Speleotour on Chatyr-Dag

Crimea, 6 days. 40 km. 1900 grivnas (7700 roubles), Complexity: the comprehensible

Speleotur on caves of Chatyr-Daga - surprising acquaintance to the fantastic underground world. By means of special equipment we will get into depths of an underground kingdom of this giant file. Kingdoms freakish and surprising kaltsitovyh formations, fantastic forms natechnyh the columns covered with crystals, surprising stalactites and geliktitov. Air temperature in caves of +9 degrees, and it means that we can comfortably walk in mysterious bowels unlike winter not always a friendly surface. The camp at us too will not be - we will take place in a mountain camp site where it is warm and cosy.

Simferopol - Chatyr-Dag - a camp site Onyx-round - radial exits in caves: Tysjachegolovaja, Cold, Gugerdzhin, Emine-Bair-Hosar, Marble, Uchundzhu-Hosar (Fur-tree), Army, Landslide, Vjalova - Perevalnoe - Simferopol

The program speleotura across Crimea:
Day 1. A plateau of Chatyr-Dag, a cave Cold (-43m, 210м) and Tysjachegolovaja (-22m, 150м)

From the Simferopol Ry station we are waited by moving on a surface of the bottom plateau of Chatyrdaga. Among karstic funnels, at edge jajly the camp site called at tourists and cave explorers "Point" here is located. In it we will take place for all days of round and we use it as remarkable vacation spot, cosy pastime, and being in a chimney hall, dialogue and an exchange of impressions …

On legke we will go to «a cave foundation ditch», concealing in ourselves known wild caves Cold and Tysjachegolovuju. They do not demand for visiting of special equipment, and therefore will be good for the first acquaintance to a vault. Having armed with lanterns, we will recover in an underground kingdom. It is a lot of legends and stories it is combined about these caves ….po ways we will examine not less legendary Bottomless well.
Day 2. A cave Gugerdzhin (-20m)

Today will be completely devoted acquaintance to speleological equipment and movement technics on ropes. After a breakfast we will dress from feet to a head special equipment. We are waited by liftings, descents, rope crossings and not only. And for fastening of the received skills we will suit training range at a remarkable vertical cave Gugerdzhin and, naturally, with descents in it. The 18-metre steep well will deduce us in small, but interesting and perspective new opening of halls!
Day of 3 Mines Army (-40m, 90м) and Uundzhu-Hosar (the Fur-tree,-25m, 115м)

On the Chatyrdagsky plateau then separate islets of wood there are scattered. And practically everywhere under crones of trees they hide the steep wells leaving deep into of a file. To solve secrets of depths we will go to one of such slices of the wood, called at cave explorers «Vjalovsky wood». For us two remarkable vertical caves here wait. One of them unusual - Army, another - Uchundzhu - Hosar or in another way more known as "Fur-tree". Having equipped "speleosbruej", we will go down on a bottom of thirty metre wells. Also we will get to a spacious hall with numerous natechnym furniture, and the main thing with the huge stalagmite, reminding the present New Year tree!

Day 4. The top plateau of Chatyrdaga, a cave Marble and Emine-Bair-Hosar

Today day unloading and walking before day the fifth - important. Besides wild and remote caves on the brink of a plateau there are well-known equipped cavities Marble and Emine-Bair-Hosar. Here all is arranged for excursion visiting, and the main thing from it they are not less interesting. They should be visited. And it is possible to go on the top plateau and to ascend to top of our tent (Chatyr-Daga) - the Eklizi-breaker, and on the way to pass through surprising gorge Tissovoe. Interested persons not interrupt speleological passages can to "be sated" wholly small, however with remembered underground labyrinths.
Day 5. Mine of O.S.Vjalova (-90m, 200м)

Again we are waited by «Vjalovsky wood». And on it time with its main object - deep mine of Vjalova. Rich kaltsitovymi natekami it is named in honour of the known hydrobroad gull studying karstic cavities of Chatyrdaga. We are waited by serious descent on ropes on depth almost 100 metres. At first, the steep well, and then a long and inclined course will result in a huge hall. Perhaps, here each of us will open the present fantastic country of the underground world. Columns, bodies, stone flowers, surprising crystals of minerals ….
Day 6. Returning in a civilisation

It is time to come back to «light life»! We leave this huge table file and our, become on these days the present house, a camp site. On one of classical tracks we will run away in Perevalnoe, or to a tourist's shelter Sosnovka. Whence it will be easy to leave by trolley bus to Simferopol or to go on tender Southern coast of Crimea.

The list of necessary equipment:
Protective overalls or any convenient clothes which are not demanding solicitous attitude;
Convenient also it is desirable waterproof boots or rubber boots + sherstjannye socks + the warmed insoles;
Gloves rag (garden) 3-4 steams;
Powerful nalobnyj a small lamp and at least 3 complete sets of batteries + a spare small lamp.
Backpack on 60-80 litres
Demi-season sleeping bag (on a blanket camp site in deficiency)
Replaceable footwear and clothes for life out of caves and radial exits.

Round cost: 1900 grivnas (7700 roubles)

Payment by cash (in grivnas) in the round beginning. The advance payment is not necessary. For a response about a campaign - a discount of 100 grivnas. Into round cost enters
Three meals a day on a route
Services of the instructor
Hire of special equipment (a helmet, safety system, carbines, ropes, trigger devices and pr
Residing on a camp site "Point"
Journey from Simferopol to a start place
Registration in a kontrolno-life-saving service
The medical insurance. Into cost does not enter
Backpack and sleeping bag hire - 100 grivnas
Visiting of the equipped (paid) caves
Paid services on a camp site - a hot shower, a sauna, a bar
Journey to Crimea and back
Journey to transport - about 20 grivnas
"Payments" to foresters