Southern Demerdzhi - Hiking tour

3 days, Distance:40 km. Price: 90 Euro
Do you know what is Demerdzhi? It is magic mountain. You can walk around till the end of days - so fine is it. We shall dare to give it only 3 days and try to get acquainted with its miracles: the Valley of Ghosts, cave MAN, Crown Demerdzhi, waterfall Dzhur-Dzhur and Dzhurla, gorge Haphal and a lunar landscape of a plateau.

Route of a hike

Day 1. Simferopol, Angarsk pass, cave MAN, Northern Demerdzhi.

Funa fortressclouds on a Southern DemerdghiСооружение на вершине Северной Демерджи Gathering of group in Simferopol at station (11:00). Moving to Angarsk pass. From here we shall go on the east - through a beechen wood ridge Elh-Kaya, to well-known glade "MAN". There we shall a little take rest, we shall examine cave "MAN' and we shall begin rise on Crown Demerdzhi. From abrupt breakage the excellent kind on Alushta valley opens.

It is a little more and we at last on a plateau. On a lodging for the night we shall settle down in the picturesque gorge Dzhurla which has hidden between Southern and North Demerdzhi. Nearby  there is a small mountain lake in which it is possible to be freshened after heavy day.

Day 2. Southern Demerdzhi, the Valley of Ghosts, waterfall Dzhurla, waterfall Dzur-Dzur.

Валуны на вершине Южной Демерджи Долина ПривиденийDzur-Dzur waterfallHaphal gorge Early in the morning, even before gathering camp, we shall run on top Southern Demerdzhi. Freakish stone figures on it is the top edge of a so-called Valley of the Ghosts which have stretched on a slope below.

It is time to collect backpacks and to go further. We today still should see two falls. The first - absolutely small, but very cosy falls Dzhurla - will meet to us right at the beginning of a way. To the second falls - Dzur-Dzur we shall go all rest of day.  We shall break camp a little above a falls, but is not too far, that at desire it was possible to go to it once again.

Day 3. gorges Haphalskoe, Plateau Tyrke, Dolgorukovskaja jajla, the Crimson stream, Perevalnoe.

Заросли папоротника в ущельеНаконец на платоОстрые скалыAbove a falls the gorge Haphalskoe - a remote and mysterious place begins. Here huge, fantastic trees were scattered on an abrupt slope of mountain among paporotnikovyh thrickets and set small waterfalls and trays. Climbing up some hours on this gorge we shall get out at last on the open place - plateau Tyrke. Here to not do without a small halt, to restore forces and much to have a look at the sea. Then we shall continue a way in a direction to Dolgorukovskaya plato. Here we shall turn on one of tracks leads along the Crimson stream to settlement Perevalnoe. Approximately by 18:00 we shall reach the mainroad, where it will be possible to leave for Simferopol (1 hour) or on Southern coast of Crimea (also 1 hour).