2/3 Big Crimean hikes eyes Voronezh turistki

Written by Preparation or as all began

In the big hike I would like for a long time - a three-year maternity leave, which actually a fig not holiday:)) - had an effect. There was a wild desire to leave somewhere far away, but - taki the favourite child to leave(abandon) for a long time dangerously - not on longer. 10-day's business trip in mountains quite arranged me.

Colleagues - Olja and Marrying, - already three times visited in krymsko- travel and repeatedly told about prelestjah such tripov, eventually have dug(run) into a joint ascention with me. Unlike them, the ticket for a train at me yet was not, and to time before start remains a little - 7 days, it in view of that time X was necessary just for May holidays with corresponding(meeting) quantity(amount) of interested persons poperemeshchatsja between hospitable Russia and nice(famous) Ukraine.

As a result of a strike on the nearest cash departments last (!) ticket for the necessary train has been grasped. On what to me to me Olikom has been told: " the Big Bear looks at you " - i.e. success with me.

If it is fair, the name of a route - rather, by the way original: Romantik Kollekshn - its(his) maintenance(contents) me did not interest in any way. Therefore as in Crimea I was never, and it(he) was represented me as the big -warm mountain place.

Therefore Cyril's letter three days prior to start with the prevention(warning) of rains on first half of hike and zero night temperature has somehow guarded, but seriously voprinjato was not. In Voronezh for that moment was +28, and memoirs on frosty spring have already sunk into oblivion. But to almost collected backpack one more sports trousers, an easy(a light) jacket, a cap and additional 2 pairs warm socks have been fairly added. Yes, to a usual raincoat - "humpbacked", undertaking to contain under itself the hero-tourist together with its(his) integral part, i.e. a backpack.
Day 0
Let's start to Ukraine

By virtue of my unexpected connection to go to me it was necessary to one - Olja and Marrying reached Simferopol other route. I needed to reach to Kursk and therefrom - train up to a place of the general(common) gathering.

About that all will be cheerful, I have understood already passing the longest Kursk bridge through ways. The strong wind and a heavy backpack behind shoulders in regular intervals shook me from the left handrail to right, to sincere pleasure of counter people.

In the car in the nearest reserved seat compartments only 4 tourists have been found out, and anybody from them, alas, did not go across Crimea with our group. Therefore evening and night have passed(have taken place) in reflections - instead of conversations - how it all will be.
Day 1
Blagoslovlenie heavens

In Simferopol on a platform at a left-luggage office I have been immediately calculated by Cyril and Svetlana Jasko. Vigorously having greeted, to me have handed over listik with numerous « I undertake … ». While I acquired, that eating of unfamiliar berries and backlog from group is punished by administrative punishment, people has started to be tightened.

Send(Have approached;Have suited) eight for the present people unfamiliar to me, have soon come running Olja and Marrying, and behind them and Vladimir - our conductor.
At station of Simferopol, 65 Bystrenko have spread out on backpacks products and have rushed off on an electric train.

Such as we, in the car was percent(interests) 80 about what spoke densely laid backpacks on the top shelfs.
The electric train, 58 " to Girls beer, to boys chocolate " - confused us local ("elektrichnaja" … or electric?) a saleswoman, fotalsja people, congratulating each other with the dry beginning of a hike … An is not present. Heavens have decided to spend us under the form - the beginnings nakrapyvat a rain.

Having left at is not clear-anonymous station, we have begun to wait actively the bus. Beside accidentally appeared taxi driver convinced us, that on May, 1st buses go bitkom and into this village do not come at all. And if suddenly also will come what we there precisely shall not be located.

Alternatively it(he) suggested to set us (13 person) in the legkovushku, and only presence of backpacks has forced it(him) to refuse such fantastic idea …
We wait the bus, 78 As a result we have plunged on two taxi drivers and have gone in Falcon, on road having got acquainted with a part of group in structure of Belief, Tani and Christinas.

Up to a place of start it was necessary to pass through a certain post where, probably, watched(kept up) conformity of landing places and quantity(amount) of passengers in avto, therefore the most part of our group has gone on foot, smaller has gone by one machine(car) with all backpacks.
We go to Falcon, 72 We have changed clothes in raincoats and potopali a wood nalegke on already thoroughly razmokajushchej to a path.

