From Sinevir to Borzhava

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This route is rich in sights. First we will have to walk along the stone peaks of Gorgan, then through the Polish-Czechoslovak border forgotten in the forests, we will admire the Sinevir lake, we will walk along the alpine meadows of the Borzhava valley and see one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Transcarpathia - the Shipot waterfall.

1 day. Ivano-Frankovsk, polonina Plistse.

The group meets at railway station of Ivano-Frankovsk and goes to village Osmoloda. Our route here begins. We will pass on a fir forest to a picturesque valley of the river Kotelets. And then we will start to rise to polonine Plistse. Here there is a tourist shelter where we and will stay the night.

2 day. A ridge of Parenki, mountain Popadja, old border

Since morning we will start to ascend on a ridge of Parenki (1736). The kingdom of the Alpine pine or zherepa Here begins. Throughout day we will behold beauty of power of neighbouring mountains. Then we will ascend to mountain Popadja (1740). Stone columns of polsko-Czechoslovak border which passed here in the twenties the last century Here begin. Further our way will go along old border. On spending the night we will rise in wood on a grief Top of the Black river.

3 day. Lake Sinevir.

Today we will go all the day on elovo-beechen wood, and to enjoy karpatskoj the nature. Gradually we will go down to lake Sinevir. This lake is considered very popular place, and it still name the Sea eye. In neighbouring woods it is a lot of game, and in lake - it is a lot of trout. We will stay the night nearby at lake.

4 day. A ridge of Borzhava.

Early in the morning we will rise to go by the bus in Mezhgore. zdess the second part of our route - on polonine begins Borzhava who is considered the longest poloninoj in Zakarpate. We will start to rise gradually on a spur of Borzhavy - to the Half-Oninsky ridge, we do not leave yet to the very top. It is necessary to us a simple way on the ridge. Borzhava highly towers over neighbouring mountains - from here it is visible almost half of Zakarpatja. On spending the night we will rise near to mountain Gymba (1491).

5 day. Falls of Shipot.

Today we will make a radial exit on mountain Stand (1677) which is considered the highest point of the Borzhavsky ridge. And then we will start to go down to falls of Shipot which is considered one of the most beautiful falls of Carpathians. Here near to falls we will rise on spending the night.

6 day. Descent in Pilipets, Volovets, a train. 

We go down in village Pilipets. Here it is possible to leave in Volovets, and in Mezhgore. The fastest variant - to leave in Volovets, there there is a railway station, whence there are trains to Kiev and to Moscow. The instructor goes in Mezhgore, and then to Ivano-Frankovsk.