Hikes in an American way

Of stories of my foreign tourists I recently had a certain image of hikes in an American way. I shall try it(him) to you to describe. So hikes in the USA it first of all hikes on national parks. In national parks many the marked tracks, bears and rangers. Tracks from time immemorial somewhere conduct, bears search for meal, and rangers day and night explain to tourists as this meal from bears to hide.
Near each tourist parking rangers carefully have so-called Steelbox (a usual iron case). For the night all products also is tasty smelling substances (soap, a tooth-paste, etc.) is necessary to hide in a case, differently bears in searches of meal will climb to you in tent. According to(agree) uvernijam rangers to people to be hidden in a case not necessarily - bears disdain us.
On an input(entrance) in national parks huge posters - " All hang that you have brought, carry away then back ". The appeal should be perceived literally. Even the used toilet paper should be taken away with itself. To infringers the penalty in 500 dollars "shines". Looking at heaps of dust in our mountains, I too think "to be closed up" by the ranger and to drive careless tourists-мусорщиков.
For the American hikes absence of normal i.e. safe water is characteristic. All water is necessary for filtering and disinfecting chemicals.
The American tourists-походники generally eat any concentrates, especially love granulabary - tiles pressovanoj mixes from nuts, raisin, honey, grains and others vkusnostej. With marching porridges practically are not familiar, grechku many in general for the first time have seen. Ovsjanoe cookies there too is not known... Poor amerikosy.
As a whole responses about hikes across the USA very much even quite good, it is much better than about hikes in the European Alpes. In America not trampled sites of the wild nature where it is pleasant to come to the present indej were kept still.. That is to the tourist.
Here such they the American hikes, at least in my imagination.