Went about an hour and have come to any civil place: our already arrived backpacks stood under an awning of cafe, decently dressed people in raincoats around walked about, souvenirs and other attributes of a tourist place were on sale. As rest it was offered to us to descend(go) on a falls Silver Jets.

On road from us have taken on 15 griven in exchange for a show of melancholically flowing down streamlets with neosobo a high mossy boulder.
Falls Silver Jets, 101 But to us there was already all prikolno, we with Olej have climbed in a cave under strujkami, have waved with all handles and have gone back to backpacks.

To go on the road paved Yellow Kirpi … fie - a tree, it has appeared it is very unsafe, since this historical covering had property to become terribly skolzskim during a rain, than I immediately and have taken advantage;). But as wet everything was already absolute especially to be upset it was not necessary.

Having returned, we have plunged under backpacks with raincoats and have officially begun a hike. And it(he) has begun with an ascention on the tracks washed away already thoroughly with stones and without.
Rise to the Grand Canyon, 107 I have slowly started to understand pair hours of rise, where I have got and that last two packs of groats in my backpack were obviously superfluous …

This before dinner happiness karabkaniem on a stone loose where I safely and have got stuck has ended. I.e. all people already had a rest, and I struggled with the stones, an outweighing backpack and tourist palkami - with variable success. On horizon there was one of with- - the Gene - and has in the form of an order enjoined to remove(take off) a backpack. « Aha, » - I have thought, - « it at them tradition such, the last for ears to pull out … Well was not present », and, having removed the Gene aside, have spread practically on four finitenesses to people being happy rest. Having removed(having taken off) a backpack, I have literally understood people who approve(confirm), that the person is able to fly. The word of honour, only heavy boots from water kept me at the ground!

As rest it was again offered to us to walk - up to the Bath of the Youth. Olja, Marrying and I anywhere do not send, therefore have borrowed(occupied) in sandwiches, and Vladimir-conductor - a fire and tea. The rain by then became less, but already was all the same. Cheese, bread and a cup of hot coffee with sgushchenkoj (Olja heroically carried polutoralitrovuju baklazhku sweet weight from Voronezh, for what to it(her) huge respekt) did(made) the correct business, a life promptly improved … partially expiated people Soon has returned and has joined our meal.
The Grand Canyon, 106 Having had a rest, have again gone to a way. A final stop in the first day became the Grand Canyon.

That evening under vigorously drizzling rain we dried clothes, costing(standing) at a fire and singing pop and not so songs under accompaniment of the present(true) tape recorder, koy it has appeared in granaries … sorry, in a backpack inexhaustible as it was found out later, on such surprises Genes. Still desperate attempt nashamanit for the next day the sun has been undertaken. We looked at the sky, planted clouds with hands and tried to sing mantras. And for a supper of a fur-tree remarkable grechku with tushenkoj which washed down with tea.

Main my mistake(error) consisted that the unique thing not packed into cellophane in my backpack has appeared a sleeping bag. And I gloomy prepared for the first "wet" night. However other people has been adjusted(has been set up) much more optimistically and late sang songs, and also conducted fascinating conversations in tents.

According to Vladimir, this day we have in total passed(have in total taken place) about 20 km.
Day 2
Our visitors and Elfijsky a wood

The second day has met us an ice on tents, a strong fog, the sun atop of it(him) and trills of birds. We hastily hanged out awnings and raincoats, trying to be in time to dry their first beams.
Breakfast at the Grand Canyon, 116 In one kettle the porridge gurgled, in other tea was heated, and after zatraka we have gone(send) to get acquainted with the Grand Canyon which could not see yesterday because of a rain and a dense fog.
Photosession at the Grand Canyon, 108 the Grand Canyon has appeared huge, porosshaja a wood a crevice narrowed below till width of scope kryl.. That is hands - greater(big) most, actually, in Crimea.

Water took in a number(line) to the located small river along which there was a remarkable heap of most different people with tents. Actually therefore to type(collect) really potable water, it was necessary to get above. On one of parking the tourist bath, for example, burnt. At least so its(her) authors approved(confirmed) - for me the principle of its(her) action has remained a riddle.

