Many thanks

Written by Дмитрий Киселев из Киева Response about a hike " Cave cities of Crimea " from August, 3 till August, 8th, 2008
For the organization and carrying out of a hike « Cave cities of Crimea » I put +12 on new (12) ball system. Many thanks to you, Cyril, for the organization of a hike and certainly to the instructor and a conductor Anastass. The group has stolen up very good. Participants: Dmitry - the author (Kiev), Andrey (Kiev), Katya (Kiev), Ivan (Kiev), Nastja (Kiev), Jeanne (Krivoi Rog), Ruslan (Russia, Voronezh), Tatyana (Russia, Voronezh). For a long time wished to try(taste) such kind of rest, as the pedestrian hike. Thought, it will be complex(difficult), has listened to many stories about this kind of hikes.

I wish to note the excellent(different) organization, fine rest, owing to our careful conductor Anastass. Has received a huge positive charge of energy, weight of new impressions, has expanded the knowledge of history of Cave cities, has seen Crimea with unexpected, for me, the party(side). Up to new meetings Crimea.