Lost world

3 days, 40 km.  90 Euro.
Vicinities of Sevastopol long time have been closed for free visiting - too much there was military bases and confidential objects. One of such places - cape Ajja. This most beautiful place of Crimea and without that attracting tourists, owing to an aura of the strict privacy and absolute mystery finds the special status. In general, you should see it :)

Route of a hike.

1 day. Sevastopol, Balaklava, the Flank of death, Inzhir

the Meeting in Sevastopol in 11 mornings. Crossing(moving) and Balaklavu. Here we shall visit(attend) confidential base of submarines, we shall climb up to ruins of the Genoa fortress and we shall admire yachts in Balaklavskoj to a bay. On the next hill is legendary the Flank of Death. We shall come and there, and then we shall direct on a lodging for the night to a wild beach the Fig.

2 day. Pillboxes, cape Ajja, Kokiya-Kaya.

Under noise of waves, speak, it is not bad slept. And after a good dream, it is possible and to work. We slowly also shall persistently get upwards on a track twisted among fragrant southern pines. For it above, on a plateau, we are waited with a prize - an equal path with lawns and wild grushkami on the parties(sides). It(she) will deduce(remove) to one of few operating(working) military objects in these edges(territories). Under everyone kustikom here sprjatano on the PILLBOX, on each rock on the aerial or a viewing tower. However all is not too terrible, as can seem on the first vzlgjad. Successfully having passed militarians, we shall direct to a distant extremity of cape Ajja. Here, at top of mountain Kokija-Kaja we also shall stay the night. Here there is no water (up to a spring of minutes of 30 walkings) but there is a tremendous kind on the sea, far fires of Sevastopol, and the Forgotten world at us under legs(foots). Even ruins of confidential object "Sotka" at top are looked on the picturesquely and mysteriously. At light of a fire polurazrushennye bunkers remind imperial barrows in Kerch and... Played imagination not soon still will agree to go to sleep.

3 day. Kush-Kaya bay Laspi, Sevastopol.

From mountain Kokija-Kaja, along edge(territory) of a plateau goes imperceptible tropka to following top. It is a little having strayed on a low Crimean wood we again we shall appear on a natural viewing platform - mountain the Large sum-¬бn. This ideal place for ljubovanija bay Laspi (it(she) it is direct under us) and rocks surrounding it(her). Somewhere behind them it is hidden Foros and the most southern point of Crimea - cape Sarych. Hardly below us in a wood ruins... There is no not a next military object, and sacred Ilya's ancient church.

In total in an hour from top it is possible to get on a line Sevastopol-Yalta. Here it is possible to catch marshrutku and to leave for Sevastopol (1hour). Or to spend even hour or so and to go down to the sea. On it(this) the hike comes to an end, rest begins.

The instructor reserves the right to itself to make changes to a route depending on weather and conditions of group.


Price: 90 Euro (incl. guiding fee and three meals a day)

Tours: all tours we suggest are standards and reckoning to the ordinary person, without special training. We can always change them and make taking into account all your wishes. The duration of the tours and their complication are not a dogma. You can test yourself in every season of the year.  Experienced guide-instructor is working with a group. Average time for everyday walking is 6 hours. In the route the members are living in tents. The feed is cooking on the fire. During all route the members carries things and public burden themselves, carry the water, take part in preparation of the fire-wood. During the time of the route the comforts (toilet, douche) are not stationary (nature level ). When you order the tour we try to take into account all your wishes about routes, feed and service.If you want we can compose tour special for you.
Feed: full board (three times a day). Example menu is: soup, milk products, different jumbles, macaronis, tea,  in limited are season vegetables and bread.
The members: you can go as one, as with family (children) or friends. You can also take part in tours with your domestic animals. Usual size of the group from 6 to 15 persons.
Cost of the tour: cost of the tour depends on minimal number of people in the group Prices can be change in dependence from volume of service which you would like to take, tariffs of ferrymen and others.

Equipment list