Having gathered(Been going), have moved further. Doobedennyj the march passed(took place) on a wood between mountains, has ended at bottom of mountain of the Ai-Petri, at settlement Entre Rios, and was accompanied by transition through an ice mountain rivulet.
Transition through small river, 125 the Majority were undressed, using an opportunity to wash boots. Someone rubbed them directly on legs(foots), not removing.

By the plan during the lunchtime to us Sergey and Alexander (conductors), and also Konstantin and Katazhina, people as it was found out subsequently, ascentions absolutely remarkable and having extremely wide experience on various mountains and hills in systems of type of Pamir, Urals Mountains and other should join.

We have found nice poljanku near to a stream, have borrowed(occupied) in expectation of visitors and, actually, perekusom.
We are dried, 92 Then the socks washed at small river have taken the lawful place above a fire on prutikah - mass drying of clothes and footwear began.

At this time by us passed(took place) three suspicious persons, in hands of one of them there was a camera, with a kind quite to itself professional. Probably, we represented well very picturesque picture from a series « the run wild tourists in mountains » therefore as at us the permission has been asked to embody our parking for creation of a certain video disk-guide across Crimea. Having become proud, we some minutes posed for history. Soon send(have approached;have suited) our visitors who too have been fed, and all together we have gone further.

By the evening we have approached(suited) to absolutely remarkable beechen wood.
Elfijsky a wood, 111 I in a life did not see such - thought, happen only in fairy tales. It was shaking(amazing;tremendous) present(true) Elfijsky a wood, with snow poljankami among last year's foliage, snowdrops and - the finest - with improbably magic fog. Here then I for the first time have regretted that a hike - the phenomenon regulated and not assuming lasting many hours ljubovanija district and brozhdenija in such captivated places.

Four tents and the center have settled down in lowland, being protected from a wind, other children(guys) have chosen a night disposition above, in stone - probably, protivovetrovyh - strengthenings.

That evening we again sang at a fire, but now our vigils have been added by songs and romances execution(performance) of a duet of Gennady and Konstantin. And again nakrapyval a rain, but to us on it(him) it was frank nachhat.

To polunochi the fire still had the most proof, and in musical archives on mp3- have been found tremendous Jury Naumov's to record and rhythmical Jara Krishny. Under this accompaniment our friends-brother-soldiers imprudently put in tents also tried to fall asleep to bed before us.

That day we have passed(have taken place) 16 km.
Day 3
Test by a rain and wind,
Or who in Crimea the owner

The last night again did not please with heat - in fact every day we rose, losing on 150 meters of rise on degree concerning temperature at coast. T.o. We have woken up again in a damp dense fog. A conductor Vladimir, I so believe, in the last life was the shaman - differently how to explain its(his) ability to create a fire, and with it(him) tea and a remarkable porridge, in the shortest terms and practically under any weather conditions and degrees "mokrosti" environments?

Having had a bite, we have gathered and have gone(send) again upwards.
Rise, 41 preduprezhdennye conductors, have pulled on road of a cap and warm jackets - « above strongly blows ».

And again the unforgettable show - is more exact "chuvstvishche" - the whistling wind, a flying fog (or clouds?),
JAjla, 50 absolutely Karelian as it has been noticed Olej, the fur-trees covered by drops of water, the picturesque pools alternating a snow and colors(flowers) … Mouse paths, reminding on the utoptannosti more likely the present(true) animal tracks.

On a way rather big spot(stain) of a snow which has immediately turned to a platform for photosession was revealed.
Photosession on a snow, 71 Approximately in an hour of walking after that places it was found out, that in a fog we have passed(missed) turn. Therefore it was offered to us to have a rest, and the conductor has gone on investigation.

ho- - to have a rest! The wind gradually grew cold and syrel, and unique rescue from it(him) was just walking with a backpack which though somehow covered a back. I.e. to stand it was awful nekomfortno though and to have a rest it would be desirable too. As a result lifted spirit collective execution(performance) of romances and eating various nishtjakov, lifted of backpacks on a surface for the sake of such case.

The result of investigation of Vladimir has appeared the decision to come back and search for turn. To go already was all the same where - if only to go - therefore all bodrenko were developed(unwrapped) and potopali back.
We search for turn, 43 Turn has been found successfully, however Crimea continued to check us on durability - the rain which has smoothly passed in a downpour has begun. And to stop it(he) did not gather at all and on pair with an ice wind has intended to show, who on this jajle the owner. People has started to strain slightly as 4 hours of walking practically without rest had an effect. Have got wet all and everything, and to arrange parking under a downpour it seemed unreal; up to a glade on which spending the night was assumed, remains about 3 hours of a vigorous course.

