Spring Akinak

родник Акинак Spring Akinak is located in 3,3 km on the West from village Wood. On this site 196 tourist route represents quite naezzhennuju a first coat slowly gaining height aside of mountain Cat (chatal-¬бn). After the next rise, the road vypolazhivaetsja and is literally in several meters from its(her) track is seen kaptazh дорога на Лесное, родник слева каптаж

Water " have caught in a pipe " on the southern party(side) of road, have passed(missed) under proezzhej a part, and on northern party(side) have set free. From the small concrete store (covered by a cover from katrjuli) water gets in a small trough. A jet, to the Crimean measures, quite normal. The spring, apparently, does not dry up (around of a dense wood). Water drank(saw) crude, without consequences. Near to a source a small platform with kostrishchem.

GPS coordinates of a spring: 44°55,902 N 34°54,883 E WGS-84 492м n.u.m.

карта участка - родник акинак табличка - до Акинака 400 метров

On standard tourist 500-метровках " Across mountain Crimea " the spring is not designated. But it(he) is on genshtabovskoj kilometrovke. However, the spring there is not signed. In that that it(he) refers to "Akinak", I am not too assured(confident). A unique occasion so it(him) to name - the metal tablet - " Akinak 400м ", fastened to a tree in several hundreds meters on the east from a spring.

By the way, akinakami named short Scythian swords.

Cyril Jasko, for Jury Yezersky's project " Springs of Crimea ".