Hire of tourist equipment

Hire of sleeping bags

спальник в развернутом виде упакованный спальник (рядом спичечный коробок для сравнения)

Such sleeping bag approaches(suits) for people growth up to 185см (for high or full people, it(he) will be tesnovat). Two sleeping bags it is possible sostegnut lightnings. The huge sleeping bag in the size 120 on 185 see In such sshivku from 2 sleeping bags 3 persons (economy of weight and a prize in temperature) turn out is located.

Sleeping pad hire

Ижевский туристический коврик

Classical "Izhevsk" sleeping pad. Turned into the cylinder kovrik is inserted into a backpack and serves as a skeleton forming a backpack and partly protects contents of a backpack from a moisture.

Hire of backpacks.

Light anatomic backpack, without frame, with fixed suspension bracket of a back. There are two pockets: on the valve and on a back wall. A wide zone belt and a chest coupler. Long lateral couplers for adjustment of volume and fastening of additional equipment.

Tent Hire.

палатка походная With the purpose of optimum distribution of equipment we give on hire not tent entirely, and separate places in them. For example, if you go to a hike one, you in fact do not have sense to hire the whole tent for itself one. To you enough one place in the general(common) tent (they happen 2,3 and 4-seater). During a hike inhabitants of tent, distribute(allocate) its(her) weight among themselves (bear(carry) together or by turns).

Cost of hire.

Cost of hire is calculated according to the prices resulted(brought) in the table. Payment - last day a hike. Only grivnas for payment are accepted. A rate of recalculation $1=5grivnas.

Cost of hire (for 1 day)
$1  $1  $1  $1 for 1 place
$1,5  for 1 place


Conditions of hire.

1) We give equipment on hire only to participants of our hikes.
2) the Quantity(Amount) of equipment is limited. Therefore to order hire it is necessary in advance.
3) Receive equipment on hands you can during a meeting of group at station.
4) Receiving equipment, you undertake carefully to it(him;them) concerns, and in case of its(his) damage, to pay the penalty or to redeem the damaged(injured) equipment (a sleeping bag 200 griven, a backpack 250 griven, kovrik 50 griven, tent - from 500 up to 1000 griven).
5) After a hike it is necessary to hand over equipment to a conductor. And if it(he) will ask, to help(assist) to transport equipment back up to station.
Alternative variants.

In some cases happens more conveniently to take equipment on hire in the city (instead of from us, in the beginning of a hike). On this case I have prepared reviews of items(points) of hire of Kiev, Moscow.