All has begun with that...

Response about hike Balaklava - Cape Ajja - Laspi on March, 8-10th 2008г.
All has begun that all has bothered me, from within burned down desire to disappear, and during this most "historical" moment I was occurred with the most ingenious idea as I after it(her) have had time to estimate(appreciate), go to a hike. And without thinking twice, using all the skills and ingenuity has found this tourist site, and it was defined(determined) by that I shall go taki to mountains and these mountains will be in Crimea. A celebratory route - in a gift to itself on 8th March Balaklavskaja a bay - Laspi - a worthy gift to itself favourite.

Confidential Balaklava

So at the Simferopol station, I for the first time have got acquainted, with my satellites the nearest three days. Weather forecast foretold improvement of weather in Crimea though everyone were ready and to a rain. And running beforehand I shall tell, that weather not only has welcome us, but also has pleased. How to be spoken « Who does not risk, that does not drink a champagne!! To us the champagne has dropped out. » Lodge in a fixed-route taxi which has delivered us to 5-th kilometer, whence have followed in the heart, there is no time the closed city of Balaklavy which name in translation(transfer) with turkish means the Fish Jack (Balyk-lavas).
Why closed? - « in the beginning the fiftieth Joseph Stalin has personally considered(examined) and has with own hand vised the civil-engineering design in Balaklavskoj to a bay of a unique underground factory on repair of submarines, and in the summer of 1957 in this paradise place have appeared gornoprohodchiki, and has begun to boil round-the-clock, in four changes, work. » Here also have constructed there grandiose base in which simultaneously could be placed and under repair about 20 underwater and surface boats, besides, here it was made nuclear warheads, here were stored(kept) and equipped.
However in 1994 the base was left(abandoned) with last submarine and for some reasons the above-stated base has lost value of strategic object then the city of Balaklava became opened(open), and from was(former) strategic base this(it) has turned, in a museum complex of Armed forces of Ukraine. That we also have begun the travel with it(her).

Through 2 fortresses to a beach. 

Further we have studied(investigated) ruins CHembalo, the Genoa fortress located on left I protect Balaklavskoj bays, were a little supported as travellers in the Middle Ages with bread and cheese, and again in a way. The pure(clean) sky pleased with azure freshness, and the persevering and tender southern wind brought aroma of the sea, mountain grasses, and spring mood. For now we went on a slope us soft white light gently embraced the clouds approaching from the sea.
Further we rose long and tiresomely, but we have reached(achieved) notorious « Flanks of death » from which during world war to not spend cartridges(patrons) economical "fritsy" dumped(reset) voennoplennyh downwards. Even it seemed to me, that I saw scratchs from nails and traces from butts of rifles with which they beat on hands of doomed our compatriots who have hooked for edge(territory).
And then we have reached(achieved) a place of our first lodging for the night, picturesque ugolochka the Fig, is direct near to so attracting, iskristo pure(clean) sea waves and the huge boulders perfected by a wind and time. Our courageous men, have followed water then courageous women, that is we, long waited for them as water has appeared far enough and highly.

To the most beautiful place of Crimea.

Next morning we, courageous women, had an opportunity to estimate(appreciate) all gravity of their feat as went on the same way to the wonderful(strange) spring beating directly from a rock which taste of water has surprised all my expectations. Further have risen on a picturesque slope of rocky mountain, had a bite, and have gone(send) to reach(achieve) the fine place most in my opinion - mountain Kokaya-Kaya.
At what the beauty consist at all in mountain, and in a unimaginable landscape because all sea up to horizon has been covered by a soft fluffy carpet from clouds, on horizon the sun was slowly declined, filling white clouds by розовато-scarlet light. And only the slice of the Forgotten world, was visible somewhere at bottom of mountain which that appeared disappeared in whitish a smoke of clouds. The exposed to the wind rocks beleso - yellowish color on which abrupt ledges trees were hooked by the roots stored(kept) silent sacrament of century wisdom and silence, and noise and a smell of the sea, the sea of clouds is audible only. The fine combination has shaken(amazed) mine not such poor imagination. I have actually felt, as my soul grows and is filled with this universal inspiring beauty.
At night above our camp on a crystal-clear, dark blue velvet dome of the sky the extreme quantity(amount) of stars, small and greater(big), bright and not so was lit. And the some people were so are great, that it would be desirable to take in a hand. The silent landscape of the natural perfect(absolute) beauty zazheg one more star, only any more in the sky, and for the ground, on that rock with the freakish name Breaking Kaja is there was my soul. Now I always know what to answer a question on a favourite place and hobby.