Parallel impressions of the same

нелегка судьба туриста the Hike … I never thought, that I shall want to go to the pedestrian hike under the scorching sun with a backpack on a back. Only one year ago looked at group of tourists on chatyr-ñáúÑ from a window of the bus and thought is what it is necessary to be the idiot that on a dust, forcing down a leg(foot) and shoulders without normal water and hygiene to be dragged on a burnt plateau in searches it is not known that... But it is literally one month prior to a hike has seen the reference(link) to Cyril's site, has looked, and simply was ill with this hike. … was ill, and has infected several friends and colleagues. At once I shall make a reservation - anybody from them could not go, as a result I have gone with the wife who not so there wanted, but one have not released(have not let off).

And, having looked a site, having read through everything is literally, that there was, oblazil уа-is not present for similar sites, has found some more, but has stopped on Cyril. I shall note - the design, clearness of a statement of the information, style, efficient and extensive advice(councils) on selection of equipment, the description of routes and responses has liked.


перед штурмом Ангар Бурун About a hike in general - a diary

At once I shall tell, anticipating the possible(probable) subsequent passages - impressions of a hike at me superpositive. It really rest. But rest not physical - rest moral. For the second day of a hike I any more did not remember the work, have forgotten office, pieces of paper, phone calls and other rubbish, constant, inevitable, and somewhere even necessary in a daily life. The truth is written on a site, is a rest for office workers. Though it does not belittle pleasure from valjanija after a hike on pljazhike days so a little, that we with the wife and have made.

Once again - a hike on mountains it super! Sensations of huge space laying before you, - the comb of mountains lasting up to horizon and disappearing in a smoke, the sea looking through sometimes - that obscured with plavjashchimsja in it(him) a decline, tiny from above water basins, zhuchki machines(cars) on Angarsk pass, the Simferopol line - only from height it is possible to see as it(she) coils on mountains, and long driving whence undertakes on it would seem - what that of 20-40 km (!) - all it unforgettably.


Nevertheless, if I shall grumble somewhere is the my personal opinion which is absolutely not not belittling a positive from a hike (simply parallel impressions of the same) and if Cyril will publish it(him) at itself on a site, I think, it it is useful to much.


The first day - a meeting with everything, prigljadyvanie, a rearrangement of things and analysis of meal, driving in old razdolbannom a trolley bus to a point of the beginning of a route, last shop, the first rises and the descents(releases), the first weariness, sweat, the photos, the first running ahead and lagging behind and lagging behind, first halts running ahead. To us has carried - on bottom plateau CHatyrdag we have risen, when the sun has tightened(delayed) lungs tuchkami, that has rescueed(saved) us from a frying pan. There and then on a plateau we suited a dinner - sandwiches and the rests of the meal which has remained all from trains. Had a bite, had slightly a rest - and again uphill. There were first moments when it seemed - still a step and will die, to heart and lungs there was not enough place.

Today's our purpose was cave Emine Bair Hosar. We with the wife there were one year ago, therefore the aspiration to get there especially was not, but the check-point needed to be passed(be taken place).

And here at my wife the first trauma - a knee. After long karabkanja upwards where loading basically on dyhalku and persistence, descent(release) has begun. Naturally, our legs(foots) have not got used to such dynamics(changes) of changes of character of loadings. Careless movement of at the wrong time weakened leg(foot) - and is enough of it(this), has tested later on itself. Something with a joint, a pain. It is a serious problem when it is necessary to go that upwards downwards with a backpack on shoulders. The group has escaped forward, we hobble behind, but we go.

Send in addition(Have reached). When before the beginning of a route I have stumbled, the wife has told - we shall meet friends, even here. And here before us parking of tourist buses about a cave, and in hundred meters from them collects flowers the girl-guide who carried us here from Mishora in the past to year. Crimea is close.

All our crowd has rushed in buffet about caves - mineralka, beer, zhivchik, chocolate - all of us already had time to understand for these(it) some hours, that in mountains of it(this) even under the Crimean prices will not buy(purchase). 

