"White silence" - Winter trek to the Carpathians

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This is a real winter trip to the Carpathians. All the lodging in shepherds' huts - kolyba. Nevertheless, we also take tents. Route & quot; White silence " easier than the trek for the Montenegrin mountain range, desired by many: here there is less height, a lot of firewood, the forest protects from the wind. But the snow here is not less: shoe covers are necessary, snowshoes - do not interfere :)  

Ivano-Frankivsk - Maniavsky Falls - Chortka Range - Ripna Mountain - Stanimir Range - Okopy Gorge - Peklo - Syvul Mountain - Bistritsa Village - Ivano-Frankivsk.

Route of a hike:

1 day. Ivano-Frankovsk. Buhtivetsky a falls.

Meeting of group in Ivano-Frankovsk. A transfer in Pasechnu (50км from Willows-õÓ). We go along picturesque small river Buhtivets under picturesque steep rocks. In 7 km from the beginning of a route we go down to Buhtivetskomu to a falls. The falls has height nearby 10м and is very picturesque. Near to it(him) there are some more fineer falls, in frosty weathers they turn to freakish ice stalactites. Further we rise on ridge Dil (966м), the road goes through a beechen wood. With poloniny on a crest of a ridge the wonderful kind on zasnezhennye Gorganskie ridges and village Manjava opens. Descent(release) in with Manjava goes on abrupt road to a coniferous wood. We spend the night in a wood near small river Manjavka. Extent of a route of 6-8 hours.

2 day. Manjavsky waterfall.

Today we shall see a waterfall known in Carpathians Manjavsky in height nearby 16м. The falls is in a shady canyon and we shall examine it(him) both from above and from below. Further through a coniferous and beechen wood we go on poloninu Komarniki, here in the shepherd's small house (kolybe we and shall stay the night.) Extent of a route of 4-6 hours.

3 day. Ridge CHortka.

We rise on ridge CHortka (1330м) and having passed(having taken place) some kilometers on this(thus) wild covered by a light forest and stone looses to a ridge it is gone down on picturesque poloninu Ripna whence it is gone down below to shepherd's kolybe where we shall spend the night. Extent of a route of 5-7 hours.

4 day. Ridge Stanimir.

We rise on ridge Stanimir (1580м) on cuttings down and dense fir forests and we spend the night in kolybe on it(him), or at presence of time under it(him) on pass Maksimets where we spend the night in a good small house. From a ridge the wonderful kind on many tops of Carpathians opens. Extent of a route of 5-7 hours.

5 day. Pass Havre.

We rise on pass Havre between Gorganskimi tops Havre (1551м) and Korotkan (1675м). Through a dense coniferous wood alternating meadows we leave on poloninu Entrenchments where we spend the night in a small house Extent of a route of 5-7 hours.

6 day. Return.

Descent to village Bystritsa. Departure to Ivano-Frankovsk. The end of a hike.

Cost of participation: $200

Cost of participation in a hike: $200. Payment by cash in the end of a hike.
Included: three meals a day on a route, services of the mountain guide, the medical insurance.
Not included: transfers, hire of equipment.

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