The Sanctuary of Tauris on Gurzufs Jayl

вид с гурзуфской €йлы на беседку ветров Passing this winter on Gurzuf jayl, I with surprise have found out there signs " Is protected. An archeologic monument ". Was surprised because already happened there earlier, and signs has noticed just now... Survey of a place has given nothing, all has been brought by a snow. What have archeologists found on Gurzuf jayl (approximately in 500 meters on a track from Gurzufskogo saddles to Arbour of winds)? To find out it I has addressed to the uniquitous Internet. Data received of a network were poor enough, but basically are sufficient.
It appears on a plateau about 10 years there are archeological excavations. During immemorial times there there was a sanctuary of Tauris (the Crimean natives). During excavation splinters of ceramic and glass vessels, ancient coins, bronze and silver figurines of antique gods have been found. One antique gods has not managed. Except for a sanctuary of Tauris the rests of the Christian temple constructed roughly in 7 century have been found out. Later (a century in 15) the temple was reconstructed probably by moslems.
Subjects found on a place of excavation, are now exposed in the Yalta museum. The sanctuary now is only superficial holes with the dug out walls.