Light backpack

One of these days I have written article about a heavy backpack . Today to me it was thought, that it would be logical to write and about an easy(a light) backpack. I have sat down for the keyboard and … In a head emptiness. There-here ideas on extralight equipment, on ways of simplification of a backpack occasionally jumped. But this all not that. Article in fact should be about attitudes(relations) of a light backpack and the person on which it(he) goes.

The theme would seem blagodatnejshaja. Why to me it is not written? The inspiration has come in time - even a second and I would throw this idea.


As soon as the light backpack appears on a back, the owner at all forgets about it(him). The light backpack, unlike the heavy brother, does not cause emotions, of it(him) do not think, and as a result do not write.