Actually (me so it seems) it there was one of turning-points of all hike. Vladimir, looking at our condition, has declared(announced) perekus one sandwiches near to small roshchitsej. There were self-denying persons who, kneading fallen asleep from water and a wind of a hand, have undertaken a construction of a dinner. And Konstantin and the Gene have surprised all - they have decided to create tea. And to warm water for it(him) gathered not by means of a gas torch (which at us was not), and on most that on is the present(true) fire under a torrential rain.

Absolutely wet collected fire wood generously poured down gasoline, and by means of sidushki in a tandem with Genoj the fire was furiously inflated. Gradually people has become interested in process, and soon in it(him) alternately participated almost all. Vigorously to brush away our mini-fire with a kettle it was necessary continuously, differently fire there and then died away(went out). Therefore the opportunity to be warmed was at all.

Gene and Kostja have surprised even Vladimir - it(he) did not expect, that water in such conditions will manage to be boiled earlier, than through pair hours. However we have kept within minutes in 40 then people blazhenno drank hot tea, eating tremendous sandwiches.

After such victory our mood began to improve impetuously. And Crimea has surrendered (or has pretent?) - it is literally in half an hour has looked out the sun, the rain has ended … We went sogretye, full and immensely happy with that have sustained and have not arranged a hysterics in occasion of practically desperate (as it seemed) a situation.

On horizon there were an overseas kind of a dome ah- observations.
The Ai-Petri, 68 the Sun, equal road without the rises, smoothly passing in a beechen wood … It was happiness! Spending the night was assumed in a wood, is more exact in territory of a forestry. For the certain fixed payment to us have given in the full order a glade, kostrishche with fire wood, a well with technical water and an opportunity to type(collect) water drinking in the nearest inhabited court yard.

Darkened, and Konstantin in whom already unaided sight found out talent for political negotiations, having taken with itself to the Gene, has gone to the Ukrainian hut to extract(obtain) to us an exotic supper.

As a result in an hour on a fire ten eggs cooked, and on mugs(circles) pair milk spread.
Supper of the Third Day, 68 even had the nerve to ask istopit to us banku, but... To heat an oven in the evening owners were not solved. But for a late supper especially proof (with what, actually, all also had appeared) soup from the cockerel and the cockerel in a boiled kind whose kostochki diligence economic Oli have got local psu has been offered.
Supper Number 2 Third Days, 69 again were songs from repertoir Geninogo of the tape recorder, the moon, perezvon it is not known whence the undertaken handbells, a fog and improbably white skull of any local animal on a tree … Volshebno and feerichno.

It was improbable on differences of mood, heights and weather day, can, therefore was slept that night (more precisely, the rest of night) is especially strong.
Day 4
Eagle Zalet and at-

Morning was marked strjahivaniem an ice with palatok and mass bathings by means of sogretoj in kettles of water; for a breakfast we again kneaded(ate greedily) a constant sweet porridge, slowly washing down with its(her) tea and coffee. Day expected us wonderful: from a yesterday's dank wind, low clouds and a downpour does not remain a trace - neither in the sky, nor in our memory. The sun, dark blue vys, flowers on glades and four-hour walk nalegke up to Eagle Zaleta and back - here such at us were plans for first half of day.

To tell, that was gone easily - to not tell anything. In slow rate we stamped on a viewing platform Eagle Zaleta, listening on road Vladimir's comments on associates us remarkable places on beauty. In Crimea the present(true) spring proceeded - all blossomed, pahlo and sang under the joyful mountain sun, and from both parties(sides) from road it was possible to observe weight karstic voronok.

The Tea Small house has been promised to us, and we went, expecting - when it(he) will appear? Through pair kilometers Vladimir, laughing at our question, has told, that it was a question of natural boundary the Tea Small house which was used to destination very much-very for a long time. Now the Tea Small house is a usual village from the several structures, gently named by tourists the Teapot which we have passed(have taken place) very quickly and have remembered in it(him) unless, fattened, it is improbable greater(big) a pig.
Eagle, 92 Eagle Zaleta the raised(increased) concentration of tourists, including their camps where the same as and at us, mass drying of sleeping bags was spent was observed.