On this halt has got at "sopohodnikov" (knowingly Cyril has named us - « the club of pharmacists ») ointment, has dug out elastic bandage from the stocks and began to treat to the wife a knee.  


Лена Cyril in the meantime has selected at all group plastic container and the beginnings severely it(her) mjat, reducing volume, then, packing in a bag. Here they mountain technologies of supply by water. Having left group in a cave, we three together with Cyril have gone(send) to a place of our future spending the night.

It is necessary to mention a surface on which it is necessary to move is a ground of which here and there stones of the different size and the form, and periodically coming across holes in the ground stick out. In darkness to move - in general stremno. At me even the name was born for such covering - « drakonja a skin » (navejano books)


Behind water it was necessary to go far enough and when I have seen a source, even has photographed for history. Such to itself a hole in the ground - meter on meter, depth of centimeters eighty. And there costs(stands) vodichka, and in vodichke float different krokozjabliki. Cyril, the truth, has told, that ate such repeatedly and all is normal, but after water water - is unexpected somehow. Though on the other hand - the porridge will be with meat and tea sytnee.

Thus - waters, are so much, how many bear(carry) on itself - at us it has turned out all litres forty in an available container. It(this) should suffice thirteen "people" on a porridge, tea, to wash utensils, to weld(cook) a porridge and tea in the morning, to wash utensils, to wash and clean a teeth. As skills was not, Cyril learned(taught) in the evening how to wash utensils in such conditions. Here was useful both a grass, and a toilet paper. New jokes - « that it you for a table and with a toilet paper were born? » But it has entailed also positive result - at absence sufficient for all quantity(amount) of water the group gathers since morning for an hour more quickly. There was first our supper in the evening, it has unexpectedly appeared, that at ours Annushki birthday (!) was useful the beer bought(purchased) in caves, then songs and the star sky - as well as was promised.

And in the morning - ponder!!! - it was necessary to pour out litre of the beer not drunk in the evening. Easier(simply) to pour out on the ground - as kg of warm beer anybody to bear(carry) did not want.

So our second day has begun.


Further there were many events, shall note the brightest moments, for me at least.

The second day morning - we only send(have left), have walked minutes twenty-thirty and medical aid again is required to my wife. Walking on mentioned « drakonej to a skin » Sashka has torn off to itself a piece of a leather(skin) on the bottom part of the big toe about a stone. Right after traumas the finger looked(appeared) enough strashnenko. Peroxide, bandage, antiseptics, advice(councils) has begun. Thanks Marina from Peter, it(she) was our permanent dressing nurse. The group has stopped, we treated Sashku, Cyril has washed Sashkin sandalet from blood, and then went around, photographed us and told, for a raising of mood to a victim, probably, terrible histories about the torn off fingers and broken off ledorubom lips.

We on the Hangar-breaker. The tremendous kind from above opens, the line Yalta-Simferopol below rustles, the Angarsk pass is visible. A kind simply improbable, air, a smell, sensations. super.

Та самая Демерджи

Descent(Release), the sun, under legs(foots) a ground, stones, a stone talus of different fraction and any derevtsa. Descent(release) is absolutely hard. Constant break was outlined in rate of movement between parts of group. The Most part of group has left forward, we roll in a seeming shadow under any bush.

Beechen wood. It is interesting to compare the beeches growing on a marge of a wood, - thick, spreading as oaks, and beeches from a thicket - high, harmonous. A shadow and the further descent(release).

Dinner and siesta in a grove sekvoj. Tremendous beauty trees. Beside a spring. Someone sleeps, someone walks, little girls have gone(send) to wash a head with water from a spring, nagretoj on the sun. That to whom has carried, the rests of morning water - nagretoj on the sun on most nemogu have got. Well, cold vodichka inspirits …

Descent(Release) to Angarsk pass - past go marshrutki to the sea - many looked it(him) following with suspicious melancholy. On pass us has joined two more participants - Dutchs and we have moved to a parking lot which was already close. Spending the night and long-awaited rest.

