Changes in a route

You already read descriptions of our routes? I have tried to make their interesting, attractive and... Indistinct. The matter is that it is impossible to make a universal route for all occasions. Each time in current of a campaign it is necessary to make changes to a route repeatedly. As a matter of fact, the route is thought over anew.

Why it occurs?

First, huge influence is rendered with weather.  

Secondly, the major factor is the general condition of group. The instructor in current of all campaign observes of tourists, their physical and moral condition and thinks, thinks, thinks. It searches for ways to show the wards a maximum of interesting places, having provided thus safety and having kept their forces.  

By the way, the important factor in a choice of a way is the intuition of a guide. On each crossroads in searches of advice and recommendations it closely peers not at a card or a compass, and in his own soul.