We have reached a survey platform and were again amazed(struck) to inexhaustible Crimea on kinds.
Konstantin, 84 In the sky certain birds - probably, eagles significantly soared, supporting(maintaining) reputation of a popular place; shadows of clouds were born(carried) to woods reaching far below and seeming very small because of height to village Entre Rios where we were still yesterday …

Having admired open spaces, have gone to cave danilcha-¬«.
Cave Danilcha Koba, 100 Actually, is significant it(she) the lake and water in it(him) - like filtered of glaciers. And at an input(entrance) local tourists easy erased socks in that cleanest(purest) liquid flowing down from a cave …

Water really was tasty, a cave - unusually beautiful relief which forms reminded the melted ice-cream.
Inside of cave Danilcha Koba, 81 However people constantly moving there-here, every minute flashes of cameras and loud conversations, alas, have not allowed to communicate to the Cave more close. Time has come to come back.
Cave Danilcha Koba, 61 Then us Alexander - has left(abandoned) one of our visitors and a "reserve" conductor.

On a glade has been arranged lunch perekus and it was in parallel found out, that there is an opportunity to send our backpacks and still(even) pair the person with especially strongly erased legs(foots) before following night parking by the local machine(car).

By the way, very surprising for me there was that I too have earned « a callous on all foot », - and it for the fourth day when it seemed, that the footwear already should "get used" to legs(foots). That it was possible though somehow to move, not screwing up the face every minute from a pain, both legs(foots) it was necessary to tie up up to shchikolotok bandage with medical oils(butters).

So, in garage about the familiar Ukrainian hut which have supplied us yesterday with a supper, besides a tractor, small transport of type the UAZ where backpacks of all interested persons have safely been unloaded was found out.
Loading, 67 Four children(guys) have refused to go nalegke, giving reason it is that « not for that in a hike went that without backpacks to go ». We pokivali, agreeing with logical reasons, and even somewhere it is deep in a shower(soul) them dividing(sharing), but … nevertheless our backpacks have gone by the machine(car).

And again easy(light) two-hour transition - Vladimir obviously allowed us to have a rest from yesterday's adventures.
The grandfather with a mobile phone, 64 We have reached artificial lake (one year ago it(him) yet was not) at podnozhja mountains At-Bash (Konskaja the Head). Parking there was much - accordingly, and people too. Having risen hardly above, have found a nice glade, have put tents and have started to cook food - the blessing, the spring was a number(line).

For a supper that day there was long-awaited macaroni with tushenkoj for a great bulk of people, and with cheese - for vegetarians. During eating madly tasty food there was a falling one of plates together with contents on the ground. But! What tourist will leave precious meal in quantity(amount) of one portion to lay ownerlessly on a grass? Correctly, any. Therefore macaroni have been doomed, i.e. eaten by us immediately under our wild laughter.
Supper, 77 a nourishing supper there has come(stepped) time of adventures, and we have decided to get on at-. Promptly grew dark, therefore the ascention passed(took place) in practically full darkness and under strong impulses of a wind. As it is good, that backpacks at this time laid peacefully in tents and did not delay on shoulders! Because rise was enough abrupt, and even nalegke did not seem simple.

The top of mountain came to an end with almost steep breakage and a kind on the city laying on coast. And behind coast … correctly, the Sea usually begins! We at last have seen - though more correctly to tell, have felt, because visibility was almost zero - the Sea. To edge(territory) of breakage came nearer on all fours - the wind blew serious.
at-, 46 Having sat and having admired fires of a civilization, have started to go down already on another, more flat, but also more stony track. Went guskom, and procession it reminded a hike of glowworms - almost everyone on a forehead had a small lamp. The track conducted to a spring so have typed(collected) also waters for a breakfast in providently grasped with itself on mountain of a bottle.

Evening has come to the end with a traditional concert under accompaniment drop perestuka - the rain began.
Day 5
The sea and Devil's ladder

Rather warm night. In the morning, having grasped fotik, I was ran once again on at- - it would be desirable to see mountain and the sea in morning light. Having received a doze of remarkable sensations and impressions, has followed a breakfast.

