Ice and Stones

осень отступает
6 days. 65 km. 220 Euro. Complexity: high.
" An ice and Stones " - the winter version of the most popular tourist route in Crimea - Water and Stones. On the Crimean plateaus since December on the middle of March the present(true) winter reigns. Landscapes familiar to each tourist get especial smack. It is not so warm (and as many think "neseryoznyj") Crimea, and the present(true), "high" mountains with snow caps at tops and serious character in a head.
Simferopol - bottom plateau chatyr-dag - cave emine-bair-hosar (or Marble) - Eklizi-Burun - Angarsk pass - glade MAN - Crown Demerdzhi - Dzhurla - a plateau Northern Demerdzhi - plateau Tyrke - plateau Karabi - Rybachie

The plan of a hike(trekking tour):

1 day. Simferopol, bottom plateau chatyr-сбъб, cave emine-нбїУ-Х«ЯбУ

заснеженный лес в Крыму Крымское северное солнце оборудованная пещера в Крыму оборудованная пещера в Крыму пересекая плато
After a meeting of group at the Simferopol station, we shall move to settlement Perevalnoe and we shall begin rise (on foot) on bottom plateau chatyr-сбъб. Firstly the wood will look(appear) around absolutely as in autumn: magic red leaves and black trunks in a mystical fog. But with each meter of rise the winter will prevail. Having climbed up on zasnezhennoe a plateau we a little (one and a half hour) shall get warm in equipped cave emine-нбїУ-Х«ЯбУ (there +5) and we shall go on a lodging for the night to the Hunting grotto. In case of a terrible bad weather it is possible to facilitate a little to itself a life and to spend the night in heat on the basis of cave explorers.

2 day. A Э¬Ѕїєї-breaker, top plateau chatyr-сбъб, the Beechen glade

Чатыр-даг зимой - вершина во мгле обледеневшая ветрозащитная стенка Чатыр-Даг - остров в облаках буковый лес зимой снежная корона Северной Демерджи
In the morning some hours will leave on crossing covered karstic voronkami and a light forest the bottom plateau and to appear at bottom of mountain the Э¬Ѕїєї-breaker. Small effort (minutes on 40) and we at top (1527 meters). Far below Alushta and quite as in summer looking(appearing) sea. We too should go down somewhat quicker - in the winter early darkens, and if the blizzard personally for us night will come(step) and at midday will begin. Having only covered in a dense wood, on tourist parking " the Beechen glade " we shall a little relax. By the way, around the wood, and it means, that there will be a Big Fire to dry legs(foots).

3 day. Angarsk pass, glade MAN, Crown Demerdzhi, Dzhurla

У обрывов на Короне Демерджи каменный хаос скалы Южной Демерджи Плато Демерджи зимой Right at the beginning of day, having dispersed on descent(release), we shall slip Angarsk pass where arrange mountain-skiing lines in the winter, and again we shall begin rise. By Curly Mari and Bald Ivan (mountain such) to a remarkable specific platform above glade MAN. Here at last it becomes clear, that CHatyrdag has remained far behind and we already on other hills. Majestic Demerdzhi hangs directly above us promising not dull continuation of a hike(trekking tour). On the Track of the Gray hair to magnificent breakages of the Crown and further - on main turstojanku mountain Crimea - Dzhurlu. In the winter here it is silent and it is lonely, but, as well as in the summer, behind fire wood it is necessary to run about properly.

4 day. A valley of ghosts, Northern Demerdzhi, gorge Haphal, plateau Tyrke.

обрывы у плато Тырке ущелье хапхал - зимний поход неоновые деревья Обледеневший череп лошади
Before to leave(abandon) Dzhurlu we shall make polutorochasovoj a radial output(exit) (without backpacks) on top Southern Demerdzhi - to admire the Valley of ghosts from height. A following stage - a march a throw through zasnezhennye open spaces Northern Demerdzhi. Road there simple and already through pair hours we shall be in verhovjah gorges Haphal. This time to go down we not begin, we shall simply admire dizzy breakages and sharp tusks of rocks. Having rounded gorge and having appeared on the next plateau (Tyrke), we shall quickly cross it(him) and we shall go down for a lodging for the night in a beechen wood to a source ЯТЅТХ-both.

5 day. Mountain Takja-Tepe, plateau Karabi, source Nefan-Uzen.

Заснеженные лошади пасутся на Караби Обрывы Караби в снегу Чигенитра зимой белым-бело
Today in the program research of top plateau Karabi. We shall begin with mountain the Penalty-ФбТ. Therefrom open spaces bottom Karabi - infinite karstic voronki, rare trees, a lonely meteorological station are well visible. And to look aside the seas it will be necessary to make the way over a wood separating us from takja-ФС»С. We shall go down through pass Likon that on approaches to source nefan-узень to admire unapproachable wall Karabi from the most advantageous foreshortening. Zasnezhennye rocks in beams of the coming sun are really impressive and it is difficult to believe, that all hour back we were there above.

6 day. Valley Anduz, settlement Fishing, Black sea.

зимнее море Черноморский прибой зимой
The program of last day is simple and plain - we bring down downwards, to the sea. Through terrasirovannye hills of foothills, through the become empty vineyards, to coast. There, in Fishing, we are waited marshrutka, by grocery shop and salty drops of the winter sea.
Up to Simferopol only two hours of driving. By 18:00 we again at railway station.

Cost of participation: 220 Euro

Cost of participation in a trekking tour: 220 Euro from the person.
Including: three meals a day on a route, services of the instructor-conductor, the medical insurance, registration in saving service.
Not including: transfers, visiting of a cave, a lodging for the night in a shelter, hire of equipment.
Payment by cash in the end of trekking tour.

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