Winter hike on the Hamster and the Bruch, Carpathians

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Only a dozen kilometers from Bukovel (the most popular ski resort of the Carpathians) is the Maly Gorgan Range. Very picturesque place: " correct " sharp mountain peaks, huge boulders and low-creeping creeping trees. Due to the proximity of the transport highway, it is very convenient to do short trips there, besides there is an opportunity to spend the night in shepherds' lodges (kolyba), which is very important in winter.

Ivano-Frankivsk - Polonina Bladzhiv - Mount Khomyak - Mount Siniak - Mount Malyi Gorgan - Polonina Bladzhiv - Bukovel - Ivano-Frankivsk

The program of round:

1 day. Road on Bukovel, polonina Mutton, the Hamster, Kolyba.

The group gathers at station of Ivano-Frankovsk. Further we sit down on the bus going on known mounting skiing resort Bukovel. Not reaching 8км up to Bukovelja, we leave the bus and nachinem rise on a wood track aside mountains the Hamster (1544м). We cross picturesque small river, we go on a flat streamer on a slope of mountain the Hamster .prohodim through stone taluses and буково-fir forests and we leave on poloninu Mutton (1330м). At presence of time it is possible it is risen on top of the Hamster. On edge(territory) of a glade is kolyba - a years(summer) small house of shepherds, where we and zanochjuem.

2 day. gsynjak (1665м)-гМалый Gorgan (1592м)-полонина Bladzhiv.

 From poloniny Mutton we go through a wood on the east and soon we leave on stone taluses. On a flat crest it is risen on top of mountain Synjak (1665м). Further on a flat crest we pass to top Small Gorgan (1592м). From here enough the abrupt slope will result(bring) us on poloninu Bladzhiv. On edge(territory) of this poloniny is recently reconstructed kolyba where we shall stay the night.

3 day. polonina Bladzhiv - Bukovel.

  From poloniny Komarniki it is gone down to small river Vilshinets along which we leave to Bukovelju. On it(this) the hike comes to an end - it is possible to remain in Bukovele, to ski, or by the bus to leave for Ivano-Frankovsk.

Cost of participation: 110 c.u.

Cost of participation in a hike: 110 u.e (dollar). Payment by cash (in grivnas at the rate of Natsbank) in the end of a hike.
Into cost of round enters: three meals a day on a route, services of the instructor-conductor, the medical insurance.
Into cost of round does not enter: travel, hire of equipment.

The additional information

    * the List of necessary equipment
    * As we go in the winter - that waits for you in a winter hike
    * Medical contra-indications to participation in winter hikes.

Features of round

    * Winter hikes are connected with the raised(increased) danger to a life. You should realize it.
    * In a route changes depending on weather and conditions of tracks are possible(probable).
    * the organization of this hike to order Is possible(probable).