Day the third. The rests of strengthening Funa, - one more ostrovok civilizations in the form of a stall with small assortment of the goods. Rise on Demerdzhi. We have damned horses. These useful creatures so have dirtied road, that at times nearly the person(face) on rise utykalis in their unappetizing heaps.


в долине привидений On Demerdzhi tremendous kinds and the nature. And height. Height close to you. The far ground below and birds who fly below, than you stand(cost). It also became the reason of panic, inhuman horror, which victims, unexpectedly it seemed even for itself, steel two participants of our hike, - Nastja from Peter and mine Sashka. It was the most serious test for their nervous system.

It is complex(difficult), even it is impossible to understand to the person, is neutral or even with admiration concerning to a kind opening even with devil's wheel or a roof vysotki. But the most beautiful mountain landscape in a combination to an abrupt track on which it was necessary to clamber literally on four to balance on inconvenient stones, almost became the reason shoda from a route of a part of our group.


On Demerdzhi water has practically terminated. Still never so were not pleased, especially our girls - Coca-cola which has appeared at thrifty Dutchs. We have unloaded them from superfluous two kg. To think only - warm aerated bjaka - and how many pleasure!

Have opened for itself as it is possible to sit in a shadow on scorching solntse.-you Take penku (teploizoljatsionnyj a sleeping pad), you sit down on edge(territory), other part you close a back and a head - at those who carries sleeping pads rolled in a roll - the sleeping pad itself for you keeps as to aspire to be braided back and clings to your head.


We go on turstojanku Dzhurla. The rest of water have wetted a head to the girl from Kiev - Lena which this day has overheated and as we have thought, has overtired. We go, charming myself an idea, that ahead lake, it will be possible to be expiated. The group was again stretched(again dragged out), we go in itself, with speed of the slowest, other participants including Cyril we do not see. Weariness. And in fact it only midday.

Send in addition(Have reached) on Dzhurlu, have fallen and it is laid. Pleases that today we do not go further. We shall bathe in ozertse and to have a rest. Let even ozertso green color and at the bottom sharp shchebenka. Lenka has gone to bathe directly in clothes as forces to change clothes at it(her) was not. Has then fallen and laid without forces. Had dinner. We have a rest. Lenke distances of vodka of 50 gram also have told to sleep. It was disconnected(was switched-off). And we still long communicated with our Dutchs for that all Russian alcoholics, drink antifreeze, cologne, a screen wiper and even gasoline. It seems have believed. Looked at us strange. Have then told that it is a joke, laughed, but somehow uncertainly. Lenku have accepted for young alkogolichku. A hit of day was a word "screen wiper" - while we convulsively recollected how to tell it in English - Annushka from Peter has instructively lifted a finger and steadfastly looking Dutchs in the face has told loudly and with accent(stress) « the SCREEN WIPER!!! ». Have understood, anywhere do not share.


каремат - защита от солнца

Day the fourth. Morning has begun with funny things. Group stood in the neighbourhood of the beginning pobudku which consist in loud shout someone from them: « GOOD MORNING, the CRIMEAN MOUNTAINS!!!!! ». On a plan, this cry should lift their parking which has settled down in the majority even without tents, but from it(him) we have jumped up only, one and a half hour not slept not so. Has then begun in general interesting - we so have understood, that they have started to carry out something from yoga, or somewhere is close it(this). But looked(appeared) very ridiculously Crowd costs(stands) with empty mugs(circles), extends a hand upwards, then do(make) "stirring" in this cup, squat, shouts - children(guys) otsypte grasses breathe, etc. In our camp, share a miracle-снадобъем, etc.

Then I have splashed in a fire soljary (which yesterday has found on parking, did not use and to leave it was a pity). About a fire Cyril sat. … in general, hardly was there were no we without a conductor.

Crowded turstojanka has confirmed old true - where many people, there smells as meal and nechistotami. And that and another was above a roof. Dzhurlu the majority of us have left(abandoned) with pleasure.


