3 eyes, American Cross and Red Flag

The sea rises in clouds. Clouds are poured in the sea. The world - a sphere, and you - inside of it(him). The world without horizon. And if before you the dark cloud will hang, and somewhere away above the sea the sun black will be above, and blue - below will shine. The world head over heels.

In total half an hour was zharko back, and the sea not far lapped, now - is cool, even is cold. Height. For a floor of hour kanatnaja the road, with the longest bezopornym a rope in the Europe, uplifts you on kilometer upwards. The mountain from the sea towers a continuous rocky wall. A rope will stretch from a wall at coast. It(he) is suspended so highly, that the impression as if you fly by the helicopter is made. On you the rocky wall gradually approaches. Last seconds it seems, that you will just about be broken about it(her). But kabinka slows down the run and, almost vertically, drives to the receiver of the top station. From below the mountain seems a sharp ridge. You leave(abandon) station and with surprise see before yourself hilly plain. Your business(affairs), My God are wonderful!

Plateau only places it is covered by a wood. Raznotrave, an exciting smell. Air is drunk, as an ale. If from it(him) the head will begin to spin - have a snack this "drink" shish kebabs which for you will be prepared there and then by local "culinary specialists".

From the top station, through a beechen wood, the track will deduce(remove) you on top of mountain Ah-»СФУї, height - 1238м. The top represents a small inclined plateau, porosshee a grass and a rare bush. The highest point is located all in meter from breakage. The kind opens magnificent. All Southern coast is visible; the city of Yalta, places Mishor, Alupka, Simeiz are visible; it is visible well-known " Lastochkino a jack " - small "lock" on edge(territory) of the rock which have hung above the sea; are visible mountain the Cat and mountain the Bear (known Ajudag near which it is heated in beams of the southern sun all-Union pioneer camp Artek there is).

The top station kanatnoj roads

Flag at an input(entrance) in pezshcheru

At top you are received with open arms by grandmothers with pies and photographers. Grandmothers will feed you, and photographers will make your impressions not forgotten. From art reasons you will put on edge(territory) of 500-meter breakage and will ask to smile. Remember, dzhentelmen should not give of itself in charge the local photographer if it(he) has not had time to make the will. It is not known, that your relatives will receive earlier: a photo or pohoronku.

Near to top, from the sea as ukazujushchy perst the giant, the rock sticks out. On it(her) the huge wooden cross which is visible on many kilometers in district is established(installed). Speak, that during an ascention on this rock the fine girl-скалолазка, and its(her) fighting comrades on ledorubu was lost have established(installed) a cross, having immortalized memory of it(her). I joke. We shall leave this delirium for sentimental enamoured. The validity is even more interesting: Americans removed here a western, have brought in here the present(true) Indians and have established(installed) this cross. They it is visible have solved, that Crimea is similar to Cordilleras more, than Cordilleras. A fairy tale! But here it is not odd: Crimea - a fantastic place!

Red arrows show a route of descent(release).
     From the north from top the big hilly plateau was stretched. Near to the top station kanatnoj roads there is a superficial hollow, places porosshaja trees and bushes. On one of trees in the middle of a hollow it is proud reet a red flag. From a flag to kanatke snujut people. Underground obkom? An arising guerrilla movement? - is not present! So the input(entrance) in a cave is designated. The cave represents system of three vertical wells and consequently refers to trehglazkoj. The abrupt ladder hammered by tourists as the holder cartridges(patrons), will lower(omit) you on one hundred-other(hundred-another;hundred-others) meters below a level of a plateau. There with pleasant surprise you will find out a snow and an ice which many millenia cannot already reach the sun and as learn(find out), that shorts and barefoot persons - not the most comfortable clothes in conditions of temperature close to zero.

Three eyes, the American cross and red flag! All in one place! I saw it! And you?