Extreme amount of unforgettable emotions

Written by Степанова татьяна, г. Пенза Impressions about round " Water and Stones " started on August, 31st 2008г.
It would be desirable to express huge gratitude for a hike. Has received extreme quantity(amount) of unforgettable emotions:) Andrey (guide) - disappears under thick glasses(spots) (though without them to it(him) much better), a modest smile and is simple ofigennym appetite:) Thanks it(him) separate for pleasant night conversations. For the reason, that it(he) spent the night with us in tent we have felt its(his) all charm pribyvanija in mountains in current of 4 months and its(his) special tactics of deleting of socks. Yes, thanks him for a sleeping bag, I would die in the if has not helped!! In general, I ask to transfer(transmit) all it to it(him) necessarily:). Thanks you, that you is, to mountains I shall go, and here in Yalta to live simply madly dearly(expensively), for a week pribyvanija has spent in 4 times more, than for 5-ти dnevnyj a hike))
Actually, that's all :)!

Stepanova Tatjana, Penza