"Polonina Borzhava" hike in the Carpathians for the weekend

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Polonina Borzhava is one of the largest ridges in the Carpathians (it is quite long, but not too high). In the name of the ridge, the word "polonin " (pasture) - the mountains here are covered with grass, not cold cobblestones. A hike in peace-loving Borstva is easier than conquering Hoverla, besides there are much fewer people, which is especially important for hikes for holidays and weekends.

Lviv - Volovets - waterfall Shipot - mountain Veliky Top - mountain Stoy - mountain range Polonina Borzhava - Volovets - Lviv.

Campaign route:
1st day Shipot, Great Top

Departure from Lvov to Volovtsa (at 7:01 an electric train Lvov-Mukachevo. Though there is a variant to leave by train Lvov - Uzhgorod at 14:52, but it only at 18:10 in Volovtse)

Transfer of Volovets - Shipot (busom).

Falls of Shipot "one of the most beautiful in Zakarpate". The falls of Shipot are on a rivulet of Pilipets in 6 km from with. Pilipets Intermountain to r thow on Zakarpate. Water in falls falls numerous picturesque cascades. The general height of 14 m.

Transition to mountain Great Top. Mountain "Great Top" - 1598 metres - top in the Western Carpathians, a ridge of Polonina Borzhava. At mountain top it is established a metal design in the form of a pyramid.
From top open fine Karpatsky prostry our country.

Spending the night on polonine.
2nd day Stand, hr. Polonina Borzhava

In the morning lifting on mountain Stand. Mountain height Stand - 1681 metres. Mountain Stand it is located in the north of the Zakarpatye area, on the Southwest part of the Half-Oninsky Ridge. The top represents radial, almost horizontal platform in diameter to 100 metres. At top it is established ferro-concrete five-metre memorable stela. Here there are rests of the stationary radar installation operating at the time of «cold war».

Advancement on a ridge of Polonina Borzhava. The route on a ridge of Polonina Borzhava passes basically on bezlesnym poloninam, covered with a grass belousom, bilberry and cowberry bushes. The ridge and its slopes cross set of tracks and mountain roads. In the direction of travel there are steep slopes and descents. From tops of a mountain ridge the settlements of Intermountain and Volovetsky areas lying in the Northeast direction are perfectly looked through. In the Southwest party there are earths of Irshavsky and Svaljavsky areas. On either side of a ridge, as though a fan, the streamlets forming in the southwest party the river Borzhavu, and in northwest the rebellious river Riku disperse various size. Both rivers winding in mezhdugore and lower reaches the waters on the South in the Yew river direct.

Spending the night on polonine Borzhava.
3rd day. Returning to Lvov.

Descent in Volovets. Returning to Lvov approximately at 22:10 an electric train Lvov - Mukachevo.

Probably to take a train Uzhgorod - Kiev, arrives to Lvov at 21:30.