Falls Dzhur-Джур. Beautifully, but it is a lot of people. Our tourists cried up to it(these) behind a civilization, have started to hate people silently. Especially caused affection shouts of thick aunts to the husbands - « I am tired! How many it is possible to go! ». On what was immediately offered to incur(carry) someone's backpack. Even unperturbable Cyril has not restrained at a kind djadki which went with the camera and trekking palkami - has released(has let off) the comment - « Djadka where skis has lost? » Though who would speak - the skier with a backpack.

Bathing in vodopadikah above on current - super. Water ice, you come, legs(foots) lomit, you think - everything, further to come it is impossible. After you will visit under vodopadikom, it seems that vodichka warm, the life is fine, and you in general in a shower(soul) - feeling of a cold are blocked at all.


купание в ваннах у водопада


Today the longest transition. In total for a day there were nine hours. By the evening already were as zombi. But before parking send in addition(have reached). Today was vkusnejshy tea. Have late laid down, solved how to go tomorrow - on more complex(difficult) and waterless route, but more entertainment, or on easier(lighter) and with an opportunity to fill up stocks of water, but not with such scale kinds. Communicated somewhere even on the raised(increased) tones. Cyril has offered a compromise variant, refer(have converged) on it(him).


Day the fifth.

Morning has begun with a strong wind and some cold snap. Began to collect camp, at me the tent has not departed nearly. Had not breakfast, we leave. Have reached a fork - the most part of group with a conductor has left upward - on plateau Karabi, the others were arranged to guard backpacks and to fill up. In one and a half hour have continued a way. Special excesses that day has not occured(happened). Has pleased a place of spending the night - ozertso in which it was possible to bathe more or less. First time saw dried cabbage of house preparation from which there was a soup.

Today « royal night ». Threatened Dutchs, that by old Russian tradition we shall smear with their tooth-paste at night. They poulybalis, but have closed tents. Played a mafia. It something - game when two participants understand only English, and a part of participants English do not understand in general. Bilingual commenting, linguistic misunderstanding, and other is it is necessary to see only. Songs under a guitar, even have once again made tea, despite of lack of potable water and fire wood.


рассвет на вершине


Day of the sixth.

Something melancholy, and simultaneously joyful was in the beginning of this day. Last day when our casually developed company goes together. Last day tiresome exercises with a backpack. Backpacks, the truth, polegchali by the end of travel. Cyril has taken away to itself the general(common) equipment which was born(carried) by some participants of a hike - Anatoly (the person-ÓÝ¼í« as it(he) has been nicknamed in a hike) has given kazan - why the backpack has decreased for 40 sm in height! We Are removed and forward!


We send in addition(have reached)! Fishing. Long could not miss, midday still drank(saw) beer and communicated, crowd had dinner in cafe. We so have understood, that to workers of cafe it not for the first time - as have warned - more accurately there in a toilet, and that the some people fall upon upon a civilization and fill in with water all that can.


About a hike in general - a note about hygiene

As it was thought before a hike is there will be six days of sweat and a dirt. All has appeared at all so awfully. I have typed(collected) with myself a heap of damp napkins - thought I shall wash. Has as a result brought the most part back. It was useful - polpachki greater(big) damp napkins, a pack small. Took a deodorant - did not use, and at all did not recollect. That is surprising - goes 15 sweaty "turistegov", the loop thought will be up to Simferopol - anything similar. Can because ate such food which does not stink in sweat?. Very much in a theme was pair h scarfs, - to wipe sweat from the person(face), heads, much more conveniently, than by paper napkins - are not torn, absorb is better and do not cling to a bristle on the person(face). To a word - took the electrorazor - has taken advantage once. According to a conductor - the person(face) sunbathes also unshaven. It is checked up - sunbathes. Soap did not use. Well, a tooth-paste - it is clear, though sometimes laziness was also a teeth to clean.