Both again gathering, and again forward. The route of this day did not assume though some serious ascentions, only long transition on jajle along the sea, the truth, at still decent height.
Transition, 63 the Sky, having had a good cry for a night, again periodically smiled to us the sun, and people has recollected about far and deeply packed after the first days of a hike creams from sunburn. We periodically stopped, approaching(suiting) to remarkable breakages with absolutely not clear as pines growing on steep walls.
Rocks, 64 the Sea, giving rise to clouds, was hidden behind them.

On one of glades we have met group in which Vladimir and Sergey (conductors) had friends. Conversation also has served as an occasion to arrange, at last, the big lunch halt. There were by then 4 hours and all have somehow got a bit tired.

After tea with sandwiches the spontaneous rookery was formed - we rolled in the disorder on the ground or (who had enough forces to pull out penki) on kovrikah, absorbing all sections of a leather(skin) solar beams, warmly and comfort.
After a dinner, 41 On this parking I have lost favourite vargan is there was an only thing on that put not so pleasant event. But also it(him) as vysnilos, it is possible to interpret differently. There is a legend, that Mountains, as well as any big and strong place () need for something to be presented its(his) Spirits if want in gratitude for their last or future favour. But to give not that it is not a pity to throw out, and that is dear(expensive). Ok, I have agreed with this version, have solved, that now the arrangement of Spirits of Crimea to me is provided, and has ceased to be upset.

Having taken rest, we have gone further - to the Devil's Ladder. As it was found out by three hours later, is such picturesque piece of a rock with a fine kind on surrounding mountains and the sea.
Devil's Ladder, 76 If it is fair, my attention to that moment was borrowed(occupied) more with the climbers stormed the nearest steep slope.
Rock-climbers, 42 Having amazed(struck) with their boldness, I have heard Vladimir's comment - a line a nursery, absolutely for beginners))

We should reach a parking lot, therefore, having admired, have again plunged under backpacks and have gone further. The final point of this day has appeared a huge green glade in the middle of a wood, with a well and equipped kostrishchami.

The yesterday's supper has once again reminded of itself in rather original way since already the whole kettle with the rice already added with tushenkoj, nespesha has turned over on the ground - the blessing not in a fire. But also this time already skilled tourists in such affairs, in particular, Olja and Anton, have not left any chances to local animals on a smart meal)) the Supper has been welded(cooked) again - but those who participated in eating the turned over rice for the clear reasons (they simply obelis) additives did not ask.

Evening has passed(has taken place) behind conversations on travel Genes and Konstantin.
Day 6
Farosskaja church, chebureks and shop

Morning again has met us the sun and the clear sky. Since it was warm also water was a number(line) in unlimited access there were before an output(exit) we have arranged global « pure(clean) Thursday ».

In the same morning us have left(abandoned) Konstantin and Katazhina - they departed to this day to Poland, and also Sergey (the second conductor).
Gathering, 75 Having said goodbye to remarkable people, in a little bit weakened(easied) structure, but full and washed, we have gone further.

Again went on a ridge, above the sea, observing arising clouds. Vladimir has declared(announced), that by a dinner we shall come in the civilized place, namely to Farosskoj churches. Excited by such news, we have increased speed. The church meant first of all presence of meal in its(her) vicinities, and much - and in particular - already very much would like me of juice, milk - ice-cream, at last!

In general, up to Farosskoj churches we almost ran.
Before Farosskoj church, 86 And having reached, have dispersed on pair local magazinchikov and to tents. Decent meal, contrary to expectations, there it has appeared not too much. And here the belief, not time happened in Crimea as having a rest, has told to us about certain cheburechnuju with absolutely amazing chebureks which was in 1.5 km above on road.

And we have not resisted. With backpacks on hardly appreciable track in bushes behind a protection of road, probably, anybody also has not apprehended 20 minutes of rise as an obstacle. And cheburechnaja it has appeared quite respectable restaurant which had a free covered platform outside. If waiters - by the way, more reminding security guards - also were surprised such company to a kind have not shown.
Restaurant the Tent, 101 All have ordered to itself on the minimal portion of chebureks (3 pieces - but very much greater(big)). That us very much poveselilo so this announcement that the tip make 10 % from the order and automatically join on account of. In otmestku we vnagluju ate up the meal bought(purchased) from church, putting(folding) dust in the nearest ashtrays, spilled on local glasses and drank the juice got earlier …
Revenge, 81 Sahara which was applied on 2 ordered cups of tea, to us have brought imprudently much - and that has been immediately moved to one of backpacks (our stocks came to an end).

