киногородок Чалка In the east of Crimea on a half-way from the Solar valley in the Fox bay there is rather remarkable place, - Film-small town. On coast of bay CHalka the small wood-plaster settlement in east style was stretched. It(him) have constructed in 2004, as scenery for shootings film " the Alive fish ". Since then the film-small town became local sight.

Life of film-town.

Here carry excursions, here pass(take place) razveselye youth festivals (Planet Art from Here only the cinema, apparently, yet have not removed(have not taken off) :( Any at them nesostykovki with local authorities send(have left). kinoshnikam it is necessary to hurry - apparently, their scenery or will take away or will lease to any businessmen, for the organization here the Disneyland :)

киногородок на фоне Карадага
By the way, on entrance to film-small town there is a tablet " an input(entrance) and entrance are forbidden ". Nevertheless, we have risked and have walked among its(his) structures. Anybody has not caught us, though it was appreciable, that small town we live also someone behind it(him) looks after.
восточный стиль декорации
дискотека в киногородке почти Тибет

Coordinates of film-town.

GPS coordinates of film-small town: 44°53,170 N 35°09,136 E WGS-84
To get here it is simple: From the Pike perch go marshrutki up to Coastal, and therefrom along coast approximately in an hour it is possible to reach our purpose. Or it is possible to go from Resort, through the well-known Fox Bay.

карта Лисьей бухты, киногородка и окрестностей
In article photos of Roman Rahman and have been used. Thanks!