембало у Балаклавы

After overnight in the Fifth gully we descend to the village Ternivka. From here we get on a bus to Sevastopol - the last point of our route. Those who wish to continue to rest at sea, to explore Sevastopol, see the ruins of Chersonese, or go to Balaklava, in order to admire castle of Cembalo and other sights (like Underground submarine factory).

Map of the hiking route "Cave Towns of Crimea"

Numerals indicate the location overnight stays. Green dots - interesting sights along the route. Click on the icons - there are many interesting

Price: 200 Euro (incl.  guiding fee, three meals a day)

Tours: all tours we suggest are standards and reckoning to the ordinary person, without special training. We can always change them and make taking into account all your wishes. The duration of the tours and their complication are not a dogma. Experienced guide-instructor is working with a group. Average time for everyday walking is 6 hours. In the route the members are living in tents. The feed is cooking on the fire. During all route the members carries things and public burden themselves, carry the water, take part in preparation of the fire-wood. During the time of the route the comforts (toilet, douche) are not stationary (nature level ). When you order the tour we try to take into account all your wishes about routes, feed and service.
Feed: full board (three times a day). Example menu is: soup, milk products, different jumbles, macaronis, tea,  in limited are season vegetables and bread.
The members: you can go as one, as with family (children) or friends.  Usual size of the group from 6 to 15 persons. Average age: 30 years.

Cost of the tour: Prices can be change in dependence from volume of service which you would like to take.

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