Sight from side

Written by Любовь Чернобай Has absolutely casually come across your site, all has looked and I wish to encourage even you in your hard work. I the tourist with the small experience, but already have had time to meet difficulties the organizations of such hikes...  I had to become the supply manager in first my backpacking. Also I shall tell fairly, to me it was hard, and to supervise and messages of group, a problem(task) I think more difficultly.

But it is all nonsense in comparison with that pleasure what I have received having visited in mountains. Continue to be engaged in it(this) hard business, owing to you (despite of negative responses of some participants), many people receive kolosalnoe pleasure.

And mistakes(errors) - from them nobody zastrahovan, but only that is not mistaken, who nothing does(makes). I wish your of good luck and success in your undertakings.

Lubov Chernobaj