Two ropes

плато Караби ЯйлаCrimea, 6 days. 75 km. 1500 grivnas (5500 roubles), Complexity: the high
It is an extreme mountain campaign. Unlike other routes, here it is necessary will not only go, but also to work with ropes, to climb on rocks. Numerous descents djulferom, a rope crossing over a precipice, training on organizatsiii salvage operations are coming you. Thus from you it is not required any special skills or special preparation - you to all will teach. The group is accompanied by two skilled instructors. All necessary equipment (ropes, helmets, carbines, obvjazki, the trigger device) is in our hire.

Simferopol - Perevalnoe - a cave of Eni-fat 2 - Dolgorukovsky jajla - the Beechen cordon - Height 1025 - a ridge of Tash-Habash - Tyrke jajla - a plateau of Demerdzhi - Dzhurla - a canyon of Alaka - Stone Mushrooms - cape Sotera - Alushta The campaign plan: 1 day. Simferopol, a cave of Eni-fat 2, Dolgorukovsky jajla, Acquaintance to equipment Group gathering in Simferopol, at zhd-station, about 10 mornings. Then we move in settlement Perevalnoe, whence nichinaem lifting on Dolgorukovsky jajlu (plateau). Our way passes through a beam Jankoj and a cave "Alyoshin water". In this cave it is valid a lot of water, poetomy we there will not get, and we will examine cave of Eni-fat 2 more suitable to our purposes where during prehistoric times there was a sanctuary of local cattle breeding tribes. Having shaken off a history dust, we will continue a way on boundless Dolgorukovsky jajle towards the Beechen cordon where on the lodging for the night and the first acquaintance to ropes and other equipment waits. 2 day. A valley of Burulchi, Guerrilla height, a ridge of Tash-Habash, salvage operations We go down with Dolgorukovki in a river Burulcha valley. These are guerrilla woods, a place naprjazhennejshih fights, here under each bush on a shell, on each hillock on a monument. To one of such monuments, a guerrilla gun on legendary "to Height 1025", we will necessarily glance. To a lodging for the night place, a source Suluh-both, we will come early enough and it is not casual. We will devote the rest of day to training on salvage operations in mountains (descent of the victim from a rock). In a role of unapproachable top one of breakages of a ridge of Tash-Habash will act, and roles of rescuers and the victim by turns are tried on by each of participants of a campaign. 3 day. Tyrke jajla, a plateau Northern Demerdzhi, a rope crossing After small lifting we will appear on a plateau of Tyrke. The main ornament of these places - rocky breakages of gorge Haphal which to us should be bypassed. To go was more cheerful, on one of sites we will organise a rope crossing through a precipice. Certainly, this place could and be bypassed, but then you will not have a possibility to taste adrenaline from sliding on a rope (on two ropes!) stretched over a chasm. It is absolutely safe, but is devilishly disturbing. Having finished an extreme, we will go down to tourist's parking of Dzhurla for a relaxation and a nourishing supper. 4 day. Southern Demerdzhi, training on djulfernomu to descent, a marching bath In first half of day we descend in radialku (i.e. without backpacks) on top of Southern Demerdzhi, we will look at the Valley of ghosts. And after a dinner we will begin training on djulfernomu to descent. This skill is required to us tomorrow at descent on a canyon. While we will skip upwards-downwards on rocks, will be heated marching banka - the greatest invention of mankind. So in the evening poparimsja, we will relax before an unlucky day. 5 day. Descent on a canyon of Alaki Descent on a canyon will occupy all the day, and we will pass a considerable part of a way "on ropes". A canyon as the huge stone ladder, goes down aside exhausting with huge steps (some of them reach 70 metres in height). We will move along water, to overcome one cascade behind another, in parallel admiring numerous falls on the river Alaka. In the bottom current this river changes the name and there is Soteroj. And we will replace a way of moving and at last we will pass a little across. A lodging for the night at the river. 6 day. Stone mushrooms, cape Sotera, Alushta Further all is simple. We go downwards, we look Stone mushrooms and falls the Geyser, we cross a line, we go down to the sea around cape Sotera. We bathe, exchange addresses and phones, we leave in Alushtu. All! If you want to leave Crimea this very day it is necessary to take return tickets from Simferopol on trains leaving not earlier 18:00.