During absorption it is valid very tasty chebureks Vladimir "mimohodom" has specified mountain that rose a beside, supplementing and without that very picturesque kind. « To us now there », the kind conductor obevshimsja the ward has told. Wards have amazed - as? How it is possible after such dinner in general somewhere to go?!..

It has appeared - it is possible, and even very vigorously we have got on this(thus) seemen improbably high from a platform of restaurant mountain.
Rise after chebureks, 71 Have looked at the broken away part of a rock on which it is possible to get only on the one hand and for that nicknamed by the Forgotten World,
The forgotten world, 71 have taken a walk on top, have admired the irises growing on stones,
Violets and Belief, 90 and … have started to make a dinner)) As was found out, the stomach of the tourist is boundless)) Tea has been drunk, and sandwiches are eaten.

The short rest more likely reminding hibernation of happy cats, - and again in a way. We should reach the present(true) shop, to buy(purchase) groats and to find a place for parking for the night.
We go to shop, 51 we have gone down to a line and have found the house on which ground floor the so-called shop settled down. No, it(he) was quite real, with milk, kefir, grechkoj and chocolate - it(him) even have opened specially for us. I.e. it was such shop - "on demand".

By then I was overtaken already with messages that my favourite to put, remained the at home, has picked up a unknown virus and usilenno is ill(sick), demanding to return mum on a place. Vladimir has told, that at a line we shall be only till next morning, then will leave much more difficultly. In such questions to choose it is not necessary, and I have solved, that it is necessary to move to Voronezh in the morning, to rescue(save) the Son from an artful virus.

By seventh day of the Big Crimean hike I already have learned to breathe correctly more or less on rises, the body did not groan any more from weight of a backpack - already perceived it(him) as a reality … And the more so was insulting to leave, understanding, that practically all the most beautiful places - ahead …

With such ideas also has passed(has taken place) my last evening in Crimea. But around were, as always, the most remarkable, most cheerful my fellow travellers - they did not allow me to be discouraged. Therefore - …

… thanks Oliku and the Wife - to the remarkable courageous little girls who are enamoured to Crimea and not noticing difficulties.

… thanks Konstantin and Katazhine - to surprising people for whom the hike is a part of a life.

… thanks unique the Gene - to the person with not killed sense of humour, created absolutely unique atmosphere in our group.

… thanks Sergey and Alexander - to our reserve conductors which are always waited ostajushchih and not given(allowed) by it(him) to despond (on myself I know;).

… thanks Belief, Christina and Tana - to the most cheerful little girls who are not afraid to do(make) something New.

… thanks Anton, Ljube, to Sergey and one more Sergey with Galej - to the present(true) tourists from Moscow.

And, certainly, thanks Vladimir - for patience, for care of us, such different; for constant tea on parking in any weather; for tasty breakfasts, dinners and suppers; for interesting stories about places on which we went.

Certainly, separate respekt to organizers - to Cyril and Svetlana Jasko. It is healthy, when there are the people incuring uneasy process of "data" in one point wishing to see shaking(amazing;tremendous) Crimea and those who can show them it(him).

… And at night the strong rain, and at tent has gone, probably, as a token of end of my part of the Hike, one of support has broken. Early in the morning the Seventh day, having said goodbye to children(guys) and Vladimir, under an amplifying rain I have gone home, to the Son.

Anna Arsenteva,

Voronezh 2009

p.s. As it was further, I have learned(have found out) already in Voronezh, 5 days later, from stories Olika and Marry.

Last three days were both rains, and rises, but they had no right to not end - certainly, there was also an even greater happiness: the sun, the sea, stones, bathing and, I believe, - is perfect(absolute) kajfovye emotions of that Has come to pass, and a little bit sad - as well as any farewell - the termination(ending) of a hike on route Romantic Collection.

But in fact any end marks the new Beginning, whether not so? Therefore - up to a meeting on tourist tracks))

p.p.s. And here so it was healthy last days (photos Klimovoj Oli and Gvozdenko Marry) - without comments: