Breath of Grofa

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The breath of Grof, the most beautiful peak of the Gorgany mountain range, is heard for many kilometers. In the winter the ice melts and rumbles with the roar of avalanches, and in summer it gently murmurs by streams and smells with pine needles. Inhale this air, set foot on the stony stony placers of Gorgan and feel at the edge of the world - this is the minimum program for a health-improving trip to Mount Grof.

Ivano-Frankivsk - Osmoloda village – Polonia Plisza – Mount Grof (1748 m) - Polonina Plisce – Range Parenki (1736 m) – Mount Malaya Popadja (1598 m) – Mount Popadia (1740 m) – Saddle of Popadi - Saddle of Popady – Mount Koretvina (1671 m) - the village of Osmoloda – Ivano-Frankivsk
Why I named this campaign treatment-and-prophylactic? Probably it was not kept from a pun. There is such technique in psychiatry, is called holotropnoe breath or Grof's breath (on a surname of its inventor and popular writer Stanislav Grof). It consists in certain physical exercises in a combination to limiting acceleration of a rhythm of breath for glut of blood by oxygen, and deduces in the changed condition of consciousness.  
It reminds nothing to you? Just such transformations occur to the tourist in the first day of a campaign. It creeps uphill, breathing as a steam locomotive (the sedentary life does not pass for nothing), oxygen level (the cleanest mountain oxygen) in blood reads off scale, so the head is turned. Though perhaps, at all breath that freedom and that exciting taste of life which so sharply you feel here, in mountains turns to it a head, and.

The campaign plan
1 day. Ivano-Frankovsk - with. Osmoloda - polonina Plistse - Grof's mountain (1748)

 The group meets in the morning at station in Ivano-Frankovsk. After that we on a minibus go to village Osmoloda where the foot part of a route begins. We go on a river Kotelets valley, on the way enjoying beauty fir and smerekovyh woods of Carpathians. In the winter avalanches quite often roll down from top of mountain of Grof. We should pass through consequences of a descent of one of them - throughout three hundred metres the tumbled down trunks of trees are stretched. Do not worry, in the summer of avalanches in Carpathians is not present.

On the right party from us mountains - Great and Small Kanusjak who is majestic stand near to the most beautiful top of Carpathians - Grof's (1748) mountain where we hold the way tower. We leave the things on a tourist shelter on polonine Plistse and we make an ascension on top Grofs which has received the name because of majestic count beauty. Spending the night on polonine Plistse.


Distance in a way: 9 km


The second day

Polonina Plistse - a ridge of Parenki (1736) - mountain Small Popadja (1598) - mountain Popadja (1740) - a saddle of Popadi

Since morning our way will pass on beautiful woods and glades of Gorgan. Then we will enter a zone pine stlanika (zherepa) which covers top of a ridge of Parenki. The way abounds with difficulties in the form of a heap of stones. From top of a ridge we will see hills of Sivuli and Igrovtsa, and also the following our point of a route - mountain Popadja. popadja it is considered one of the most picturesque mountains in Carpathians. At its top there is a sight - a column of polsko-Slovak border with the arms. Here in 1928 there passed the old border, which columns we can see on many karpatskih ridges. From top of Popadi (1740) all hills of Gorgany and the Zakarpatye ridges are visible. Spending the night at the foot of a hill Popadja.


Distance in a way: 9 km


The third day

Saddle of Popadi - mountain Koretvina (1671) - seloosmoloda - Ivano-Frankovsk

Since morning we continue a way on high mountains among thickets pine stlanika. Our way will pass on top of mountain Koretvina (1671) and on a mountain Petros slope Gorgansky. Then we are expected by long descent in a river Petros valley where we will quickly reach on convenient road to Osmolodu. The group comes back to Ivano-Frankovsk.


Distance in a way: 12 km