Stars have fallen and lay

Yesterday according to statements of astronomers there was a peak of activity Perseid - on prostu speaking the mass meteoric shower was expected. In svzjai with it(this) after a supper we have amicably crept out on travku before a grotto (our lodging for the night). People razlegsja on karematah pending a miracle. Long to wait it was not necessary - from the sky under our amicable uljuljukane the first star has fallen. For it(her) the long shone loop was stretched. Then on our heads the whole pack of meteorites got enough sleep, that resembled on feerverk, than a meteoric rain more. The matter is that stars did not fall in parallel as it was necessary to expect, and scattered in the different parties(sides). Such miracles by definition cannot long proceed, in witness whereof the sky has started to tighten(delay) clouds. It was time to go to sleep.