The order of payment

I think it is necessary to discuss some nuances of payment of a hike:

Payment in grivnas.

I understand, that it would be more convenient to inhabitants Rosii to pay for a hike in roubles, instead of in grivnas. But according to the legislation it is forbidden. Payment occurs(happens) in the end of a hike, is far from city. Exchange offices and banks there are not present. Therefore take care, please, of in advance to exchange roubles for grivnas. It is better to do(make) it not at station - a rate there simply extortionate.

Premature shod from a route.

If for any reasons, you descend(go) from a route before the planned end of a hike to pay it is necessary only for the passed(taken place) days. For example: 6 dnevnyj the hike costs(stands) 850 griven; you descend(go) from a route for 4 day, means it is necessary to pay (850/6 *4 = 567 griven. At shode from a route in the first day of a hike, too it is necessary to pay (for one day) even if it happens through an hour after start. Thus you compensate to us means spent on purchase of products, registration of the insurance, registration in KSS, telephone conversations and the Internet-traffic.

Changes in a route.

At us posutochnaja payment, instead of poobektnaja. Accordingly in case in a route there were changes, and the group has not visited(attended) all planned objects (sights, mountain tops, etc.) it is not an occasion for reduction of payment. On the other hand, if the group has exceeded the program to pay extra for it it is not necessary :)