Once again I shall repeat - at all thus herd of sweaty bisons from us not pahlo, besides, that in sweat bathed, literally. To be rinsed « from a bottle » it is possible about springs, in two places were ozertsa, have still plunged in Джур-Jura. More shortly, I have not died, though at home very quiveringly I concern to such questions..


Алексей, автор отзыва


About a hike in general - about a feed(meal) and not only

            At once I shall tell - the most tasty in a hike is macaroni with tushenkoj, soup from fish canned food and tea.

Here for us there were many opening - the brightest, probably - a porridge on dry milk with raisin and chocolate! I shall notice, the food which was specified by some participants in questionnaires as it is absolute also categorically unacceptable is there was a cabbage, nuts, raisin - all the same was present. Left position by raisin vprikusku, instead of mixed up with a porridge, avoiding of nuts, and replacement of soup with cabbage on other meal, for not transferring(carrying) cabbage.

The main thing to concern to food not as to pleasure (as houses have got used) - and as to food, a power source and energy. The porridge on dry milk with raisin it at all a delicacy, but gives forces.

Tea with mint is very good. Would drink more, but constrained lack of tea, water and fire wood.

It became toward the end clear - the one who will take a stock of tea and cigarettes - by fifth day of a hike can receive for all of them everything.


About a conductor

I am sorry, but now I shall begin to speak about a conductor. Though on a site now theses about infallibility of a conductor also are formulated.

I shall tell at once - on a site represented Cyril to a little bit another. Impressions have exchanged from the first razov dialogue on soap, then by phone. Tersity, not special sociability - I so have characterized it(him). First thought, that such letters on soap are connected with economy of the traffic and neudobnost to write letters from a handheld computer, - was thought, sits somewhere in mountains and writes as can. Partly and was - Cyril really keeps in contact with the world from mountains - on halts, but also Cyril all the same a little another.

            Probably, I a little bit incorrectly represented myself a role of a conductor (or the instructor?), it(he) thought will be more similar on pionervozhatogo. I shall tell - those who wants the big care of, think before to go. I, we shall admit(allow), and itself it is not too sociable, - would show a conductor where water, and where to go, therefore special discomfort did not test. It not a resort of 5 stars, and not a kindergarten.

But. Is all the same a little "but". These are mountains and as it seems to me, it is necessary to observe speed « squadrons on the slowest ship », to have reliable closing groups and to have group in sight. When a part of group behind turn or at all behind one - it is not known that with them, and in fact they here first time, know nothing. There were places where it was easy possible for something for itself to break, and to remain to lay there while group you will missing - in half an hour, can more? It happened the reason of conflicts in group.

Plus Cyril practically never on a route answers directly and full the questions, concerning(touching) a route. Lack of the information sometimes enraged.

Therefore, if you are self-assured also the nerves, the leader is necessary to you not, and a conductor - go. If there are doubts - it is not necessary. Really, especially anybody with anybody is not nursed.


Why it is necessary to go/not to go

There excellent(different) kinds and routes, but practically are not present some water. All that is - bear(carry) on itself.

Besides it is necessary to look, - but these are infinite rises and descents(releases) - if to be asked by a question - what for to rise, if then it is necessary to go downwards and on the contrary - to go it is not necessary.

Really estimate(appreciate) the forces. On a site it is written « enough to be able to go ». It not absolutely so. The concept « to be able to go » in city and in mountains differ. Ourselves have understood already in the first-second day: where you can go more quickly - go more slowly where you can rise on « two steps » - walk on one, you can help(assist) yourself hands operetsja - help(assist), try to not lag behind, correct for a thing and another, demanding a stop - on halts as will not wait for you, and to catch up always more difficultly, than to go in beat groups. To go on a footpath showered under legs(foots) under the sun - not the same, what to be run on the escalator in the underground. To bear(carry) on itself a backpack - not a package from a supermarket up to the machine(car). To go behind water on half an hour to one party(side) - to not type(collect) some water from the crane. And to climb on a footpath on chetverenkah, observing huge space at the left or on the right, - to not stand on a balcony of the eighteenth floor and to smoke.

