Fantastic places

Written by Татьяна Желтухина из Балашихи Карпаты About a hike " the Highest tops " on June, 7-12th 2009.
 Carpathians - surprisingly fantastic places where virgin woods are combined with murmur of the mountain rivers. Here it is possible to see as on an edge June snezhnika violet crocuses were dismissed. Meet Carpathians you a smell of different grasses and perezvonom handbells of grazed sheeps. Further - above, you rise to transparent blueness of the mountain sky, with each step you feel all of warmly solar beams and impulses of a wind which are ready to knock any minute you down more strongly. дорога в горы походный обед

And having got on top before you the panorama of all Karpatskih hills which bewitches in the scales opens. And still the white fluffy clouds reflected in blue of mountain lakes will long face to eyes! Time having seen Carpathians, having arrived home, you start to plan for itself new routes in these surprisingly unique places, and you are pending new bright impressions which the Carpathians can present you, new friends and interesting dialogue!
в походе на полонине у реки

Tatyana Zheltuhina, Balashikha 2009.