Notes of crazy tourist.

To me 65, the officer. The set of sores corresponds to age and a trade. Before a hike wished to consult to the cardiologist, yes has changed the mind. If has broken a tower, no doctor will help(assist)! Has entered the name on a route " Above falls " since July, 26th, 2009 With me grandsons - 19 and 17 years. The group has gathered from 24 person (Ukraine, Moscow, Belarus, Moldova, the USA). I shall not describe a route, to list(transfer) mountains and poloniny - to all this is on a site. I shall tell the main thing - never of myself has reminded heart, not zanyla a back. Air, mountain and curative!!!

The coeval! You Remember our song: … on white light of the guy is not present is better, than Komsomol of 60th years? If you have not grown old soul if you have adherents among grandsons or children if it is not unprofitable for You to find the order 2000 grn on all about everything, go to Carpathians, check up yourself. Prove to itself, that you still something cost(stand)!

And if was solved, not pobrezgaj some advice(councils) from pribretennogo experience (but do not accept them for unshakable trues):


Yours faithfully and the best regards the veteran of Pacific Fleet Vizhunov Vladimir Vladimirovich, White Church