Conversation on the girl

On the last parking near to our camp the lonely girl has settled down under sejkvojami. Though lonely this not absolutely suitable word. It(she) was one, but apparently special inconveniences in it(this) did not see. Sat to itself on kovrike at kosterka and meditated under a ring of the Chinese handbells dangling(hanging about) on a wind. This show could not leave us indifferent, and one of us even has gone with it(her) (with the girl) gets acquainted. On returning it(he) has supplied us with the valuable information. The girl really travels one, goes on mountains a week and is going to go as much again. Well and a little the personal information: to it(her) 19 years, come from Zaporozhye.
These data have caused the most lively discussion in our camp. As one would expect a great bulk of tourists (us by the way was already 20) have expressed sincere doubt in razumnosti similar rest. As so, the girl, sportsmenka, komsomolka and simply beauty, and goes one. It is a pier it is unsafe and in general not clearly what for it is necessary. People of an essence social, without a society run wild also the normal person so cannot live. At least voluntary.
The truth and more moderate judgements, like " at everyone the way " or " its(her) this right " sounded. The guy who went on investigation, and has at all admitted that itself for a long time dreams of travel alone. Discussion prodlzhalos even minutes 15, as a result arguments of the parties(sides) have run low also we have changed the subject.
And the girl on former sat under sejkvojami and meditated on fire.