Hike at date of Independence 2012

We Invite to take part(participate) in a 3-day's hike across Crimea at date of Independence: from August, 22 till August, 24th 2012г. The route refers to " Around Demerdzhi ", passes(takes place) on picturesque and during too time to readily available tracks of hills Demerdzhi (area Alushty). This round perfectly approaches(suits) those who does not dare to go yet to more serious 6-day's travel and wishes to try(taste) for the beginning the forces in a short simple hike.       * Cost of participation in a hike - 550 griven.
    * If at you is not present the equipment (a backpack, kovrik, a sleeping bag, tent), we can give all this on hire.
    * the Meeting of group in Simferopol on August, 22nd at 11:00 (tourists reach Simferopol independently).
    * the Termination(Ending) of a hike on August, 24th at 15:00 in settlement General. Therefrom up to Simferopol 2,5 hours of driving on marshrutke.