            If you go, only having tempted with a seeming cheapness and easy(light) interest to new - too it is not necessary. Six days for 150 dollars is not so cheaply. Count. For a two 150+150=300 (50 dollars a day). For this money even in Crimea it is possible to remove(take off) comfortable enough double room with three meals a day. Plus add cost of equipment if at you it(him) is not present. Tent, backpacks, shtormovki, etc. Therefore if the main argument - money, it not argument.


Group and attitudes(relations) in group

By the experience I can tell, that if the group participating in what or, more than four-five person - microgroups with the interests will be formed. They can be stable, can periodically change structure - but we shall tell so - during each separate moment of time in group there will be some such microgroups.

On our hike it was possible to tell, that at us was so - group of Dutchs, by virtue of that they family and plus language. Group of "slovens-saboteurs" (there is more precise obscene word - on races.. Begins) are there were we. Group of терминаторов-sportsmen - actually a conductor, and still(even) pair the person. Such division is conditional, as division got different shades and structure of participants but it was constant.

Conflicts special did not arise, but some moments were. The brightest:

1) after Demerdzhi - when we - the group of the saboteurs wishing first of all to have a rest, instead of to run with backpacks for a while, have remained practically without water on Demerdzhi. The reason was that in the morning our conductor has told to girls to not take a lot of water - on a way there will be a source, and then whether has forgotten about it(him), whether has forgotten about lagged behind. It was last drop after two-day run behind faster part of the group which are not waited lagging behind, plus the fear of the height which have shown at two our participants has affected. There was a mass desire to kill a conductor. That has naturally affected the attitude(relation) in group - was formed « sabotazhnoe a kernel » which did not wish to listen to a conductor, in every possible way it(him) hooked, jazvilo and was rude, then Cyril has absolutely become isolated.

The same night we were going to discuss the and a conductor behaviour to ours sabotazhnym a circle have decided « to be good », to not touch Cyril, and to not form the new centers of influence in group. The group all the same should be rallied around of a conductor, instead of someone(someone else) and as it is a lot of us, we risk to transform a hike into war. It is solved - the world. Since morning, the truth, was necessary to remind few times to our saboteurs of an arrangement, showing a fist so, that Cyril would not see. Like it has turned out. The merit in the decision of the conflict belongs the Ice crust which has lifted a question on our attitudes(relations) with Cyril which on Dzhurle threatened with the serious conflict - at us even tents stood separately from camp.

2) Discussion of a question, in how many to rise in the morning. Naturally, there were fans(amateurs) to have a sleep. But the some people overcame themselves more or less, and the some people spoke what to rise, at least, during such time they simply not can, and if them will awake - there will be insults and rukoprikladstvo. It was discussed on the raised(increased) tones.

3) Penultimate spending the night and a choice of a route next day. The part of group wished to go by more complex(difficult) variant, a part on easier(lighter), that has been caused by a physical condition of participants. Conditions too was heated, the some people spoke, that in this hike only and went to be noted on all points, without it(this) will be "nezachet", the others spoke, that have arrived to have a rest, instead of to overstrain.


So apparently, the basic conflicts have been caused by very different level of physical preparation of participants. Though if there was no it(this) is is assured(confident), there would be other occasions.

            In occasion of beer - which « divides(shares) into two camps - drinking and not drinking » at us such it was not appreciable. Though Cyril did not drink. It can and was division.


Equipment and things with itself

That the tent is necessary, a backpack, a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad clearly. I wish to share some supervision in occasion of the rest.

For water plastic two-liter bottles are necessary. Very convenient and universal capacity. Also, though, Cyril in correspondence also has advised against to buy drinking system, in a following hike I have taken it(her) - is convenient that allows to drink small dozes and is direct on the move, and from a bottle pulls to get drunk often and in plenty. And to remove(take off) a bottle from the backpack, in most cases it is necessary to stop - loss of time and forces. Still (elements of idea are peeped at Dutchs) - I think rationally - two litres in drinking system which allows to distribute(allocate) in regular intervals weight of water (the truth for this purpose the drinking system which to fasten inside of a backpack, is direct about a back, and two litres in two liter "bicycle" capacities is necessary, each of which pritorochena to straps of a backpack in front - optimum distributes(allocates) weight of water if certainly it(her) it is necessary so much.

