How I searched Nikitskuju cleft

Никитская расселина For the first time I have read about Nikitskoj cleft through many years back on the Internet. A pier very beautiful place, behind each turn new miracles, and kinoshniki manage to remove there lasting many days travel, not descending(going) with places. I intrigued by such description have conceived to find this miracle of the Crimean nature and personally to study(investigate). It is necessary to tell, that it was possible to me only this spring. Before Nikita laid away from my routes and the cleft remained "unopened". To open it(her) I there has arrived by a trolley bus Simferopol-Yalta. There was at a stop "School", that on the western extremity of settlement Nikita. Has passed(has taken place) still meters 20 along road and has seen a footpath leaving to the right upwards. Beside any sign about protection of the nature rose, I have drawn a conclusion, that the necessary track is found. And it is valid, the cleft has begun literally through pair minutes of rise.

скала страж на входе в расселину ущелье никитская расселина the Highway is invisible rustled all in 50 meters below. The cleft goes in parallel a line and otttuda is perfect(absolute) not visible. Nikitskaja the cleft has appeared small gorge the in length about 100 meters, width about 15 meters and the same depth. A bottom flat, porosshee travkoj. Rocks of northern board hang above a cleft a little. On one of them the memorable sign, notifying that on these rocks with 1952 on 1969 the repeated winner skalolaznyh the championships trained, a legendary tiger of rocks Michael Hergiani hangs.

восход солнца над никитской расселиной Михаил Хергиани Having made pair pictures I have moved on gorge further on the West. In speed it has smoothly come to naught and here I already simply go on a footpath in a pine wood. Periodically there were convenient places for parking, with kostrishchami, but without water. Then the footpath has rested against the Cemetery (too basically parking, only long-term) and here it would be possible will go down downwards on the Yalta highway. However I wanted adventures and I have decided to go in Massandru on foot.