Self-locking device across Canada

Anna from Berlin, living in Zurich, has told about travel across Canada together with the guy (at present already was(former)) from Holland...
Such here globalization :) They have travelled all Canada a self-locking device, have got acquainted with a heap of interesting people, etc., etc. Traditional avtostopnaja history. Me in it(her) has interested here that.
To save on residing and a feed(meal) they it is not simple bomzhevali in tent, and got a job through project VUFFI. It something like association of farms using exclusively ecologically pure(clean) and natural agrotehnologii. Hands are necessary to farmers and they invite youth from all world to help(assist) them. For 6 business hours in day they obechat you a feed(meal), habitation and new impressions. During the travel children(guys) have learned to land sprouts, to cut off fruit bushes, to look after rabbits and children and many other things to focuses of unknown persons of city youth. Except for that farmers have shown them " the Canada " - sight and other interestnosti not entered in tourist guidebooks.
How all of you it?
I shall try to draw an analogy - present that the couple of students from Peter has gone a self-locking device on the Poltava area, earning additionally in local collective farms (a pigsty there to clean or still that). Ridiculously? I Hope sometime it will cease to sound so absurdly. All.