Nalobnyj diodnyj the small lamp is really class. I was not honoured to buy(purchase) to myself, at me was two usual small lamps - with a bulb and with diodes. But here I have estimated(appreciated). When there is no light to move on parking with such small lamp as much as possible conveniently. Also it(he) is irreplaceable at washing utensils, to collecting of fire wood and search of subjects in darkness.

Guitar. If you on it(her) will play - necessarily take it(her) with yourself. I play on a guitar a little and was delighted, when have seen that the guitar in group is. But there are some conditions. The first needs to be played on it(her). The second - is important, that the group had many general(common) songs, the situation « my yours differently turns out does not understand ». The third, is important, what the one who plays, knew many songs with words for memory. In darkness it is important, as will not peep in a piece of paper and if you include a small lamp, the cloud of midges gathers for it(him). In the fourth - remember, the guitar plays only in the evenings, and to carry it(her) it is necessary constantly. A guitar a thing gentle, besides inconvenient enough and heavy - especially, when prodiraeshsja through a dense bush. But if it(she) is and plays is super.

The first-aid set. Do not listen to a conductor, advising to leave the first-aid set in a left-luggage office, as a superfluous cargo. When you will be traumatized or will be ill - you will treat you, or your comrades, instead of a conductor. And than and how to treat - will depend that you will take with yourself. At least, to us very much were useful bandage (usual and elastic), diklofenak in lots(plenties), peroxides at all have not sufficed. There were no also effective medicines for a throat - than after cold spring water many suffered. It is important to have a good plaster which does not come unstuck from the polished legs(foots). Better detachable, on coils. It(he) well keeps, and under it(him) it is possible to stick small corn plastyrki in individual packing. It is quite good to take with itself kneecaps (type of elastic bandage, are on sale in drugstores) - at descent(release) an irreplaceable thing.

            Teploizoljatsija. Sleeping pads on which to sleep - it is clear. Two pieces thin teploizoljatsii (which enclose(lay) under a laminate, linoleum) Very(very much) were useful to me - they can be used for sitting, for preservation of products (things) hot/cold, and also to spread to themselves on kolenki when you put on them gorjachennuju a bowl with a porridge. It is obligatory to take sidushki (with fastening on a belt(zone)) - is checked up, very good.

Trekking a stick. First time has seen this miracle at Cyril. Very useful thing, especially at descent(release) or prygani on stones. I shall necessarily buy(purchase) to myself next time. Particularly unloads legs(foots), gives additional points of a support. I shall notice - three from four Dutchs too were with palkami.

Footwear. I took with myself krossovki and sandals. The first day went in sandals, was then changed in krossovki - in a sandal the dust, kameshki jams, legs(foots) rubs. Besides my wife in sandals with the open fingers razodrala to itself the big toe about a sticking out sharp stone. I think the footwear - type years(summer) a boot - with a firm sole through which you do not feel stones is as much as possible convenient, and the leg(foot) is closed, but thus not too zharko. Plus it is necessary to have any sandals, it is desirable from a material which quickly dries.

Case for the camera. It is desirable to take such that it(he) could be attached to a backpack outside. On straps the majority of backpacks has plastic rings for which it is possible to adhere a case by means of it(him) naplechnogo a thong. Has peeped at Cyril - at sufficient length of such thong the camera can be thrown for a head where it(he) comfortably and safely lays between your nape and the valve of a backpack. The truth it worsens ventilation of your nape a little, and the case completely becomes impregnated then..




And so - thanks for mountains, a wood, kinds and impressions. For stones and water. For a porridge and tea. For excellent(different) holiday. Well. I would go still. There will be an opportunity - necessarily.


Alexey Tarakanov, Fastov.