July in the Carpathians

I've been wanting to go hiking in the Carpathians. Not just for some mountains , namely Carpathians. No special rational reasons , I can not even remember where went a desire , but take out and put in my here the Carpathians . desire to gradually migrated from the category of " passive want" in " I want to active " , the term imminent meeting was appointed in July. Idea was supported by Sasha , with which we have visited many other places together ; select a specific campaign ( with a beautiful and clear title " highest peaks " Organizers Outdoor Ukraine) and planned trip , so that the hook has a lot of things fun along the way. But this some other time , now I'm going to mention the final point in our route on the actual hike on Montenegrin ridge . Friday morning , station in Ivano-Frankivsk. Most inane question that can be in this time to ask a man with a large backpack - "In the Carpathian Mountains ? " Of course, where else ! But only in different areas and with different instructors . We ended up a detachment of 10 people. Not much and not enough , it is a comfortable number. To hike designated complexity "above average " too much children and poorly trained people . But , admittedly, all eventually drawn into the rhythm and the hike was passed without any deviation from the route . There is no deviation contributed almost perfect weather - for the six days we were a couple of times caught rain and then parked . At the same time , though it was generally sunny but clouds defended the direct rays and heat. But there is this and minus - awesome starry sky that can be seen only in the mountains , we appeared in all kraselish once. As luck would have it , it was samayaholodnaya night, so lie down on zemlerassmatrivaya star , alas , did not work . Minutdesyat povostorgatsya , lifting his head and vpalatku , a warm sleeping bag. Brrr ... Returning to the question of complexity - poslevesennego shopping Caucasus me here idtibylo quite comfortable. Especially that yavzyalsya go make and therefore absolutely no hurry . A couple of times still left in the gap : the yarostnomspuske with Petros together with Sasha and vposledny day a couple of times gave sebyarazmyatsya ( just as excavated ryukzakepleer , " to go up , he was still fun " ) . Is that on the third day was napryazhennoidti : there coincided and some непонятноеперераспределение products and what mynesli bring firewood for the next stoyanki.No still it was hard not to takoystepeni to only think about chtobypravilno swap sticks and sbilosby breath. Descent from Petros , view from below . With wood, by the way, weird moment . Ie , it is clear that when spending the night near the lake the valley of , where there are no trees at all, but izrastitelnosti only bushes yes grass, make a bonfire really not anything else. But kogdamenya then ask why we do not moglivospolzovatsya burner and carrying firewood (even really good firewood nonesli something on his back ) - then I tushuyus ipytayus change the subject. Because not have menyatolkovogo explanation. Views - the views are wonderful . Moreover, as with the " six vertices" , and when crossing international . Expanse stretching into the distance mountain slopes , slowly passing clouds ... Just walked ioschuschal yourself that kind nedoGendalfom in pohodes fraternity ring in Middle-earth . " Nedo " - because as the growth I modestly , and shlyapymoey field already, and instead posohatrekingovaya stick grayer I'm still not all , dai beard another model. But anyway, elation when looking for storonampryamo demanded some blagorodnoytseli . However , it was and what knock takoynastoy so that dispensed with ubityhdrakonov and saving the kingdom . Before the hike I read that tourism in Karpatahne especially popular and requires aktivnogorazvitiya . I do not know - I do not know , except pervogodnya campaign (when we have not actually so also a lot passed) , we regularly at perehodahvstrechali fellow tourists. Osobennozanyatno see middle pohodaznakomye faces of people with kotorymirazgovarivali at the station when iskalisvoyu group. On the tops and parked ugornyh lakes - especially crowded. But it vsebolee less normal and not vyzyvaetrazdrazheniya , until you came to oGoverle .