Greetings from Antalia

All greetings from solar Antalia. The first has ended in this year (and the third for our history) a campaign across Turkey - "the Likijsky track". Now I wait for an arrival of the following group and there is a possibility a little to write (translit however).

The campaign has passed remarkably - the way most part was not too hot and we could pass the planned route successfully. Including to test a new picturesque site from Hisarchandyra through Sarychinar to Gojnjuka. 

And in the end of travel, having gone down at coast, we slowly crept from one bay in another, bathed (Mediterranean sea has already heated up) much and sunbathed.
For May holidays to Turkey the huge set of our compatriots was flied. On a route we have met 6-7 Russian-speaking groups and that is pleasant, all of them knew about Outdoor Ukraine and read our route (and mine воспоминанния about a meeting with a scorpion). A next week we with small group go to reconnoiter a new route across the Western Lycia - area Fethie and Oljudeniz. And then we go to Cappadocia. Already in the end of May wait for occurrence of these routes on a site