Trekking to Lake Sinevir, Carpathians

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Lake Synevyr is covered by legends, a protected lake. It hid in dense coniferous forests on the other side (for us and with you) of the Carpathians. The path to it lies through one of the most beautiful corners of the Gorgany mountain range - Grof summit. Only after passing through it and several other Carpathian peaks we can get to Sinevir (of course, it was possible to go by transport, but this is not our method).

Ivano-Frankivsk — s.Osmoloda — Mount Koretvina (1671m) — Mount Popadja (1748m) — Mount Grof (1740m) — Mountain of Youth (1724m) — Valley of the River Tereblya — Lake Synevyr — Mezhgore — Ivano-Frankivsk (or Mukachevo).

The route of march:
1 day. Ivano-Frankivsk, Osmoloda, Mount Koretvina.
(Mosimage ch = 110 cw = 140) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 90) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 140) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 265)

The group meets at the station in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk and sent to the village Osmoloda. Our route will run along the river Petros, and we go up the mountain Koretvina (1671 m), covered with scree.
Distance: 14 km. Climb: 1000 meters
Day 2. Mount His wife, Polonyna Plistse.
(Mosimage ch = 110 cw = 75) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 130) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 90) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 140) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 180)

Today, we continue to move in one of the most beautiful places in the Carpathians - Reserve Grof. Our journey will pass through the thickets of alpine pine (zherepa) on scree, or as they are called here Gorgany. We go up to the mountain His wife (1748 m), which hosted the Polish-Slovak border and in the memory of this is a monument with the coats of arms. We spend the night in a shelter on the mountain polonine Plistse Grof (1748 m).
Distance: 12 km. The climb: 400 m
Day 3. Mount Grof, mountain horse Grofetsky, Mount Young.
(Mosimage ch = 110 cw = 170) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 150) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 140) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 165)

From early morning start to climb the mountain Grof (1740 m) - one of the most beautiful peaks in the Carpathians. Then we begin the path through the picturesque mountains, overgrown smerekovymi forests. After the mountain horse Grofetsky we descend into the valley of the river round, and then begin to climb the mountain Moloda (1724 m). Lie on polonine Solotvinka.
Distance: 13 km. The climb: 700 m
Day 4. Polonyna Gicha, Valley Tereblya.
(Mosimage ch = 110 cw = 170) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 140) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 80) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 80) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 140)

Today we will walk along the ridges to the meadow Gicha, from start to descend into the valley of the river Tereblya. Soon we will go to the village of Sloboda and spend the night in the valley Tereblya.
Distance: 12 km.
Day 5. Lake Synevir.
(Mosimage ch = 110 cw = 140) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 90) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 155) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 145) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 80)

Today we will visit the lake Sinevir, celebrated in songs and legends, get to know hutsul life and customs.
Distance: 5km.
Day 6. Mizhhiria, Ivano-Frankivsk
(Mosimage ch = 110 cw = 80) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 80) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 210) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 150) (mosimage ch = 110 cw = 80)

On the morning of leaving in Mizhhiria, and then in Ivano-Frankivsk. If possible, take the tickets to the most recent train.

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