In a hike with the child: advice and impressions

Written by Татьяна Илюкова, Саратов Поход с ребенком Before holiday we were overcome with huge quantity(amount) of a different sort of fears and fears. Whether here the six-years(six-summer) son, for example, will sustain such loadings? And what, if to ourselves the hike will be not in pleasure? And suddenly the company will get not sincere? Also what to do(make), if our unpretentious Chinese tent with a hole in a floor will start to proceed during a rain? (we have then replaced tent with more "advanced" variant, and it was correct! All other doubts have appeared groundless: any "such" loadings was not, the company was excellent(different), to ourselves the hike was gave easily enough). So, we have gone(send) to a hike across mountain Crimea (a route " Water and Stones "), having taken with ourselves - and at all have not regretted the child about it(this).
The present(true) rest.

First, it is the present(true) rest, an ideal variant for office workers: active travel and physical activities allow "to be reloaded, be charged completely by positive energy, to be disconnected(be switched-off) from habitual problems - and in fact this most important condition of successful holiday!

Secondly a hike are new acquaintances. We on own experience were convinced that the statement of type « bad people in a hike do not go » - the naked truth. The company has stolen up very amicable, with wide geography - Kareliya, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Switzerland. Exclusively nice(famous) and pleasant people. We with pleasure shall meet them again - on other route or at us on a visit.

In the third, the hike is an invaluable life experience for the child (however, for its(his) parents too). The hike learns(teaches) very much to much - to the responsibility, care about near, lives in collective, gives confidence of own forces.

And at last, the hike across mountain Crimea is simply very beautifully! No photos can transfer(transmit) beauty of the nature - freakish stones of the Valley of Reductions, milky-white jets of falls Dzhur-Джур, beechen woods, mysterious caves, mountain passes - memoirs will suffice for the whole year, before following holiday!

I shall not describe our route on days, I shall tell only, that we have joined group per day later - if the schedule of trains does not give you chances to be in time(have time) to the beginning of a hike, have in view of: you have variants, the main thing to discuss all in advance with organizers.
Advice(Councils) to parents-tourists.

And some more advice(councils) that who plans to take in a hike of the child.

First, try to prepare the child for a hike - will get out in target in a small hike - for example, up to the nearest wood, in detail tell as as will occur(happen), tell what there will be a meal in a hike, what daily routine and so forth - a word who preduprezhden that is armed :-)

Buy(Purchase) to it(him) own equipment - small rjukzachok where it(he) will combine the toys, a small lamp, a raincoat. From toys at us in a hike for some reason felt-tip pens most of all were in demand. Still it is necessary to take hardly more, than the adult, changes of linen, warm things and damp napkins (I do not know to whom as, and I do not imagine a hike without damp napkins).

That who sends to a hike with children, it is necessary to approach(suit) more seriously to a complete set of the marching first-aid set (though we never had to open a bag with medicines, but it was quiet!): add there children's anaferon, smektu, regidron, children's febrifugal, an adhesive plaster, any dezinfetsirujushchee - it is very convenient to take means in travel zelenku in the form of a marker. Not superfluous will be and ranozazhivljajushchy a preparation of type Ratovnika. For trips on mountain streamers it is necessary to be reserved by the special preparation preventing ukachivanie. Very much it is useful a sun-protection cream.

Besides it is necessary to take small "perekusy" for the child: in our case it there was a mix of different nuts, dark raisin and dried apricots, which we have distributed(allocated) on five (on number of days in a hike) to bags. On a halt to the child gave out the next bag, and it(he) ate with pleasure itself and treated associates.
Whether to hard child?

Many ask us - whether it was heavy to the child during a hike? I shall tell fairly, to me now ridiculously to hear such questions. To the child there was not that that netjazhelo - on the most complex(difficult) rises or descents(releases) it(he) managed to go skipping and to bear(carry) cheerful bosh, and on halts had time to climb up some times in any hill or to reel up some circles on a glade. But fell asleep instantly in the evening, and ate all successively!

Here, by the way, one more moment in a feed(meal): my son categorically does not eat fish canned food and does not favour tushenku, therefore every evening we postponed to it(him) of rice, macaroni or grechki before canned food there were added. And in my opinion, it was successful enough variant: because of us it was not necessary to change the marching menu, and the child was full.

And some more words in occasion of equipment: all it is clear, that the better equipment, the more comfortably yourself you feel in a hike. And still I shall repeat: do not neglect warm things and protection on a case of a rain! It will relieve you of set of the unpleasant moments. By the way about raincoats: for the child we have bought(purchased) the usual adult « a raincoat of the mushroom picker » from thick polythene (reusable), and have cut off sleeves and a hem. Such raincoat covered it(him) together with a backpack that has appeared very conveniently. And still walking across Simferopol, we have come in shop tursnarjazhenija (in Lenin's parkway, near to zhd station), and have bought(purchased) kompressionnye bags for sleeping bags that has allowed to release(exempt) a lot of place in backpacks: the sleeping bags which have been dragged away by special belts, steel of time in two has less.
Many other things.

It would be possible to tell still much about this hike: and about a dinner on 13 persons with which we have covered in three-local tent, and about the nonconventional treatment of the Crimean legends presented by our guide, and a sit-round gathering at a fire and amicable drying krossovok after a rain, and about wonderful tea with mountain chabretsom, and how we bathed in an invigorating bath of a youth, and how quickly walked to the sea through vineyards, and how it would not be desirable to leave in the end of a route - that is why we have pitched tents directly at the sea and have lead together one more evening!

In a word, much could be told about our small Crimean travel - but it is better to see all this most and to make romanticism of a mountain hike a part of the personal experience!

Tatyana Iljukova, Saratov